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By Aden Espinosa
June 12, 2014
Workshop Addition
My 12-by-16-foot workshop was busting at the seams, so I ordered this shed. It now sits right behind the big building and looks perfect! I use it to store my gardening supplies (rakes, shovels, fertilizer, wood, etc.). Nice to now have the extra space in my big shed! Did I mention that the new shed looks great too!?
By James Shafer
Salt Lake City
December 17, 2013
Two People, Three Hours
Two of us put this shed together in about three hours. We didn’t have much trouble with hole alignment and felt that the parts were manufactured well. True, the instructions were somewhat unclear sometimes, but that really didn’t cause us much trouble.
By Jayden Kilpatrick
October 4, 2013
Nice Shed That Is Reasonably Priced
I was quite satisfied all around with this product. Even thought the size necessitated an additional shipping charge, the price was not unreasonable at all. My daughter lives in another city, and I had made the decision to purchase this shed and give it to her as a combination birthday and Christmas present. Thankfully, everything was done in a timely manner and the present arrived prior to Christmas day.
By Luis Figueroa
May 31, 2013
Subpar Shed
In short, I have decided that if there is a better option available at some point in the future, I will go with that one. On a whole, this shed is definitely below average. I had two contractors assemble this shed (for which I am quite grateful), and it took them most of an afternoon to complete the job. The materials were mediocre, and a new door needed to be ordered because the original was bent and unusable. Even now, because the holes were not properly drilled, the door is very difficult to use.
By Ryder Jorgensen
March 6, 2013
Cons and Pros
Cons: Instructions could have been clearer in some places. Pros: quality parts; holes aligned well; only took me five hours to put it together by myself; finished product looks great! Tip: Use a nice pair of snug-fitting work gloves. I didn’t have any, and I repeatedly cut my hands on the metal siding while trying to screw everything together.
By Raymond Duvall
February 14, 2013
Good Shed, Poor Instructions
This shed gets a four star rating primarily because of the difficulty of assembly due to its extremely complicated instructions. The screws that we needed to use to attach the siding to the frame were too short, partly because of the washers that needed to be inserted. Despite all of these issues, I can say with confidence that this shed has definitely suited all of our needs. My one hope is that it is able to last as long as our previous shed, which gave us about 25 years of good use.
By Grayson Gary
February 9, 2013
Excellent Place to Store Things
Admittedly, the biggest challenge to this product was the assembly process, but in the end, it really is a very good product. The price is definitely reasonable, and even though the actual assembly itself is easy, it is a very long process. You can expect it to take close to eleven hours with one person assisting you. Some of the steps were admittedly a challenge to complete, but by and large, we are quite satisfied with the finished product. There is plenty of room in this product for storage. One note: you will need to move it into place once you have finished with the assembly process.
By Trenton Tobin
South Carolina
October 27, 2012
Can Store a Lot in This Shed
The instructions are very easy to understand, and it took both me and a friend less than four hours to assemble this unit. Once it is up, I was able to store chairs, bags, small ice chests, and more in it.
By Matthew Valencia
New Mexico
February 5, 2012
Good Use of Space
Space in my backyard is at a premium, so I was glad that this shed didn’t eat up a large amount of it. I’ve bought two of these sheds and have room for two more. I plan to buy them as soon as I’m ready. Free delivery was an excellent bonus!
By Jaime Krause
September 16, 2011
Pool Pump House
I bought this to use as a pool pump house, and it works perfectly! The roof is high enough for what I need. All the pump parts—spa heater, valves, chlorinator, pump, switches—fit nice and neat and are easy to access. And I thought the assembly was simple! I was also glad that the kit included lots of extra screws, because I kept dropping them and losing them in the grass! :) I did most of the assembly at night in my backyard by the light of the porch, and it was still easy!
By Owen Garza
July 27, 2011
Space Saver
We added this shed onto another building. It’s a great space saver for us!
By Amari Briggs
February 16, 2011
Exactly as Described
I found that this product was exactly as it was described. It fits great in a small area. I’m a pretty handy guy, and it took me six hours to put it together, so plan appropriately. It’s worth all the time and work when it’s done!
By Cooper Hilton
November 17, 2010
Quality Product That Fits My Needs
I can definitely say with the utmost confidence that this product is a quality item that perfectly suits all of our needs. It comes at a reasonable price and took a total of eight hours to fully assemble. Prior to making the decision to purchase this product, I had read all of the reviews and was initially a little reluctant to make the purchase. However, my hesitancy to buy this item was countered by the realization that I needed a shed with these same dimensions. My first pleasant surprise was that it arrived sooner that I had initially expected via a freight handler. I went to the freight carrier to pick it up and found that it had been well packaged and showed no sign whatsoever of any external damage. The carrier proceeded to load the package into my vehicle, after which I took it straight home to put together. Include in the package was a well written instruction book as well as an inventory checklist. I was a little surprised in that the instructions were easy to follow and that there was an excess of fasteners included, in contradiction to some of the reviews posted b other individuals. Even though you can use two or three other people to help in the assembly process, I found it extremely easy to put the shed together on my own, Even though I am 65 years old and am slower than I once was, I found I could easily get this shed assembled in eight hours.
By Malachi Whiting
September 14, 2010
Shed That Has Numerous Challenges
At the outset, let me simply say that it is wise to invest elsewhere. Initially, after reading through the reviews, I sensed that it would be a wise decision to purchase and install this shed. Sadly, this has proved to be the wrong decision. Thankfully, things worked out and I had a professional do the installation, but be forewarned: it needs to have a foundation and the materials that are used to develop this shed are poor. The siding, walls, and doors are flimsy, and if there is a wind, you could find yourself stuck with a bent panel before you knew what was happening. Many of the screws were two short, making the installation process an even more cumbersome one.
By Jayden Pruitt
January 18, 2010
Does the Job!
This was pretty easy to put together, and it does the job!
By Calvin Hillman
Greenville, SC
November 8, 2009
This shed went together quite well, and we’re satisfied with the product!
By Sofia Gilman
November 1, 2009
Highly Recommended
My husband and I found this product fairly simple to assemble. I read the directions to my husband, and his only challenge was understanding my reading. We also were short a few washers in the hardware bag. Although we are older adults, we were able to put the shed together in one part of our yard and then move it to its final site. We would highly recommend this shed to anyone.
By Michael Mitchell
August 10, 2009
Excellent Shed For A Great Price
This shed requires no anchoring at all, and when you get down to it, it is a great buy for a good price. This 4 x 7 shed fits both your lawn care tools and lawn mower. However, it does take six to seven hours to put up, and it will require that you have two people with a lot of patience.
By Hayden Reed
New Jersey
June 9, 2009
Perfect Fit
This shed fits perfectly in a space I have between the garage and the fence. I appreciated having the directions available before I ordered it. Reading others’ reviews was also helpful. And I did an online chat too, and the rep was very helpful!

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