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By Barbara
Minneapolis, MN
Nice weight!
June 10, 2015
Easy to fill and to attach to canopy legs. Durable fabric. Holds just the right amount of weight to help keep canopy stable without being too heavy to transport.
By Brian
Concord, Ca
Canopy Weights
June 16, 2014
Easy to use and do a great job holding tent down on a windy day.
ProsEase of use, carry straps
By Gary G.
Lakewood (Denver) Colo
Weight Bags
June 6, 2014
They are easy to fill and transport. The handles make it easy to transport them.
Proseasy to use
By Mary
Washington, DC
May 20, 2014
These weight bags are perfect. The tent is regularly set up at a farmers market that seems to exist in a wind tunnel. These weight bags are easy to fill (ours are filled with small rocks), set up, and carry. Our market requires 25lbs of weight per leg - with the river rocks we used to fill our bags, we just about filled all four bags with 120lbs of rock total. Perfect!
By Marsha C.
Clinton, KY
May 15, 2014
The weight bags were sturdy and designed well. Easy to fill and use. Handles were ideal for carrying
By John
Easier than Staking the Tent Out
April 21, 2014
The bags work well in adding weight to the legs to prevent it from blowing away.
ProsEasy to fill with sand. Provide adequate weight on each leg to prevent the tent from blowing away.
ConsAttachment system could use two velcro straps instead of a single. Also difficult to use with the side curtains.
By Dave
St Simons Island Ga
Easy on and Easy Off
February 20, 2014
First time I used them it was pretty breezy, and the 4 of them kept the tent settled nicely
ProsVery easy to take on and off the legs, and they appear to be very well made.
ConsIt would be nice if the pockets for the sand were lined with something, or had a bottle type container with a cap. You have to just fill the empty space with loose sand, and while it Velcro closes quite well, there is going to be some dust and leakage.
By Judy
Burnaby BC Canada
Love the Weight Bags
August 14, 2013
These are perfect weight bags for our outdoor canopy . We have no problems with the canopy lifting when the wind is blowing, so much better than the cement blocks we were using. Easy to clean and store in the winter. Would definitely recommend this item. Thank you
By Karla
It works
July 24, 2013
It worked very well with sand and easy to store afterwards.
ProsIt works
By Sara
Chicago, IL
Great Weight Bags
July 23, 2013
These bags fill easily and the velcro on the top is strong and keeps the bag shut. The weights (which I filled with $2 of small pebbles from Home Depot) kept my tent from moving in high winds.
ProsEasy to fill Easy to move (two conveniently placed handles) Strong Velcro keeps the bags shut
ConsThese weights make it harder to keep the side walls of your tent fastened. In the highest winds, I tucked the sidewall into the weight to secure it better.
By Sachi
Need your own sand.
July 1, 2013
I haven't actually used the leg weights yet because we're blessed with beautiful weather so much in our area. But I'm sure they'll do their job when the time comes. You do need to supply your own sand or other filler to actually make them heavy; they arrive as empty bags designed to wrap the legs of the canopy.
By Keith
Bridgeport, West Virginia
Ez Weights
May 28, 2013
Theses weights are attractive, compact, and east to use. The are not a trip hazard.
ProsGreat straps for handling and connecting to legs
ConsFilled weight may be insufficient to prevent flight in our high wind area when using the sidewalls. So I supplement by adding PVC torpedo tubes hung from each corner.
By Carol
Kansas City area
Weight bags for the EZ UP
May 28, 2013
ehhh... that is supposed to be the sound you make when you are kind of ambivalent about a product. With sand these are not going to put enough weight on a leg to keep the tent safely on the ground in even a mild breeze. We filled PVC pipe with concrete, put a cap on it and inserted those into each of the pockets of the weight bags. That created a weight of about 30 lbs per leg. but you can zip tie those to a leg without the weight bags. Bags just make it easier and neater.
By Deidre N.
Dalton, GA
Great Weights
May 15, 2013
These were easy to fill with sand. The handles on the sides make them easy to tote. They look great!
Proseasy to fill easy to carry around
By tom c.
greenwood, indiana
Weight Bags for Tents
March 2, 2013
The bags are well made and good quality, the problem is the sand stays in place with one velcro strap with no liner bag to tie off. It would also be nice if it had a tie ring on top.
Prosgood quality
Consneeds inside plastic bag to help keep sand inside
By Susan
Canopy Weights
February 24, 2013
Worked great &easy to set up and use on canopy.
Prosvelcro fasteners
By Gail
Katy, TX
Use of Canopy Premium Weight Bags
October 22, 2012
I was grateful these were on sale and just a little disappointed they only held 20 pounds of sand apiece, but they worked well, had no leaks and with the help of four more bags, managed to hold my EZ up in place in 20 to 30 mile gusts and a horrible rain storm. Good product! Make bigger ones! I can carry 40 pounds!
ProsSturdy! I liked the heavy duty Velcro used to wrap around the legs of my EZ Up. They kept the sand dry during a rain storm, which was a plus when I went to load up.
ConsWish they made some that held up to 40 pounds instead of 20. Had to use two sets.
By Wally
Jensen Beach, FL
Canopy Premium Weight Bags - Set of Four
October 16, 2012
The weight bags were shipped with my canopy and I was pleasantly surprised with the speed with which I received everything. I thank you for an amazingly swift response to my order. I could not have asked for better service.
ProsThey wrap around the legs with enough room for sand and a long enough piece of velcro to keep them fastened when full
By Teri J.
Perkasie, PA
Just alright
October 2, 2012
I was expecting to be able to close the top of the compartment that holds whatever weight you use to anchor the canopy; sand, water, etc., but that is not the case. We ended up putting water bottles in the sleeves.
Prosstraps easily with velcro to the legs of any canopy frame. Decent for the price.
Consthe compartment for the chosen weight does not close.
By Melissa
Knoxville, TN
Not my first choice
April 5, 2012
I didn't have a good experience with the quality of this item. The ordering experience was great, no problems. I love the customer service. But this particular product did not work well with my canopy.
ProsI like the concept but not the execution.
ConsAll four weight bags ripped the first time I used them on my canopy. I set it up on concrete, and all four bags developed rips in the bottom. They were awkward to put on the tent legs, and it was difficult to zip the walls around the bags. Plus they looked unattractive. I had to switch to universal plates. I did not return them, because I am trying to find a use for them as a supplemental weighting option on grass.
By Jason
Los Angeles
weight bags vs 5 gal. pale or loose weights
January 1, 2012
The bags have a more professional and attractive look than using an orange 5 gallon home depot containers or a bunch of loose weights. Filling them up the first time is a little more difficult but you only need to do it once if you want to store them loaded and ready to go.
ProsThey have a nicer look and take up less space that alternative methods
ConsA little difficult to fill up the first time
By CJ B.
Adrian, Mi
Weight Bags
November 22, 2011
I really like these bags, they were perfect for the weights I designed to place inside of them.
ProsFit perfectly around the legs of my EZ UP canopy,gives a more professional look .
ConsOne of my bags was sewn wrong and the weight I designed wouldn't fit. Had to ripe out the thread to make it work. that was the only issue.
By Sunnie
New Orleans, LA
Weight Bags
October 30, 2011
These are nice little bags. Took a while to get them filled, but after they were, they slide around the legs of our EZ-Up perfectly and did a great job holding it in place in some pretty strong wind.
ProsThey fit on the tent legs perfectly and are easy to attach.
ConsPretty hard to fill unless you have some sort of special funnel.
By Randie
goldendale, wa
convenient product and sturdy construction
August 14, 2011
bought five sets so far. two for my own canopies and three others for other vendors that have seen what they are about.
By Susannah C.
North Bend WA.
Top of the line!
July 28, 2011
I thought the price was quite a bit for "just" weight bags but man... they are not "just"..I love them! They can be heavy or not so depending on how much sand or what ever you put in them. The selling points are the way they are made. Two tall pockets, a large wrap around Velcro band and a very strong web carrying strap. I comment every time I use them just how well made they are and how good they work.
By Jan
Portsmouth, NH
July 16, 2011
Perfect for ease of carrying and for securing the tent at the craft fair!
ProsSO very easy to use, be it to fill them up with sand or to carry.
By Joe
Work great
November 4, 2010
Didn't get these at first, then when we had a windy day and had a hard time keeping the canopy down, I gave them a try. They fit the canopy perfectly, allowing you keep the panels tied to the legs all the way to the ground. Very convenient, and the material is tough - no tearing here.
By Dawn
Great idea
January 18, 2010
The local markets where I sell require canopies to be tied down. These hold their recommended weight requirements per leg. They look nice, are very durable and have handles for ease in carrying. I also won't have to worry about customers tripping over them.
By John
Easy does it
December 2, 2007
Two bags of pea gravel from the Home center will fill these four heavy, durable bags, and the handles make them easy to carry around. Much more graceful a solution than buckets of cement, and blended nicely with my blackout tent. Minimalistic, effective; a great solution!
By nn
bay area, ca
easy to handle
November 30, -0001
it can be heavy enough to hold canopy down in quite windy condition.
Proseasy to carry
Conswith this bags, it's difficult to zip down the walls.

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