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By Chris M.
Going to Buy a Second One
September 15, 2014
We got this fan soon after we ordered it. We followed the instructions and installed it without any trouble. We like it so well we're ordering another one for another bedroom.
By Juan E.
New Mexico
Liked It Well Enough to Order a Second One
September 14, 2014
Great quality fan. After we put one in and used it for a while, we decided to order another one for a second room. We like this product!
By Steve W.
North Carolina
Used in Bedroom
September 13, 2014
We put this in our bedroom, and it looks great. We like the style, and the quality looks as though it will last for years. Note that the ad says it's fifty inches, but when we got it and measured the blades, we found out they were fifty-two inches.
By Earl Y.
We Put One in Every Room
September 8, 2014
We tried one of these fans for starters and liked it so much that we ordered a bunch more--enough to put one in every room in the house! What a great way to cool your home inexpensively while improving its looks. They're always silent, and they come with a helpful balancing kit . . . which we've hardly ever had to use. You can install these tight against the ceiling or you can use the down-rod that's included if you want them to hang lower.
By James M.
Looks Great in Our Home
August 18, 2014
Our home was built in the early 1950s, so we wanted a fan that would match the older, classic look of our design scheme. It looks great, like it was always in the home, and it was very easy to put in.
By Kevin L.
So Quiet
July 30, 2014
We love the way this fan keeps us so cool on hot evenings and especially the fact that it runs completely silently so it doesn't disturb us, even if it's set on the highest setting. We're really happy with this purchase and recommend Emerson fans to others.
By Christopher P.
Needed Longer Down Rod
July 27, 2014
We really like this fan now that it's installed in our bedroom with its cathedral ceiling. However, after we got it we realized we needed a longer down rod to make it hang at the right height. So we had to order that separately and wait for it. Also, I didn't think the installation instructions were very clear. But now that it's installed, it runs and looks great and we're happy with it.
By Beverly R.
Makes Noise
July 23, 2014
The fan is kind of loud when it's on high. It doesn't seem to move the air very well. I'm happy with the looks of the fan, but overall am not very satisfied with the product.
By Marie W.
Great Once It's Installed
July 12, 2014
I just want to give other potential buyers fair warning that I found this fan hard to install. I was putting it in in a room with a high ceiling, so I admit that complicated the process. But I didn't think the directions were as clear as they could have been, and I had to redo a few steps. It was hard to be up on a ladder holding parts over my head while trying to hook everything up right, including wiring. Oh, consider ordering chain extenders when you order the fan if you have high ceilings. We had to order ours afterwards. I hope I don't sound too negative here--now that it's installed, we are 100% happy with it.
By Billy P.
New Mexico
Hard to Install
July 7, 2014
Now that it's in, we're really happy with it, but we had a tough time getting it installed. I finally had to call a friend who knows about installing electric devices, and he came and put it up with very little trouble. We have it attached to a dimmer switch, and that lets us determine how bright we want the room.
By Kathleen H.
Great Price and Quality
July 4, 2014
The price was more than fair, the quality is top-notch. The fan runs completely quietly. We are totally happy with this purchase and recommend this fan without reservation.
By Nicholas S.
New Jersey
Like the Looks
May 16, 2014
We really like the looks of this fan--we've never had a ceiling fan that ran this quiet before. After ordering, we received the fan quickly and actually thought the quality was better than we were expecting. Good product! Only small complaint: the instructions could have been easier to understand.
By Theresa B.
New Hampshire
Lots of (Adjustable) Light
February 24, 2014
I really hate those fans that require those ridiculously ineffective candelabra-style bulbs. This fan takes four regular bulbs, and when you turn it on you can have just two or all four bulbs lit. I didn't have any trouble following the directions and installing the fan. It runs smoothly, and I'm very happy with it.
By Joseph B.
Casts Shadows on Ceiling
February 21, 2014
We like this fan a lot, but we were sort of bothered by something unexpected: the way it casts shadows on the ceiling when you have the light fixture above the blades turned on. When the blades spin it makes kind of a distracting moving pattern of light and shadow on the ceiling.
By Katherine H.
February 20, 2014
I can't think of any complaints about these fans. I purchased a pair of them as a gift for a relative who had recently built a home. We installed them upstairs with no problems. They look great, run great, are quiet, and are high quality. Really, there's nothing to complain about--in my book, they're flawless.
By Samuel C.
We Like the Looks
February 18, 2014
This fan looks and works great. I got a little frustrated during the installation process, which was kind of complex.
By David T.
Very Happy with This Purchase
February 13, 2014
Terrific fan in our small room! It doesn't make noise, and it looks great. It keeps us cool at night. No problem to put together and hang. Really, no complaints!
By Cheryl K.
New York
Great Purchase
February 6, 2014
I love this fan, and I love it even more because I was able to save money by getting it on sale. We could tell this was a high-quality product just when we opened the package--even before we started installing it. I was expecting a lot from the product, and it exceeded my expectations. Here's a nice bonus I wasn't aware of: not only is the fan speed adjustable, so is the amount of light it gives off. Great product.
By Matthew L.
Height and Style Options
January 30, 2014
Our home isn't fancy, and these fans look great in our informal atmosphere. But they really would enhance any style home. Something we really like, too, is that when you're putting them in you can choose how high or how low you want them to hang. Since my husband is quite tall, we hung them tight to the ceiling, and he doesn't have to duck to go under them. What else can I say? They look like they cost a lot more than they did. They run great. I think you'll be really happy if you get one or more for your home.
By Diana S.
Kudos from Hawaii
January 27, 2014
It stays warm year-round where we live here in Hawaii, and, boy, are we glad that we've installed this adjustable-speed fan in our home. It keeps us cool and runs quietly. You can also easily adjust the speed. And it looks great. What more could you want?
By Sandra J.
Professionally Approved
January 21, 2014
We hire a professional electrician to work on our home, and he says he won't install any fans other than Emerson fans. To me, that's pretty high praise and worth passing along!
By Amy H.
Not as Good Quality as Other Brands
January 1, 2014
I've installed other brands of ceiling fans in my home and think their quality is better than this fan. It works fine overall; I'm just saying it suffers in comparison to the quality of other fans I've bought and installed.

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