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By Christina Baker
September 8, 2014
Best I've Ever Had
This fan is very much in style. I really like the quiet operating levels and the way it pushes a big amount of air. All in all, this fan is better than any other fan I've owned.
By Eric King
September 2, 2014
Fairly Easy Installation for a First Timer!
As my first time installing ceiling fans, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. The instructions were easy to follow and took only a few hours to complete. As a side note, we have slanted ceilings, but there was plenty of movement in the hanging bracket that came with the fan. We didn't have to purchase a slanted ceiling kit. The one problem I had was tightening the bolts. Some of the bolts are already screwed into the fan parts, but apparently they need to be tightened too. I realized that most of them were loose after installation, so went back and tightened them. Overall, definitely pleased with out new ceiling fans!
By Aaron Brown
August 31, 2014
Used These Fans for Years with Good Results
We've installed these fans in several homes throughout the years. They've always served us well! They are quiet, don't wobble, and add a contemporary look to the home. At one point a fuse blew. That was a little bit of a hassle to replace, but I was able to do it myself without too much trouble. I'd definitely recommend these fans!
By Johnny Russell
August 29, 2014
Worth the Money
The installation in our living room was a breeze. The living room is quite big (34x18 feet), but the light cast by the CFL lamps in the globes is more than adequate to light up the whole room. And the blades really move the air while at the same time making no sound on the lower three speeds which we’ve found to be more than adequate. However, this fan has six speed settings all up. The fastest one is so powerful you can feel and hear the air being pushed by those blades! The motors, however, are silent creating a cozy feel when they are running. These fans cost a fair bit, but they are more than worth the money.
By Rose Evans
West Virginia
August 11, 2014
Easy to Install
I'm very pleased with this fan. It's incredibly energy efficient, using between 5-24 watts depending on the setting that you use. The motor utilizes magnets to save on energy, and provides six different speeds. The fan is quiet and really gets the air moving! Installation was relatively easy. At first I installed the blades upside down, but figured out my mistake and was able to reinstall them with the correct side up. The blades are labeled as "This Side Up," but you attach them while the motor sits upside down on the floor. I think it would be helpful to label the side that faces the ceiling as "This Side Towards Ceiling." Since you can hang the fan first and then wire it, it's fairly easy for one person to install on his own. The remote works well, but utilizes a 12v battery. I would prefer it use easier to find batteries like AAA. My only other issue with this fan is that the lights cannot be dimmed. They utilize four compact florescent bulbs - the light is either on or off. Overall, I would definitely recommend this fan!
By Ryan Campbell
August 6, 2014
Six Stars (if I could)
Would give this fan six stars if I could! I'm impressed with the high quality, beautiful aesthetics, quiet operation, energy efficiency and relative ease of installation. The only problem I had was reading the installation manual. However, I planned ahead by downloading it and reading it ahead of time. I was able to break down the steps to make the process a little easier on myself. The florescent lights don't allow for dimming, but I was more interested in saving energy costs. We installed this fan in our large bonus room which gets a lot of afternoon sun. The fan keeps the temperatures cool without using a lot of air conditioning.
By Lois Jones
July 30, 2014
Efficient Fan With Remote
The efficiency of this fan really offsets the cost of this fan. We needed a 54-inch span of the fan blades and plenty of light. The CFM is high so it keeps the air moving and the remote is great for adjusting it to your needs.
By Kathleen Moore
July 26, 2014
Excellent Quality
I would buy multiple fans in a heartbeat if they weren't so expensive! I wish they were more affordable, but they are definitely worth the price. As an electrician, I've installed a wide variety of ceiling fan models and have strict criteria for the models that I buy for my own home. Well, this one exceeded my expectations in every area. The light bulbs are bright enough to light a large room, the air movement is incredible, the motor is completely silent and uses very little electricity. In fact, we were able to keep this fan running on a generator after hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans. It was a life saver! Kept us cool and able to sleep at night. Construction is high quality too. The blades are composite, so there's no chance of warping or imbalances. I will definitely be purchasing another one as soon as my budget will allow!
By Marilyn Davis
July 18, 2014
Sleek Design
I have been using ceiling fans in my home for a long time and I look for the models that have a sleek, aerodynamic design making them very efficient. The ones I have used in the past had some great features and were less expensive, but I am very happy so far with the quality of the motor on this Midway Eco DC fan and light fixture. We have not heard the hum that we heard on lower speeds or noticed any wobbling like on previous fans. The remote was simple to program and easy to use. Since I already boxes in my ceiling for fans, these were pretty simple to install. We are happy that we treated ourselves to a better fan.
By Keith Roberts
South Carolina
July 16, 2014
Appears To Be Only Slightly Better Than the Cheap Brand
I wanted a similar fan to the cheap one I had bought from a major home improvement store. That one lasted me about 14 years. But this one was about three times the price of what I had before. The battery options for the remote are a little better, though, since it uses generic batteries while the old one had to have a special battery.
By Edward Martinez
July 12, 2014
Good Fans
The two fans that we have are currently working well. We really enjoy their stylish appearance!
By Joyce Ward
July 9, 2014
Provides Relief From Heat
Other fans just do not compare to this one. Others may not think so, but for me it was definitely worth the price that I paid. In the middle of the hottest month of summer, and with guests in my home, this marvelous fan was delivered. I had a worker do the installation for me, but I was there the whole time and it only took about an hour. There were no issues with the instructions. We just turned it on and enjoyed the cooling breeze!
By Jane Martin
June 28, 2014
Sounds Quiet and Looks Great
Since purchasing this fan, it has met my needs quite adequately. I especially like the quiet operating noise and striking appearance. The only thing I don't like is that there aren't individual controls for the light and the fan, and so the remote is the only way to operate it.
By Lawrence Kelly
South Carolina
June 22, 2014
Not Worth the Price
I don't feel this fan is worth the expense. I purchased four, and so far have installed two. Wish I had gone with something less expensive. On the positive side, these fans have incredibly energy efficient DC motors and utilize energy efficient CFL lights. The have a nice appearance. The motor is silent, yet produces a significant amount of air flow at six different speeds. However, I do not like the wireless remote. I would prefer to have a wall control. Frankly, for the price, I would expect to be given both! This is not a flushmont model. You can purchase extra parts to install it closer to the ceiling, but that takes lots of extra work. I don't like the light bulb sockets. It's hard to pop the bulbs into place. Also, one of the screws broke when I was assembling the fan. I would expect the hardware to withstand the installation process, but I guess I screwed it in too tightly. Over all, we have enjoyed the two fans we've installed. I just feel like we could have gotten the same quality for a much lower price.
By Christopher Lee
June 11, 2014
Worth the Price
Definitely worth the price. Very easy to install and looks great! It also works very quietly. I would definitely recommend it!
By Henry Patterson
June 11, 2014
Fan Is Great, But Light Control is Lacking
The only option for control is the remote. If you try to use a fan switch on the wall to control the lights, the light is not bright enough, even if you choose a CFL that’s more than comparable wattage. Totally love the fan function, though, especially the fact that it’s so easy to reverse.
By Kimberly Walker
May 21, 2014
Silent Operation
After several frustrating attempts to install a "high quality" fan from another company, I despaired of ever finding a ceiling fan that could operate at high speeds without the glass light cover resonating like an opera singer. I even rebuilt my light fixture and tried a couple different fan models from the same company. No luck! So, I did some more research and found this fan. It was easy to install. When I turned it on, I was amazed! There was absolutely no sound! I would definitely, definitely recommend this fan!
By Katherine Barnes
Washington, D.C.
May 19, 2014
Sophisticated, High Quality Product
These fans are definitely worth the higher price tag. Since they take so little energy to run, you save a significant amount on energy - even if you run them 24/7! In addition to saving you money, they add a sophisticated touch to your home. Their high quality and beautiful finish will enhance any room. Installation was fairly easy. I would recommend that you have someone on hand to help hold the fan in place as it's hung. As others have mentioned, the light bulbs do make a slight humming sound, especially as they warm up. I find the noise to be minimal and drowned out by the sound of the air being moved by the fan blades.
By Samuel Gonzalez
May 19, 2014
Does the Job
This fan has the lower noise levels that I hoped it would, and it operates as I was expecting. I'm hoping that when the summer hits I'll be able to say the same thing.
By Cheryl Collins
May 13, 2014
Easy Assembly
Other than wishing the blades were not made of plastic, this fan is well made and looks like more expensive models. I read that some people had a hard time assembling the light, but I have had a much harder time with other fan lights and was able to put this one together with no problems. There are four lights using CFL bulbs that equal 60 watts each, bringing plenty of light into the room. The remote is great! You can switch the light on-and-off separately and change the settings six different ways to make the room more comfortable. It may be a quiet fan, but it really gets the air moving!
By Earl Cooper
May 10, 2014
Keeping Our Hawaii Home Cool
These fans keep our Hawaii home cool, even during the summer months! Our local vendor sold these to us as her most energy efficient model, and I believe her! Since installing these models in two different rooms, we rarely need to turn on our central air. The fans move air very effectively! My husband was able to install the fan on his own. The only part he complained about was how heavy it was to lift into the mount. We are definitely satisfied with the efficiency and quality of these fans!
By Jacqueline Richardson
April 9, 2014
Very Pleased
We've had this fan for over two years and are very pleased with it. The fan is very quiet but moves air quite effectively. We've been able to use the light as our sole source of light for the room - even finding LEGOs in remote corners! Only had two small problems. At one point we needed to replace the fuse - a bit of a pain, but easily done on our own. At first, the remote interfered with another fan, but we were easily able to resolve that problem also.
By Louis Flores
April 7, 2014
Like Them So Much We Bought Two More
This fan is the most energy-efficient unit out there. We have loved the two we bought so much that I shared our excitement with everyone on the blog. And we were so crazy about them that we just bought two more, so now we have one in every room of the house. I especially like the low noise and stylish looks.
By Victor Bryant
March 25, 2014
Good, Economical Replacement Fan
I have had a fan in my upstairs bedroom for many years and needed a replacement. What a difference this Emerson Midway Eco Fan makes in energy use! Upstairs bedrooms can be stuffy, but this fan keeps the air circulating and cools it down comfortably even during the middle of summer. Even with all that use, this Energy Star-rated fan is very economical.
By Paula Bailey
March 4, 2014
Very Efficient
For those who use solar energy, this fan will save you all the money you were hoping to save when you put in the solar system. This fan is extremely efficient. Even though it's a little pricey, it's worth the money. It's really stylish and quiet. I'd urge anyone to buy it.
By Jeremy Watson
March 3, 2014
Awesome Fan
Awesome fan! It's so quiet, efficient and energy-saving. We leave it running 24/7. I love that it has six speeds. And it's so convenient that we can change directions with the remote. Would definitely recommend it!
By Brenda Ramirez
South Dakota
March 2, 2014
Large Light
This fan is stylish and quiet. The middle light is a little large for my home decor. It takes attention away from the other lights in my living room.
By Kathy Henderson
Dominican Republic
February 15, 2014
Energy Efficient
We bought seven of these fans for our small hotel in the Dominican Republic about two years ago and have been very pleased with the results. Electricity costs can be quite high, but these fans use very little energy, even on the highest setting. Our clients often comment on how quiet yet powerful they are, especially when compared to a "regular" fan! The lights on our outdoor fans have given out - they don't even work after replacing the bubs - but the ones inside are still working well. We only have two issues with these otherwise wonderful fans. The light bulbs are very hard to find here in the Dominican Republic, although they may be standard in the United States. Also, the remote control has both a light button and a button to reverse the fan's direction. Both are fairly close together and our clients have pushed the wrong one by mistake - sometimes the fan will run the "wrong" way for quite some time!
By Stephanie Sanchez
February 15, 2014
Good Results
This model delivers great quality, pleasing aesthetics and energy efficiency. I installed it according to the instructions and am very pleased with the results. The fan operates silently and doesn't wobble, even at the highest setting. One note - it would be nice to have a wall mount for the remote.
By Rachel Lopez
Rhode Island
February 5, 2014
Quiet and Effective
I really like this fan. Compared to other fans that I've had in the past, it's very quiet. On the highest setting, it moves air like a hurricane! Installation was fairly straightforward. The parts list is a little confusing - especially when it comes to the screws - and the blades must be installed in the right direction for the fan to move air effectively. This fan is a little heavy, and may be difficult to lift up to the ceiling. However, once you have it in place, the rest of the installation is easy. The remote that comes with the fan can be mounted on the wall for easy access and storage. My only problem with this fan model is the light bulbs. It uses four pin type CF bulbs that can be hard to find.
By Raymond Lewis
February 3, 2014
Strong Air Flow
After much research and comparisons we purchased three of these fans as we were constructing a new home in Arizona. We have used it all year around and it is still economical. Four years later, we would like to put in a good word for the Midway fan. We have a white one, a steel one and a bronze one and love the modern look they add to each of the rooms they are installed in. You may be in for a surprise if you turn the fan on high because it really moves the air enough to give you a chill! It also may surprise you that compared to other fans it stays quiet no matter what setting it is on.
By Timothy Carter
February 2, 2014
Great Choice
Well built and uses very little electricity. The fan moves air well and the lights are bright enough to be used on their own without additional lamps or sconces. It would be nice to include a dimming feature, if possible. Also, the remote interferes with our other fans - not really an annoyance for us, but may be for others.
By Randy Thomas
February 1, 2014
Energy Efficient
Amazing energy efficiency - especially when compared to my previous experience with fans. The power savings are amazing compared to the efficiency of air movement!
By Matthew Long
January 30, 2014
Sophisticated Quality
Though expensive at the outset, these fans do offer significant savings in energy costs - especially if you run them 24/7. They're made with high quality materials and look very stylish. There are several different finish options, so you're sure to find one that fits your preferences. Personally, I think the bronze finish is the most sophisticated. I also like the tinted globe which gives of a more subdued light. Installation was relatively easy. You may need someone to help you lift it into the mount, since it can be a little heavy. Some have commented on the humming sound that the lights make. Personally, I find that this is worse as the lights warm up and fades with the sound of the fan blades moving air.
By Alice Rodriguez
January 28, 2014
Cadillac of Fans
I guess the combination of low energy use, quiet operation, and incredible air movement makes this the Super Prius of fans! We'd rate it as phenomenal!
By Mildred Bell
January 25, 2014
Stable and Quiet
We'd give this fan an A+++! It is the quietest, most stable fan we've ever owned. Both the models that we own can put out anywhere from a gentle breeze to a blustery wind without even a wobble! The lights are dim, so don't count on them as your main light source for the room. Definitely worth the price!
By Debra Howard
January 22, 2014
Stylish Change
I'm an efficiency freak, which is why I bought this fan! As an added bonus, I really like the contemporary styling it provides - a welcome change from the Casablanca-style fans. I'm impressed with the amount of air it moves. I never set it above a '3,' even though it has up to six settings. Even on the highest setting, the fan doesn't wobble. My fan is completely silent - not even the lights give a humming noise. And mine also came with a wall mount for the remote. Emerson must be listening to its customers, since these are two things that others have reported as problems.
By Ernest Harris
January 9, 2014
Easy to Install and Use
Wow! There's nothing to the installation process. It went in very easily. And the lights are bright enough for our needs. I wanted one that would be efficient with energy consumption, and this one does the trick so well I hope to buy another one.
By Helen Bennett
January 3, 2014
Everything I've Wanted
This fan was exactly what I've been looking for and has every feature that I've wanted. The CRF lights (rather than candelabras) are amazing. I like this fan so much I've decided to purchase more than I originally ordered.

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