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By Deangelo Hujsak
June 11, 2014
Possible 5 Star Rating
Because we had been using an Ecofan on our wood stove for over a year and had good results, we decided to purchase another one to use on our ventless propane stove. It took us awhile to figure out where to place the fan so it would work properly, but we finally figured it out - setting it diagonally and backwards in front of the grill vents. Just a light tap on the blades got it going. I would give this a high rating – 5 stars – if we didn’t have so much difficulty in determining where to place the fan so it would work.
By Ireland Ratcliff
April 27, 2014
Moves Air Quietly
It is important that you do not approach this fan with the expectation that it will blow air like a regular fan does. It moves it, but it does so silently, and is fascinating to watch.
By Tommie Draudy
April 14, 2014
Pleasant Surprise
I was skeptical about this product, but it really performs as advertised. And it's quiet, too! I have been very happy with my purchase and the way it spreads heat around the room.
By Anneka Ritter
March 2, 2014
Impressive, Energy-Saving Performance
I had a great experience ordering my Ecofan GS and have been more than impressed with what this fan does. It keeps cabin and house rooms warm and saves lots of energy in the process. I would recommend this to anyone.
By Bernardine Mingle
December 12, 2013
Uses No Energy to Function
I made the decision to purchase and install this on the gas stove in my sun room to help facilitate the air movement. The room is a good size, with the length measuring twenty feet. To date, the fan has vastly improved the circulation of the room, making it much more comfortable to move about. What amazes me about the Ecofan is that it does not require any energy to run.
By Richard
Newport, WA
November 7, 2013
Would NEVER recommend it!
It starts by itself SOMETIMES, but NOT often! I cannot tell if it is actually doing what it was suppose to do when it does start.
By Sachie Morland
October 2, 2013
Does Adequate Job
When weighing the effectiveness of this fan in comparison to the costs of other fans, the lone conclusion one can reach is that it provides good value for the price. I am amazed at how well it works. It requires neither batteries nor electricity; what a bargain!
By Laryn Herndon
New Jersey
September 24, 2013
Can't Recommend It
I’m sorry to say that I can’t recommend this Caframo Ecofan as it isn’t performing the way I thought it would. I can’t tell if the air is circulating. It’s possible my gas stove isn’t getting hot enough for the warm air to circulate.
By Alea Dryfus
September 4, 2013
Works Great 3 Years and Running
I love the reliability of this product. For the last 3 years, it snaps on every time the stove exceeds 100 degrees. It works great, and it's fun to watch the cordless, battery-free wonder do its job.
By Zelma Weisgarber
April 9, 2013
Perfect For Our Home
Because of the layout of our home, we decided that the most effective way to keep our home warmed would be through a combination of an air tight stove using an electric fan. We had decided to go with this product so that the fan would shut itself down as the fire was in the process of dying out. Even though it does not seem to move a great deal of air, on a whole, the house does seem to be a good bit warmer with it. If you own a stove that gets warmer than 300 degrees, then this fan is not for you.
By Stevie Filby
South Dakota
October 4, 2012
Good Electric Fan Substitute
When we were in the process of trying to decide what type of blower to get and install it on our free standing gas stove, I decided to go with the Ecofan because it tends to be quieter, as well as is electricity free. I am quite happy to say that it does the job well and has proven itself to be a worthwhile investment.
By Kathleen Losey
November 9, 2011
Runs Very Quiet
What a great fan - especially since it doesn’t need electricity to make it work. We use it on our wood stove and it circulates the heat around the room very well. The only minor problem we have is that it sometimes starts to shake and causes the little loop handle on the back to rattle. Otherwise, it runs very quiet.
By Merrill Mildred
September 13, 2011
Very Quiet Fan
I am amazed at how quiet this fan is while it is running, as well as how it is able to move air out as opposed to up.
By Earle Wilkerson
August 27, 2011
Little Pricey
I am quite satisfied with the performance of this product, but it does tend to get a little bit on the expensive side.
By Sapphira Heyman
South Carolina
June 23, 2011
Works Wonders
After comparing all the models, my husband chose the Caframo Ecofan to help increase the heat emitted from the small gas stove in our kitchen/family room. Installation was easy as all we needed to do was put the fan on top of the stove and it worked wonders – exactly as described online. It is warming the room by about 10 degrees and is very quiet. My husband is ecstatic and telling everyone that the Caframo Ecofan is now his “favorite gadget.”
By Nova Rogers
April 10, 2011
Gets the Job Done
We use an oil-drip stove to heat our cabin, so we needed a product for the 150-300 degree heat range. This works great, and you can definitely feel the heat moving throughout the room. Be sure you don't use it with temperatures higher than it was designed for!
By Lennox Ludwig
North Carolina
March 12, 2011
Not Enough Air Circulation
Our wood stove is inside a brick enclosure with vents in the brick on either side. Even though the fan is working well on our wood stove, it still doesn’t circulate enough air towards the front as we’d like it to.
By Caden Oppenheimer
January 22, 2011
Good Performance at Lower Temperatures
I can use my GS model on kerosene heaters, my nordic pot stove, and even and Alladin kerosene lamp because it doesn't need 400 degree heat to work properly. Very practical; check to see what temperature your appliances need.
By Leia Berry
October 28, 2010
Worth the Price
My EcoFan GS was a great replacement for the small fan I had tried previously. I can sit 20 feet away from my 150 degree stove and feel perfectly comfortable. While there is not much perceived air flow directly in front of the fan, you know it does its job when you move around the room. I always use the wire handle when moving the fan, since the blades are somewhat fragile. The fan continues to run for 20 minutes after my stove shuts off, spreading the remaining heat. This was a great product, and definitely worth the money.
By Marlee Leach
October 20, 2010
Beware Heat Limits
This is a great product, but I would recommend two of them, depending on how many cubic feet of air you are trying to heat. Absolutely do NOT use this with temperatures above its label or on a wood burning stove.
By Martha Bollinger
September 3, 2010
Fun to Watch
It is highly entertaining to sit back and watch this fan in action. It is a great learning tool for everyone, and if I need to get another one I know where to go!
By Daniel Burkett
New York
July 23, 2010
Circulates Air in Larger Areas
I already have a smaller Ecofan for my wood stove upstairs, so I needed a larger model for my downstairs stove. I find that it circulates the air much better than the two blade model. It works great for larger areas.
By Harmony Albright
February 27, 2010
Very Quiet Fan
I bought this fan after seeing my friend use it on his wood stove. For my gas stove, using a traditional electric fan didn’t work as it was too noisy and too windy. This Ecofan works just great, is very quiet, increases the heat in the room, all without a windstorm. It works so well, I’m purchasing another one, even though it’s a little expensive. But it works, that’s the main thing. The design is simple, and so far it’s holding up.
By Becka Iseman
October 17, 2009
Make Sure You Have Correct Model
It is imperative at the outset that you make sure that you have the right model of stove prior to purchasing this product. In our case, we have four different models installed in our home. Because fans have a tendency to be a bit on the noisy side, I decided to purchase an Ecofan. It does not turn on when placed on the stove top of any of the stoves for the simple reason that the top of stoves are not able to reach a sufficient temperature at any given time.
By Channing Kooser
August 15, 2009
Very Effective Fan
Currently, my wood stove is located in the basement of my home. I decided that, because of its locale, to go ahead and purchase an Ecofan in order to more effectively disperse the heat away from the stove. I have been quite satisfied with the results, since my basement is, on a whole, much warmer with it. It is helping me to save money all around.
By Lalo Baskett
August 2, 2009
Works Well For Most Part
This product does work well most of the time, making it a bit of a shame to focus on the shortcomings of this fine item. If a decent amount of dust collects on the blades of this fan, it will cause it to shut down; therefore, make sure you keep the blades clean all of the time.
By Madison Sulyard
July 28, 2009
Second Purchase
Since the first Ecofan GS worked so well, we bought another to use on our other gas stove in the new addition in our home. No electricity is needed, and it efficiently circulates the air to make it comfortable in every corner of the room. Just want to add a caution – don’t use these fans on wood burning stoves, only gas, and only if the temperature doesn’t exceed 300 degrees. The fan may become damaged from the high heat. Use a thermometer to double check the stove temperature. It’s more energy efficient to use a gas stove set at a lower temperature when using this fan.
By Emory Wise
July 9, 2009
Great for Poorly-Insulated Cabin
My cabin is badly insulated and doesn't retain heat, but the Ecofan has made a HUGE difference. I even have to turn off my stove from time to time because it gets too hot! The design also looks great and saves money on running costs. Fantastic product.
By Darell Christner
May 22, 2009
Keeps Air Moving
I am amazed at how this fan has been able to significantly increase the circulation in my cabin. The one I chose was designed specifically for use with a wood stove, and it does the job quite well.
By Fae Loewentsein
March 18, 2009
Good Gift
A member of our family currently resides in Europe, and we decided to purchase this as a gift. Our family has owned one for several years, and it is because of its efficient and dependable performance that we decided to make this into a gift.
By Jinny Dull
March 8, 2009
Good Back-up Plan
I have complete faith in this product to spread the heat from my gas stove, should the power go out.
By Haylee Cowher
February 23, 2009
Works Quite Well
I am thrilled to say that this fan definitely works as it is advertised. It is very effective in keeping out living room warmers as it skillfully circulates heat through an adjacent room. Overall, this has proven to be a satisfactory addition to our home when considering the price.
By Willie Read
January 28, 2009
Great Investment for Winter Cabin
This turned out to be a great accessory for the cast iron propane stove as the fan distributes the heat through all the open space areas in my cabin in northern Michigan, including the bathroom. My cabin plumbing is winterized and with a battery energized stove thermostat, the fan does such a good job keeping the cabin at a constant temperature. It hardly makes any noise and has lasted through 4 winters so far – a great investment.

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