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By Roger H.
Great Shower Door Option
August 25, 2014
We were looking to upgrade our three bathrooms when we moved into our new home. Instead of completely redoing the tub/shower areas, we decided to remove the curtains and purchase glass doors instead. These beautiful shower doors are just what we needed! Installation went fairly well. The instructions are very clear and I had the door up in no time with very little trouble. The only problem we ran into was the fact that our shower wall is made from a plastic or fiberglass material and wouldn‚€™t hold the weight of the glass door without cracking. We purchased an aluminum plate to secure to the wall and use to hold the door‚€™s hinges. So far, it‚€™s worked very well. All our shower doors are holding up well, even the ones in the kids‚€™ bathroom! We don‚€™t have a problem with water getting on the floor. Overall, we‚€™re very pleased with the result of our purchase. The door is solid, but light weight. The price was incredible for the quality of product that you get. It gives our bathroom and upgraded look. Some possible disadvantages include the fact that the door does require a plumb wall to be installed properly. It does take time to install, so if you‚€™re in a hurry, it could be a frustrating experience. All in all, it‚€™s a great item for the price!
By Adam S.
A Great Purchase
August 20, 2014
This was very easy to install. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase.
By Timothy W.
Great Choice
August 18, 2014
At first we didn‚€™t even consider a shower door. However, we have beautiful decorative tile work above out tub, and we decided that we didn‚€™t want to hide it behind a shower curtain. This frameless design really enhances the gorgeous tiles! It‚€™s wide enough that water doesn‚€™t splash outside the tub and onto the floor ‚€“ we still have a bath mat though, just in case! Very satisfied with our new shower door.
By Lois G.
Good Choice
August 11, 2014
This shower door looks nice and it‚€™s a great price. Great choice for my bathroom renovation, and I would definitely recommend to others.
By Alan W.
Rhode Island
Modern, Elegant Appearance
August 3, 2014
We are so happy with this product. It is easy to install and clean. It keeps all the water inside the shower and we really like the sleek and simple design.
By Shawn A.
Awesome Value
August 3, 2014
This door is beautiful, works effectively, and gave us awesome value for our money. Would definitely recommend it to others!
By Alice T.
So Far, So Good
July 18, 2014
This product arrived as described, and installation was relatively easy. So far so good ‚€“ it hasn‚€™t leaked at all. The only problem we‚€™ve had is the hinges squeaking when the door is opened and closed. I‚€™m assuming that greasing them will take care of that problem. We also had a little trouble putting the hinge covers on. Be aware that you only have three days to return the item if there are damages. We didn‚€™t open ours for a couple weeks after delivery, and thankfully it was all intact!
By Howard H.
Love Our New Door
July 6, 2014
We love our new shower door, and would buy it again if we every remodeled our other bathroom! Our bathroom looks so much bigger, and our beautiful tiles can look their best. Some water does escape out of the tub area, but it‚€™s easy to wipe up ‚€“ or you can get a bath mat. As others have mentioned, using a squeegee on the door after a shower helps to keep the door clean. As far as installation goes, it‚€™s probably a two person job. I did it on my own, but I‚€™m also an experienced DIYer! It took me a little more time, since I have porcelain tiles ‚€“ drilling is harder. In order to get the door level with the tub, I used a half inch spacer board instead of the recommended 5/8‚€. I also found some SS spacers helped to level the door with the top of my tub. Overall, installation wasn‚€™t that hard, and the result is a beautiful new shower door!
By Diana B.
Installation Problems, but a Beautiful Result
July 5, 2014
My new shower door looks terrific! However, it was quite difficult to install ‚€“ mainly because our porcelain tiles were hard to drill through. I ended up purchasing a diamond tipped hole saw, which worked wonders! After we finally got it up, it looks absolutely gorgeous!
By Ralph S.
Modern Door
June 20, 2014
I would recommend this product to others. After installing it last night, I love the modern look it adds to our bathroom. When it arrived, the package was slightly damaged ‚€“ in my opinion, packaging needs to be sturdier for these glass doors. Installation was fairly easy, but I did find that I had to use a smaller bit than a 5/16‚€ ‚€“ better to use a smaller bit and then tap the anchor into the wall.
By Linda C.
Good Price
June 19, 2014
Good product for a good price. Installation was relatively easy except for the fact that we had to drill into our porcelain tiles. Once installation was complete, it looked amazing!
By Joseph L.
You'll Love It
June 11, 2014
This shower door is one of the best purchases I‚€™ve ever made! My bathroom was remodeled a few years back, but we opted to stay with the shower curtain. This door has transformed our bathroom ‚€“ it looks so much bigger! Everyone comments on it when they walk into our bathroom. I guarantee that you‚€™ll love it!
By Jose P.
Great Product
May 12, 2014
A great shower door! Makes my bathroom feel bigger and look sharp. Installation was okay, but it would be nice if the instruction addressed how to install the door without the use of studs.
By David D.
Modern Look
May 12, 2014
Gorgeous modern-looking door ‚€“ it gets us many compliments! Splashing is not a problem, but sometimes water gets on the floor if the door springs open right after the shower.
By Gary M.
South Carolina
European Flair
May 8, 2014
Our new bathroom door has transformed our bathroom. Along with the European flair, it features great quality, beautiful aesthetics and was very easy to install.
By Martha T.
New Jersey
Not Right For Us
May 2, 2014
I don‚€™t doubt the quality of this tub door, but it wasn‚€™t the right design for us. Too much water was splashing out onto our floors and cabinets. This may be due to our showerhead! We opted to return the door and purchase a sliding tub door. Don‚€™t get me wrong ‚€“ this seems like a great product! It just wasn‚€™t right for our bathroom design.
By Jeremy W.
West Virginia
Best Option for Our Bathroom
April 29, 2014
We are very satisfied with this product and the way it has made our bathroom look.
By Eugene T.
Wonderful Door
April 28, 2014
My new shower door looks great! It took some extra time to install because I have granite tiles ‚€“ more time to drill through that hard rock!
By Matthew R.
The Perfect Solution
April 28, 2014
I had my daughter's bathroom tiled with mother of pearl and wanted a shower door that wouldn't hide it. This was just what I was looking for. The contractor said it was easy to install. It looks beautiful!
By Mildred B.
Perfect Door
April 24, 2014
I did my research before purchasing this door and decided to have a professional install it. I absolutely love the result ‚€“ a beautiful, modern-looking bathroom that feels more open. The shower panel functions incredibly well and I contribute that to the fact that I had a professional come and install it! We have no problem with water splashing out of the tub area, but if you open the door while it‚€™s still wet, some water may get on the floor.
By Rebecca W.
Looks Great
April 22, 2014
I like that this door allows more light through than a shower curtain would. This is especially nice for nighttime showers. The bathroom also appears bigger and brighter. We hired someone to install the door and it wasn't difficult for him.
By Linda C.
Very Satisfied
April 8, 2014
My first experience with this type of shower door was during our vacation to Germany and Ireland. This door is a little wider, but very similar to the doors that I saw overseas. I was concerned about mounting this in my bathroom since our bathroom vent stack is located directly behind the middle of the outer tub ledge. After calling the company, I felt like it could work, so ordered the door. We really like it! I tend to splash a lot in the shower, so I do get some water outside the tub area, but it‚€™s not that big of a deal. Overall, I'm very happy with our new shower door!
By Ruth C.
Lovely Tub Shield
April 6, 2014
This is a great product and I'm happy with it. I may have to work through some issues to install it on my particular tub due to the fact I have a travertine marble tub. I'm afraid that drilling into the marble may crack it, so I may have to have extra work done to have the shield installed.
By Henry M.
Great Product
March 30, 2014
This shower door is sturdy and easy to install. We love that it lets light through as it is clear.
By Katherine R.
Additional Hardware Needed for Hollow Wall Installation
March 30, 2014
This door is well made, but the mounting hardware provided was not adequate for our hollow walls. I ended up having to purchase toggle anchors for extra stability.
By Terry G.
Perfect Door
March 28, 2014
This door is a wonderful addition to our bathroom. I love the fact that it doesn‚€™t require rails across the side of the bath ‚€“ those make it very hard to bathe little ones. I also enjoy the fact that I can leave the swinging door open when I‚€™m taking a bath ‚€“ I don‚€™t feel so crowded! This is the perfect shower/tub door for our household!
By Anna M.
Perfect for our Children's Bathroom
March 26, 2014
We purchased this door because I absolutely loathe framed doors and shower curtains ‚€“ anything that leaves room for mold and mildew to grow! We‚€™ve had our door for 7 months now, installed in the children‚€™s bathroom. It‚€™s worked so well and makes their tiny space look so much bigger!
By Janice G.
New York
Love My New Door
March 26, 2014
There are many reasons why I love my new shower door! I had it installed by a contractor when I renovated my bathroom a couple weeks ago. Installation took less than two hours. I haven‚€™t had any problems with water splashing out, and I don‚€™t think I‚€™ll have any trouble with mildew or mold growing in the shower. My bathroom looks so big and roomy now!
By Carlos S.
Great Shower Screen
March 21, 2014
We love our new shower screen! The water sprays a little further than the door, but that‚€™s not a problem. For us, installation was a little tricky. Our drilled holes weren‚€™t as straight as they should have been ‚€“ this made screwing the door into the wall a little hard. Also, make sure you use a 5/8‚€ or smaller piece of wood underneath the door. We used the 3/4‚€ that we had on hand, and it was too wide. Other than those two minor details, this door is great!
By Steve L.
Great Door
March 17, 2014
It is so easy to clean this door. Because it takes up very little visual space, it makes the bathroom feel larger.
By Carolyn G.
Perfect for Our Needs
March 11, 2014
My wife wanted the shower door to allow clear views of the bathroom and this product fit the bill. This was easy enough to install by ourselves. We did it in less than 45 minutes.
By Rose R.
Love It
March 5, 2014
I‚€™m very pleased with the quality of our new shower door. Installation was a breeze since I had the right tools to drill holes in my marble tile. And we have had no problems with water splashing onto the floor. I would definitely recommend this shower door!
By Deborah M.
North Dakota
Pleased with the Product
February 7, 2014
We are pleased with our purchase of the DreamLine Aqua Ultra Frameless Hinged Shower Door that‚€™s 42 inches wide. There is also a model that‚€™s 48 inches wide.
By John G.
North Carolina
Best Value Out There
January 30, 2014
I just finished installing this shower door, and I really like the result! Overall, installation was fairly easy, but I did have a few issues. The hinges are supposed to be compatible with a 2mm allen wrench, but I found a 5/64 allen wrench worked much better. In order to get proper alignment, you need to make sure that your hinges align exactly with the predrilled holes in the glass door. I don‚€™t feel that the screws provided with the door are adequately strong enough to hold the door into the wall. Finally, I think it would be helpful to include small plastic clips that could attach to the bottom of the door and maintain the required 5/8‚€ distance without the help of a second person ‚€“ I‚€™d even pay a few bucks more for these! Even with all these notes on installation issues, I would definitely recommend this door to others. It‚€™s an incredible value for the price!
By Carol C.
Makes Our Bathroom Look Clean and Open
January 19, 2014
We purchased this as an addition to our deep soaking tub when we renovated our guest bathroom. Our goal was to get a clean, contemporary look and feel and buying this door helped us achieve our desire. Buying it without seeing it in person first was a risk, but we're so glad we did!
By Maria R.
Looks Great
January 13, 2014
Great shower door ‚€“ looks great, priced right, and very effective at keeping water inside the tub area.
By Jerry M.
New Mexico
Contemporary and Stylish
January 10, 2014
We love our new shower doors ‚€“ very contemporary and stylish, just as described! Installation was easy ‚€“ no need to call a professional.
By Samuel T.
New Hampshire
Good Door
January 3, 2014
Even though I had to modify the hinge retaining plate since our countersink was too deep, I still love the look and operation of this door!

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