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By jerry
July 25, 2014
Great price,great product.
this fan gives about half again output as the one i had before and at a better price.
By Virginia Hughes
June 25, 2014
As Advertised
This fan really does what its advertisement describes. It doesn't produce a ton of airflow, but it definitely circulates the heat in the room.
By Rose Bryant
June 21, 2014
Silent Running
This fan makes absolutely no noise, and it is great fun to watch it start and stop completely on its own. I would definitely purchase it again.
By Joshua Sanchez
June 12, 2014
Doesn't Work for Propane Stoves
According to what I’ve been told, this fan does a good job if you have a wood burning stove. But mine is propane, and the outside of the stove has to get pretty hot to make the fan work. My propane stove doesn’t get hot enough. So, just be aware of that before you order one.
By Shaun
Northern Idaho
June 5, 2014
Circulates air, but not as well as forced air fan
We purchased this fan mid-winter, after the cheap electric fan that came with our stove stopped working. The advantages are it is quiet, will work even during a power outage, and it shuts down on it's own (as the stove cools, the fan gradually comes to a stop). However, for us it did not work as well as an electric forced air fan. It did not put out nearly as much heat. Most of the time this was not a big issue. However, since it was a really cold winter, on the days it dropped below zero we really noticed it. This may be because our stove was designed to work with the electric fan, which would push out the hot air trapped in the space between the back of the stove and the heat shield.
By d.w.hudson
April 24, 2014
Wonderful Product
Exactly as advertised. An electric fan you don't have to plug in. Starts when the wood stove heats to sufficient temperature, then circulates the warmth until the heat drops below the minimum to keep the unit operating.
By Thomas Stevenson
Woolrich, PA
April 6, 2014
Performs as Described
I am pleased with this fan - uses no electricity - functions great.
By kathy
Colorado Springs, Colorado
April 5, 2014
Super Little Fan
Great little fan for dispersing heat. The Ecofan has greatly improved the efficiency of our wood stove. We love it. Would highly recommend it.
By Kathy
Berlin, MD
April 2, 2014
Great Fan!
This little fan works great and gets the heat from the woodstove moving into the air and not up to the ceiling! I am so glad I purchased this!
By Karen
March 31, 2014
We Like It
We like this fan. I don't think it is as efficient as an electric fan for the stove, but it does move the air and is very quiet. We wanted one because we don't like the noise of a fan and because if the power goes out it will continue to work.
By Linda
March 28, 2014
Caframo Ecofan Airmax 812 with Gold Blades
This is amazing! There is air movement any time there is any amount of heat in the stove, even when you think there is no heat if there ii hot embers the fan is moving air. less heat the slower it turns. We purchased the gold blades, following review recommendation, so the blades could be seen when they are turning, I can see that the black blades could be an issue with being seen. We were so surprised in the difference the fan made with keeping the area warm. This has been a really cold odd winter and we have been very comfortable with our thermostat set at 65, there is no way we could have done that before we purchased the fan. Before our purchase we read reviews and were like hmmm...if it works half as well as we are reading it will be worth the purchase. We were shocked at the difference it really did make. Would strongly recommend it! well worth every penny!
ProsNo electric used
By Nancy Price
New Mexico
March 19, 2014
No Regrets
Even though this product did not work per se with my gas stove (particularly because it is too small), I am not disappointed. I knew there was a chance it would not work.
March 16, 2014
Great Fan
The fan works like a charm. Moves heat around better than expected. Great price for a great fan!
ProsNo maintenance required. Just place on stove and let the fan do the work.
By lou
toms rivernj
March 15, 2014
Very Good
ProsVery Good
By Jim
March 11, 2014
AirMax 812
Pretty cool !! Moves air good too.
By Terry
Richland, or
March 3, 2014
Works Great
Does what I wanted it to do at the cabin.
By Monte
Pine, CO
February 26, 2014
Cool Tech
This is a most amazing device. A fan with no wires or batteries that literally runs off the heat of your stove. Right out of the box, I set it on my stove and built a fire. At about 275 degrees on a flue thermometer, it slowly starts to turn; rather eerie actually. I have the large one and with a fire stoked and going, it puts out a significant breeze which I direct toward a stairwell. With a hot, roaring fire, it sounds almost like it wants to take off, serving as a warning you're getting too hot. One cool thing is the next morning with no overnight stoking, the stove is still warm to the touch and the fan is turning about 3-5 rpm. Like it doesn't want to quit. I highly recommend the fan, it seems well made, and in the event it stops working, probably with many hours of use, replacing the electric motor, will restore the fan.
ProsWell made and a cool-looking design Does actually move some air No wires Large Wow factor, runs on heat!
ConsExpensive but worth it. Rotating blades are a slight danger (no guard), for homes with kids. A guard could probably be offered as an accessory but it would ruin the aesthetics of the design.
By Carrie
Nokesville, Virginia
February 26, 2014
This little thing is AWESOME!!!!! Literally had to open a window the first time using it. Cuts down on the amount of wood you put in the stove at a time that's for sure. Definitely recommend it, however the dogs not that happy about it.....can't find a cool place to lay down .
February 26, 2014
I purchased the Ecofan AirMax 812 about a month ago. I use it on my garage wood stove, and must say, love the thing. Very high quality, plus does a great job of distributing heat. Once I build a fire, it starts very fact.
ProsQuality and performance.
By Michael Di Nardo
United States
February 22, 2014
Caframo Ecofan AirMax 812
Awesome product. Works great with my wood stove.
By Sue Hesselbrock
bethel, ohio
February 21, 2014
Air Max 812 Fan Circulates Heated Air Magnificantly!
The fan works very well. I have a stove & set the fan on the corner of the stove as I also have a cast iron pot with water in the stove to add humidity. Out of the box, on the stove & about 1 1/2 hrs later, the fan was moving quickly!
ProsSmall enough to sit near the corner of the stove, but it can move the heat into the room!
By Tim
Little Compton, RI
February 20, 2014
Nice Fan
I was surprised at the limitations on the heat, would have thought it could handle a higher temp but overall it does a good job of moving the air around and balancing the temp in the room.
Prossmooth operation, quiet
Consheat tolerance
By Rubie
Cave Junction, OR
February 19, 2014
The "Little Fan that Could"
Got this "little" fan on the recommendation of a friend who has TWO of them . . . took his advice with a grain of salt, but the sale price made the purchase much less painful than I anticipated. When it arrived, I was surprised that it was so, umh, SMALL and was completely ready to be disappointed. Well, I am the first to admit my first impression was very wrong! Set it on my stove, and within minutes, those little blades were whirling around . . . no noise, no wind current, just turning around smoothly. My first thought was, "Is this all there is?" Our home is only about 900 square feet, but is very poorly insulated and is open all the way up to a second floor loft bedroom and the eves above the living room and dining room -- it has been really hard to heat. At night we had to use a heater in the first floor bedroom (down a hall from where the stove is) and the kitchen NEVER got warm. Within an hour of setting this fan up, the temperature had gone up 4 degrees, all the way in the kitchen at the opposite end of the house. Now it just stays comfortable. Easy to take this fan for granted, but don't! It is AWESOME! Long story short, I love this fan! If you have any doubts, please put them aside. You will be amazed!
ProsQuiet, efficient, intriguing looks!
By Deb
Coastal New England
February 19, 2014
Nice Addition
This little fan doesn't move a lot of air but it does definitely get the heat out into the room. I have a Hearthstone stove that sits fully on the hearth outside of my fireplace and I have no circulating blower. Without the fan, the heat tended to go straight up to the ceiling. The fan sets up enough of a flow to make the middle of the room at seat level warm as well. It is a great conversation piece too when I tell people it runs on electricity but has no cord and no batteries!
Prosgood looking quiet effective cool gadget
Consexpensive but still worth it not super powerful
By Eric Williams
February 18, 2014
Extremely Useful
It is astounding how effective this product is when it comes to moving air around. This fan has been in our possession for over a year and we have not had any issues.
By Garry Collind
January 28, 2014
Great Fan
We use the fan to move the warm air thru the house. It works great.
ProsGreat to move the air to back areas.
By Linda Flynn
Twin Bridges, Montana
January 26, 2014
Great, quiet fan.
By John
January 25, 2014
Love this Gan
Not only warmed our room up it warms the whole house better... quiet but effective.
ProsQuite the warm conversation maker!
ConsFragile, no protection for it if bumped or the like!
By William
Suches, Ga
January 23, 2014
Great Product
Highly efficient and extremely silent. Wonderful invention in distribution of heated air.
By Matthew Mcfarland
Sunapee N.H
January 22, 2014
Great Fan
This fan works great, quiet & dependable.
By Laura
Cleveland, OH
January 19, 2014
Nice Fan!
Arrived quickly, works well and quietly.
By joe
January 16, 2014
Eco Fan
Loved the piece.It came within two days ready to go.Place it on the stove and leave alone.It does warm up the other room by about 1 - 2 degrees.Good company to buy from.I emailed them a few times and they got right back to me.
Prosplace it and leave it.nothing else to do.
By Dennis Ackerman
Pike ny
January 16, 2014
Good Price & Fast Service
Caframo 812 fan gave to my in laws. They said it was one of the best xmas presents ever. Nice deal with friendly good service.
By cg
January 13, 2014
Really Good Fan
Everyone needs a fan like this one.
By wb
Boston, MA
January 13, 2014
Good Buy
Easy experience and good product. Purchasing was simple and so far product has worked well!
By Twilla Amidon
washington state
January 12, 2014
It's so nice not to worry about Eco Fan, it is always working when our fireplace is working.
By Yolie
Northern California
January 11, 2014
Really Moves Air!
I am so happy with this purchase. I wish I would have bought one years ago. It really moves the air around. I used to have trouble heating the bedrooms of my cabin, all the heat stayed close to stove, but now the bedrooms are nice and toasty. Money we'll spent especially because I am not using excessive amounts of wood to kind of heat the whole cabin. This fans a must for wood stove users!
ProsMoves hot air around, quiet, efficient, save money on wood
By Colette
January 11, 2014
Excellent Transaction
Fast shipment! Exactly what we needed!
By georgiagayle
Buford, Wyoming
January 11, 2014
We Love This Graceful, Art-Deco-Looking Stove Fan
It looks fantastic and moves warm air around the room as soon as the stove starts to warm up and continues until the stove cools off. I wish I would have bought this years ago!
Proslooks spectacular starts circulating air right away
By John
Bucksport, Maine
January 11, 2014
Excellent Low Cost Hot Air Distribution
The Ecofan AirMax 812 was purchased as a 2013 X-mas gift for my son-in-law. He heats a large 4 bedroom home in Maine with wood. The Ecofan has made a huge improvement to the problem of distributing the heat that used to stay mostly near the wood stove. With the Ecofan he reports his family is now enjoying the benefits of wood heat quicker and using less cord wood to maintain warmth.
cape cod massachusetts
January 10, 2014
Really Neat!
Son Mentioned this a few years ago and gave it to him for Christmas. Not long after the stove was lit, the fan was running, quiet as could be. Spread heat throughout the room and made temperature more even. Great product.
By Janet
Cape Cod MASS
January 10, 2014
Excellent Value
Great fan. Pushes air where I need it. Very solidly built. Quiet. Very heavy. I was surprised of the weight of it should last a lot of winters!
By Chris
Holt, MI
January 8, 2014
Makes a Big Difference
My wife and I had put off the purchase of an Ecofan because it seemed a bit pricey, but we decided to make it a Christmas present between us. From the first fire in our wood stove, we could tell the difference. During the winter, we depend on the wood stove to heat the house with the central furnace only as a back up during the night or on extremely cold days. With the Ecofan, our main room downstairs easily reads 3 to 4 degrees warmer than what it used to average without the fan. The entire room heat and adjoining kitchen just seem to be more equally heated. We are happy with the purchase.
ProsCreates even room temperature More heat into adjoining rooms No maintenance No batteries to replace
By Delbert
Helena, Montana.
January 8, 2014
Great product.
It works great!
ProsWorks great and distributes the heat from the stove throughout my house. It cuts down the use of firewood even in below 0 temperatures.
ConsNo cons.
By Gardner
Boone NC
January 8, 2014
Fan Works as Described (MAGIC)
Great little fan and conversation piece. PURE MAGIC, where else can you have a product that is self powered and not solar powered. Amazing this fan can produce enough power from the temperature difference between the hot stove and cooler air to turn the fan blades. You can really get the fan humming once the stove is up to temp. Don't have a temp gauge on stove but it does the trick. Honestly can't truly tell yet a noticeable difference in warm air movement yet, but it certainly is moving/mixing some air and that can only help.
By wes
January 6, 2014
We love the ecofan it does just what we wanted and the price was the best we have found.
By kam
Rockford, IL
January 6, 2014
The Ultimat Care Free Wood Stove Fan
I have tried many different fans.........this one works on heat......no power needed.....its like magic........super efficient...and actually quite....you can't even hear it at all.......you will do yourself a great favor buying this fan.....it is the perfect worry free fan...
By Larry
Union, MO
January 6, 2014
Quiet Fan
This fan is quiet and works well with my stove. It doesn't move a lot of air but I didn't want a lot of ash blowing into my room so this works well. I use it at night to move air to the back part of the house when sleeping and since it doesn't need electricity, that's a bonus.
ProsQuiet. Non-electrical, no cord needed.
ConsA little pricey but if it's durable, it will be worth it.
By Donna Paradis
New Hampshire
January 3, 2014
Really makes a big difference in heat distribution.
By Jeff
Boston, MA
January 3, 2014
Excellent Purchase
Lives up to expectations
By Pat
Rockland, ME
January 3, 2014
Works as Advertised
Only used a few times so far, but moves air quietly and efficiently. I am glad I bought the larger model, though. The fan speed is a nice indication of the stove heating up, a great side benefit.
ProsQuiet, moves air without electricity
By Michael M.
Las Vegas, NM
January 3, 2014
Nice Product!
Real nice, started to work the instant it was placed on the woodstove, real quiet, moves the heat gently away from the stove. Also great price, nice service and fast delivery!
By Ronald LaRiviere
January 2, 2014
Worth Every Penny......
Works great and well worth the price even better when its on sale...........
By Ric
Republic, WA
January 2, 2014
I Love the Silence!
Great way to move air around your stove without the irritating noise of electric fans contently running in the back ground. We heat 100% via wood stoves and purchased a fan for home and for the office. It works great and makes a great conversation piece to boot!
Prossilent running moves the air in any direction you want
By Jane
January 2, 2014
I bought this to replace a previous model, in case I was unable to repair it. I was indeed able to replace the motor in the old one, so I had a side by side comparison. There is in fact no comparison. The chief use of the old one was to see at a glance whether the woodstove needed more wood. This one moves so much air it is amazing.
Prosmoves lots of air
Consnone except price
By Billie
Cheyenne, WY.
January 1, 2014
We have considered buying this fan for several years but never quite got around to it. This fan is unbelievable. We use it on our propane gas stove which runs much hotter than a normal "gas" heating stove. (I bought an inexpensive disc type grill thermometer prior to purchasing so I would know which model was most appropriate) Our thermostat is all the way across the room and I don't think our stove has ever shut down without us physically turning the thermostat down. Now, with this fan, the stove cycles periodically just because so much warm air is being pushed out into the room. And the fan continues to turn long after the fire has cycled off, just with the residual heat. I can't believe we waited this long!
Prossee above
By Mary Fielding
Eastern Shore, Maryland
January 1, 2014
Excellent Product
It's very quiet an moves the air and spreads the warmth into other rooms in my house. No wires to plug in. Very pleased.
Prosquiet, energy efficient.
Conscan't think of any.
By Deborah
January 1, 2014
Very Pleased!
It was a gift for our son-in-law and he loves the way it spreads the heat away from the stove and distributes it more evenly throughout the house. Great purchase for people who heat with wood burning stoves, or gas stoves.
ProsQuality product, well made. Great price by comparison to other retailers.
By SNow Fairy
Schweitzer Idaho
December 31, 2013
It is Sooo...
It is sooooo quiet!! Great buy.
ConsI wiish it were a little shorter so I could use it on a sotve built into a cove.
By White Bear
Panguitch, Utah
December 29, 2013
Excellent Product
The Ecofan works exactly as advertised. It's whisper quiet, and really works to circulate the air throughout the room.
ProsCirculates the warm air far better than the stove alone. Totally silent operation.
ConsNone at all.
By not just another 'fan'
December 29, 2013
Awesome Product
I saw the Ecofan at a friend's house and had to have one- I literally went home, looked it up, and bought one. The product really does what it says and heating the house is much more economical (we use less wood). I did have an issue right off the bat with it making a loud noise at a certain temp, and was taken care of promptly by the company's service center, leaving me very impressed. I would say to all who have a woodstove: if you don't have an Ecofan, get one. Seriously.
By Mickey Myrick
Wichita, Kansas
December 29, 2013
Arrived well packed. Tried to figure out how a temperature differential between the heat below and the cooler fins could cause energy that would drive the blades but it does. Does not move a lot of air but heat should not be moved at high speeds. Fascinating to watch yet hard to understand. Sitting on top of a kerosene space heater in my garage it keeps the whole 3 car garage 20 degrees warmer than outside. Without the fan, had to keep the heater near by.
ConsWish it moved a little more cubic feet of air per minute.
By Roger
Canterbury CT.
December 28, 2013
Great Little Fan
I purchase this last month and meets all my expectations.
ProsMoves the air off the wood stove into the other part of my cellar.
By Stefanie
Cataldo, Idaho
December 26, 2013
Quiet and Small
This fan is small and quiet. That's the best part. I read reviews on the product before I purchased it. Some said it moved air wonderfully while others said it didn't hardly work at all. I guess I'm right in the "middle". I do like the fan because there is no power cord and it's very quiet. I just wish it moved my warm/hot air from the woodstove around more. I think if I had two of them....one on either side of the stove pipe it may be better. But with the price I can't afford to do that right now. All in all it's a cool product, but needs a bigger blade.
ProsSmall and quiet
ConsDoesn't move air as much as I would like
By Jim
December 25, 2013
Exactly What I Needed!
This fan does everything I wanted it to...I would highly recommend it!
By Dave Stout
Morrisville, Pennsylvania
December 24, 2013
Free Air Movement
My fan is on a fireplace insert with a blower. The eco fan is nice when you don't need the blower or when i turn the blower off at night . It's a great addition to heating your house with wood.
ConsShould have gotten a colored blade instead of black. You can't see it spinning and you could get to close. I did.
By Ken
December 24, 2013
Works Great/Pricey Though
This works as advertised. Seems to be well-made. I am glad I purchased the larger fan, though.
ProsDoes move the air from around the woodstove.
By Wendy
December 23, 2013
Enjoying Heat Throughout the Living Room Now!
We have a freestanding stove that we had propped a noisy little fan behind in order to distribute some of the heat out of the corner and it drove everyone nuts,,, now we have more heat in the living room and NO noise!!
ProsIt is sooo quiet
ConsOpen blades could be a hazard if you are not careful
By Katrina
West Chester, PA
December 20, 2013
Very Simple & Quiet
Bought this fan because I was hoping to use my wood stove more efficiently. This works perfectly. Moves the air around; makes the whole room warmer, rather than just the area immediately around the stove.
By Val LaHart
United States
December 20, 2013
Outstanding Fan
Silent running fan keeps the immediate area warm and we really enjoy it!! We have recommended it to several friends.
ProsQuiet and inexpensive way to heat the area in front of our fireplace.
By Mark
December 18, 2013
Works Great - Just as Expected
Put TWO on top of our coal stove, works great; don't have to listen to the blower anymore.
By Chloe
barnardsville, North carolina
December 17, 2013
Great Fun Fan
I love this cool little fan. It circulates heat from my woodstove and is a great conversation piece too.
ProsCirculates heat. Looks cool.
By Jay
Milwaukee, Wi
December 16, 2013
Works Surprisingly Good.
Helps to move the air around to other rooms. Kind of expensive and could be a little bigger but overall I was surprised at how well it works.
ProsDoes what it's supposed to do.
ConsA little expensive. Could be bigger.
By Rick Crowe
Sacramento CA
December 16, 2013
Works Great
Very pleased with this fan almost as soon as I start a fire the fan comes on and starts moving air around the house.
By Mark
December 14, 2013
Excellent Product!
just put it on your stove, wait a couple of minutes , then the blades start turning. Nice fan, very quiet.
ProsHelps push air around a room, great for wood stoves
ConsA little pricey but worth it (no batteries or electricity)
By James Conner
Spokane, WA
December 13, 2013
Ecofan Eoes the Job
Not only does the ecofan look good, it's quiet and moves air around the room surprising well.
By Marina Andrews
Luck, Wisconsin
December 13, 2013
Great fan! Great deal!
Our Ecofan sure makes a difference in room temperature and it is SILENT! Thanks so much for a great product and great service on our order.
By Curt Sparks
Forest Lake, MN
December 12, 2013
Heat Power
A fan completely powered by the heat off your wood stove is very novel. There is no way to say how much it benefits but it has to be a good thing to move air around by other than convection. It is noiseless. It also lets me know when I need more fuel. It slows down when the heat is reduced. I like it a lot. It's attractive and a real conversation piece.
By Andrea
High Point Region, New Jersey
December 12, 2013
Warms up the downstairs
I was expecting a little more heat from this ...or maybe just hoping for a little more direct heat I guess. However, that being said...it does work very well at warming the downstairs of my house...we have it placed on top of our wood burning stove and it gets the thermostat up to 70 degrees after a few hours...that is a definite plus.
By Curtis Finney
United States
December 10, 2013
A Great Conversation Piece That Also Does the Job!
I was a little worried this fan would not do what was promised but am pleasantly surprised with it. It is a great conversation piece as many of my friends who own stoves saw it and 2-3 have ordered their own. I believe the design itself draws attention and they are surprised to hear it does not require electricity to run. Although it does not move air like a plug-in fan would, the air movement is enough that within a few hours our bedroom which is down the hall and through a door (and always cold) was warmer and stayed warm as long as the fire was going. As long as there is a fire in the stove the fan continues to move warm air.
ProsElectric free-no wire or plug to worry about melting. As fire dwindles the fan slows. Unlike a plug-in that runs even when the firebox has cooled. Quiet Industrial design that is cool to look at.
December 10, 2013
Caframo Ecofan Airmax 812
Nice fan for my woodstove but I thought it would move more air than it does for the price.
By Stephanie Merritt
United States
December 4, 2013
This our second purchase of Ecofan; we use them both on our wood stove to improve air flow. Wood is our source of heat and these fans make our stove more efficient.
ProsGenerates own electrical function which makes it cost efficient
By Sue Huff
Myrtle Point, Oregon
November 30, 2013
Above and Beyond
My house is made up of small partially insulated rooms. I've had to keep the bedroom door closed because of the cold air that flowed out. I leave my bedroom door open now and both living room (stove) and bedroom stay a comfortable temperature.
ProsNo noticeable current of air. Absolutely no noise.
By Bill
Landenberg, Pennsylvania
November 29, 2013
Helps to Distribute Heat
Added this fan to my new Woodstock Hybrid stove and it helps to distribute the heat to the rest of the house.
ProsWorks well quiet fair price
By Andrew Garcia
New Hampshire
November 29, 2013
Good to Have
We have absolutely no complaints about this product and are very satisfied all around for the quality of service that we get from it. It is an excellent addition to any wood stove.
By Desertcajun
Petersburg Texas
November 19, 2013
Good value
It does move air,,,, My space is large and it has'nt been very cold yet!But so far I like it AAAAA++++
By Janet Patterson
South Dakota
November 18, 2013
Pros and Cons
I do like this fan, but if you think it directly and completely replaces an electric fan or blower on your stove, you should realize that it doesn’t do that. I like the fact that it isn’t loud like the electric blower on my stove, which is nice when I have people over and we want to converse without shouting at each other. The fan does what it’s supposed to do, helping to circulate the heat throughout the area. But I’ve found that no matter how hot the stove gets, I have to physically push the blades to start it moving—it doesn’t just start rotating on its own. And it won’t rotate quickly until the stove gets pretty hot. For me this is a bit of a problem, since I like to start a fire in the stove when I leave for work and let it warm the house all day. Unless I wait around in the morning for the stove to get really hot and then start the blades spinning, it just sits there. I don’t want to sound too negative, though. The product does what the manufacturer says it will do. I may buy a second one—I think the two together would move as much air as my electric blower does.
By Emily Bennett
November 11, 2013
Good Fan
Overall, this is a good fan. Unfortunately, it does not produce as much heat as I had hoped it would, but what it does is sufficient.
By Eileen
Casper. Wyoming
November 8, 2013
Good One
Does what I want!
ConsThought it would be a bit bigger.
By Nancy
Welches, Oregon
November 4, 2013
I like this fan. A LOT!
This is a really nice fan. Once the temp on the woodstove hits about 100 degrees, it starts up, increases speed with increased temps. It puts out a good breeze, and today was the first day of the season for the electricity to go out. I was really pleased that the stove was on and the fan was running, warming the room.
ProsSmall, easy to use, reliable, handle stays cool
By Lynn
Greenwich Township, NJ
October 27, 2013
Great Fan
We just started the wood stove & use the Ecofan instead of the built in fan. It doesn't take long to start, is super quiet (the built in one was not) & keeps running for a very long time. We not only save money on our heating fuel bill, but also the electric to run the fan. We highly recommend this fan.
By Beverly Diaz
September 14, 2013
Ideal Present
One year I decided to get this fan and give it to a good friend of mine as a present. I made the decision to get it and to give it because I already own one like it. What is really remarkable is how often this fan becomes a conversation piece, particularly because of its design.
By Angela Campbell
August 23, 2013
Not Sufficient Amount of Air
When this fan arrived in the mail, I was initially disappointed at how small it turned out to be. Thankfully, I am quite happy to report that it does work quite well. However, if you do want to get a fan that moves a ton of air, then this item is not for you.
By Judy Johnson
August 8, 2013
Power Saver
This fan keeps operating as long as the fire is burning. We no longer have to use our wood stove fan and leave it going all through the night. We are very happy with our purchase and its performance.
By Sarah Russell
North Carolina
July 8, 2013
Extremely Useful
Over the last seven years we have bought two of these items. They are exceptional, particularly in how they distribute the heat.
By Paul Rivera
June 17, 2013
Excites Curiosity
This fan works as it was described, although I do have to squelch my curiosity that wants to take it apart to figure out how it functions. It produces a nice flow of air, but I did think that it would turn a little faster than it does.
By Melissa Foster
June 4, 2013
Amazing Product
I didn't expect this product to work as advertised, but it really does. I can see the blades spinning right now, and it does an amazing job of circulating the heat.
By Bill
April 9, 2013
This Thing is Great
this thing is great
By Willie Barnes
April 1, 2013
Disperses Heat
When using a woodstove, most of the heat is concentrated in the area around the stove. A ceiling fan helps some, but it doesn't really solve the problem. Although small, this Ecofan does a great job of dispersing heat throughout the home.
By Lawrence Smith
February 8, 2013
Great for Free Standing Stoves
I love this terrific product. It works so well that the only suggestion I can give is that I wish they would design one that would work for stoves placed inside an existing fireplace. I really like the fact that you can kind of keep track of how hot your fire is getting by watching how quickly the blades are rotating. It doesn’t make any noise either, which I can’t say for the former electric fan we used to use! If you have a wood burning stove, your setup really isn’t complete unless you have one of these.
By Nicholas James
February 8, 2013
Works Incredibly Well
It is amazing how effective this product is in dispersing warm air. It is quiet and extremely efficient. Simply put, what else could you hope to ask for in a product such as this?
By Doris Edwards
New York
December 22, 2012
Gave to Friend
I made the decision to purchase this fan for friend who owned a stove and had a good deal of trouble getting the air to move around the house. Ever since he installed it, he has found it to make a significant difference in the temperature of his home. Not only is this able to move air with ease but also it looks really cool as it operates. He loves it so much that he has told me that his greatest fear is for it to get damaged in any way.
By Amy Moore
December 20, 2012
Good Fan and Maintenance Tips
I’ve had this fan for a couple of years now and have been really happy with it. I did some “do-it-yourself” maintenance on it recently, and I thought I would share that with others. If you’ve had your fan for a while and it won’t spin as fast as it used to, you can speed it up again by taking the fan apart (unscrew the screws holding it together), taking out the thermoelectric module, and carefully scratching off the heat sink compound (it’s silver) that’s on one side. Then put some silicone grease on it. Then put it back together again. Hopefully you’ll have the same experience I had—the fan works like new again!
By gary
sedro woolley wa.
December 1, 2012
Nice Fan
Works very well. Silent. Amazing. Spouse couldn't figure out where it plugged in. LOL
Prossilent. works as advertised
By Tina Adams
November 23, 2012
Great Gift
I received my fan last year and decided to give this item as a Christmas gift last year. It is exceptional when it comes to circulating warm air throughout my home.
By Marilyn Cooper
October 30, 2012
Works Anywhere on Hot Stove Top
This is better than any electric fan. Before I got this fan I had an electric one that would turn on and off automatically. I like this one better, though, because not only do you not have to remember to set a timer, but it also saves energy. By the way, I read some people’s comments that claim you have to put the fan in some exact spot on the stove top or it won’t work. Well, I didn’t find that to be true. As long as the stove is hot enough, the fan spins no matter where I put it on the stove.
By Henry Alexander
October 9, 2012
Does Great Job
There are a few minor issues that have a tendency to detract from the overall quality of this product, but when I consider that it takes no electricity to operate and is quite effective in circulating air throughout my home, all of the negative feelings tend to decrease.
By Clarence Powell
September 15, 2012
Works for Wood Burning Stoves
We have a pellet stove, and we tried to use this fan with it, but that didn't work. The pellet stove top just doesn't generate enough heat to get the blades turning--I guess it's really well insulated or something. But this fan has been really helpful when we've used it with our wood-burning stove. I like the fact that it never has to be turned on or off. It's totally automatic and works great. We recommend it to friends.
By Thomas Mitchell
August 31, 2012
No Sound at All
It is simply amazing how this small fan is able to operate on almost no electricity to speak of whatsoever. It works exceptionally well.
By Justin Richardson
July 12, 2012
Lasts a Long Time
I don't know why I've spent so much money over the years buying electric fans to help move my wood burning stove's heat throughout the house. They wear out fast no matter how much money you spend on them, and they're noisy and really don't do a very good job. This self-starting fan solves all those problems. It's a great fan. I guess you could say I'm a fan of this fan!
By Jonathan Reed
June 13, 2012
Cooler Near the Stove, Warmer Elsewhere
If you have a wood stove or fireplace, you know that one of the problems is you can be pretty nigh scorched when you’re close to it but freezing cold a few feet away. This fan alleviates that problem. I hoped it would keep the house warmer, but I hadn’t thought of the fact that it also keeps the air around the stove moving, so it feels bearable there. If you’re thinking that you could save money by buying an electric fan to move the heated air around, take it from me—I learned the hard way. That just doesn’t work—it costs money, and the air cools down as it’s blown around. This fan works great, no noise, you don’t have to turn it off and on…. It’s really a great idea, and we’re thrilled with it!
By Keith Nelson
North Dakota
June 10, 2012
No Power Needed
This product is terrific. It does not require any batteries or cords, and ever since I have started using it, my home has been significantly warmer all around.
By Samuel Martinez
April 23, 2012
Conversation Piece
My home has an older wood stove in the dining room for cooking and heat. This fan works well with it to warm up the house just a little more. It also generates a lot of questions and conversation.
By Earl Jones
April 4, 2012
This item is a great price for what it does. It circulates the air well, and it definitely has my recommendation.
By Judy Clark
South Carolina
March 5, 2012
What a Great Product!
I really love this awesome little gadget! It moves the heat around your room without using electricity, increasing the efficiency of your stove. It looks great too. Am I happy with it? Oh yes!
By Dennis Kelly
Rhode Island
March 4, 2012
My Husband Loves It
Over the years my husband has repeatedly commented how much he would like to have a fan such as this one in his possession. I decided to get it for him as a gift, and he absolutely loves it.
By Mildred Lopez
January 23, 2012
Very Quiet
This is a very ingenious product. It is destined to become the conversation piece whenever someone sees it, but it runs so quietly that unless you are looking at it, the chances are you will not be able to notice it running. Since this fan is activated by heat, you do not need to worry about either electricity or batteries. In order for it to work, you will need to position it so that cool air can flow in from the back, and it is because of this design that it is well nigh impossible to use this product in conjunction with a fireplace. I realize that because of the set up at my home, I will not be able to get optimal results from this fan, but overall, what I do get is something that really is quite special.
By michael demars
st. johnsbury vermont
January 20, 2012
the best little fan
Looks great on the stove no noise pushes the heat out instead of up makes the heat much more efficient love it!!!!!!
Prosquiet, looks great
By Chris Torres
New York
December 17, 2011
The Only System That Works
If you really want to get warm air moving around your living area, these little fans are the best way to do it. In fact, after years of experimenting, I’d say they’re the only way to do it. Great product, great price. Saves you lots of money over the years too.
By Kathy Turner
December 5, 2011
Ordered Two
I actually ordered two of these fans in order to send the heat in opposite directions. They arrived quickly and work just as they were described. This product is an exceptional item.
By Debra Morris
November 26, 2011
Great Circulation
This fan does a really good job of circulating warm air in our living room. We no longer have to use a regular fan to move the heat around. It is a great tool for any wood stove user.
By Phillip Edwards
November 4, 2011
Definitely Worth the Price
If the price of this fan causes you to do a double-take, don’t worry. It’s a great little product and will save you money. I can’t believe the difference it’s made already, and I haven’t had it long. The room I have my stove in is about 170 square feet, and I’ve found in the past that when I run electric fans, hoping to circulate the heat, they actually make me feel colder! Plus, they’re too loud. This little fan doesn’t turn fast, but it’s silent and keeps the heat circulating. Really nice to have, too, when the power goes out! If you have a wood stove, you should buy one of these.
By Laura King
October 27, 2011
Great in Keeping Home Warm
This fan is full of surprises, and I am happy to report that on numerous occasions, it proved me wrong. Initially after I had taken one look at it, I thought that there was literally no way that it would work. This was not helped in the least by my not properly installing the fan so that it could work effectively. However, once I figured out what I was doing wrong and made the corrections needed to get things working properly, the results were significantly better.
By Janice Evans
October 23, 2011
Makes Room Comfortable
When you get down to it, this product is the best one currently available for purchase on the Internet. It is extremely effective when it comes to making a room nice and toasty for all of the occupants.
By Anna Scott
October 5, 2011
Wife Likes It
My wife really likes this product. On cold nights, she sits right in its path and enjoys the flow of warm air. We can definitely tell a difference in the air circulation. This is a really good product.
By Brenda Anderson
September 27, 2011
Keeps Air Moving
I thought when we ordered this that maybe when it was running I’d feel a draft of air from it and I might not like that effect. Well, you can’t feel any air draft but you sure can tell that it’s getting the heat to parts of the room it didn’t used to reach. Good product and price. I’ve seen one like it for over $100 more at a store in our town.
By Christine Carter
West Virginia
September 25, 2011
No Electicity Needed
This fan is remarkable in that it requires no electricity whatsoever. It runs extremely well even if the stove is not quite putting out the amount of heat one would desire. Because of how much I like this product, I made the decision to get two fans for both of my sons as holiday gifts.
By Janet Stewart
September 21, 2011
Needs to Be Bigger
I have decided that if I needed to buy it all over again, I would buy a larger fan! Initially I had decided to purchase a fan that would help circulate the air through our cabin in the woods, but I found myself somewhat disappointed with the somewhat marginal effect that this unit had.
By Jose Thompson
September 16, 2011
Absolutely Love It
Not only I but also everyone else in our family absolutely loves this item. It is a great deal of fun to watch as it operates, moving the warm air throughout the room. This fan is so effective that nowadays we rarely ever need to turn on our electric fireplace.
By Louise Parker
September 12, 2011
Must Have
This fan has been part of our wood stove setup for years. We have actually purchased five additional units as gifts for friends and family. It is a must have for anyone with a wood stove.
By Raymond Jenkins
North Carolina
August 6, 2011
Should Have Bought This Years Ago
I’m very happy with this company. Their customer service is great, the price on this fan is great, and the quality of the fan is outstanding. I love the way it works on its own, just spinning away! I could never keep some parts of my home warm enough before with just my wood stove. It’s amazing, but this little guy keeps the whole place warm now by keeping that warm air circulating. What a simple idea to solve a complex problem! My only regret is that I didn’t purchase one a long time ago.
By Frances Cox
July 15, 2011
Incredibly Useful
One year I decided to make this a Christmas gift for my husband. I am very happy to report that he likes it and that he is especially happy with how effective it is in keeping the air circulating.
By Arthur Hernandez
July 10, 2011
Works Extremely Well
What served as the principal reason for my deciding to go ahead and get this product is that my previous fan broke, rendering the system useless. This one is amazing in that it is powered by the heat it is trying to spread!
By Denise Ward
July 8, 2011
Doesn't Require High Heat
I thought maybe this fan wouldn’t work until the stove was really, really hot, but I’ve been happy that it works even when the stove isn’t all that hot. I like its compact dimensions. It’s exactly what I was looking for.
By Maria Lewis
June 29, 2011
Amazing Product
I am amazed at what this fan can do. Even though we have a fairly substantial floor plan to our home, this fan is able to disseminate the air quite well throughout the home.
By Juan Washington
May 14, 2011
Top Notch
This fan has done a spectacular job of getting the air to circulate throughout our kitchen. What is particularly impressive is that it sits at the back of the stove and in a very short time frame begins to start blowing, moving the heat throughout the room. The difference that this product makes in terms of making the room much more comfortable is simply astounding.
By Joseph Lee
March 29, 2011
Much Warmer
We use the Ecofan to circulate the wood stove's heat in the room and up to the second floor. The temperature in our home is much more comfortable now.
By Katherine Perry
March 15, 2011
Recommend to All
Let me start out this review by stating that I was not paid by anyone to write it. I am amazed at the ingenuity used to design this fan, particularly in the fact that it requires neither batteries nor electricity to power it. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in it.
By Eric Peterson
March 5, 2011
Works Great
We used to have a problem when heating with our wood stove—maybe you’ve had the same problem. The area of our house near the stove would get warm—sometimes too warm—while other areas would stay too cool. I can’t believe how this one little fan has changed all that, helping the heat be distributed more evenly throughout the house. I haven’t had it very long, but I wanted to pass along these good comments to others. It does what they say it will do, and I also like that it works silently.
By Jane Morgan
February 23, 2011
Saving Us Money
I really like the silence of this fan! What a great idea—move air through the house without the sound that results from an electric motor. This has helped us heat our home, and since we’re not running electric fans or blowers any more, we’re saving money. Don’t misunderstand me, this one fan doesn’t heat every corner of the house, but it does help, and it is saving us money. We’ve been using it all through the cold weather and really like it.
By Patrick Perez
New Jersey
February 13, 2011
Incredible Purchase
This fan simply is awesome in how it works. It is simply amazing how the warmer the stove, the more effective this fan is in dispersing the air and making the house feel nice and cozy.
By Justin Diaz
February 3, 2011
Old Stove, New Fan
This works great to help my old wood burning stove work more efficiently. I’ve used it all winter. One tip—put a container of water on top of the stove too so the air in your house isn’t so dry.
By Kimberly Allen
December 1, 2010
Runs by Itself, Great Little Fan
What a great idea! I love the fact that the fan runs by itself when the stove gets hot enough. It moves the heat all through the room where our stove is. I'm very happy with this product!
By Carol Howard
North Carolina
October 17, 2010
Works Great With Woodstove
This product is simply amazing when one puts it to work on top of a wood stove. It runs extremely fast, but what astounds me is how effective it is when it comes to dispersing the heat where it needs to go. Even more remarkable is the manner in which it operates. Unlike similar products, it does not operate like an electric fan. It is extremely difficult to explain how it operates; instead, it is easier to watch it in action where it is quite easy to see how it is designed to function.
By Craig Gray
September 27, 2010
Unbeatable Price
All around this product has proven itself to be the best item on the market. It worked almost immediately after I installed it on our wood stove. The difference in heat levels from room to room was quite noticeable.
By Ralph Walker
June 30, 2010
Seems to Be a Good Product
I haven’t had my fan very long, but so far it seems to be working well. It looks like it’s well constructed too. I like not having to run a noisy blower all the time.
By Louis Roberts
June 13, 2010
Ingenious Design
I am quite amazed at the ingenious design behind this fan. It has proven itself to be quite effective, and I will definitely buy it again if needed.
By Russell Hill
April 4, 2010
Environmentally Friendly
If you want to increase the efficiency of your wood stove's heating abilities without increasing your work or your power bill and at the same time doing it in an environmentally friendly way, I'd strongly recommend that you get one of these fans. We have this model, and it works great for us, even up here in Maine where the winter stays bitterly cold for a long time. We live on a farm, and our home has two floors, so if I had it to do over again I'd probably buy the more expensive model with three blades. But I'm not complaining about this one--it really does a great job for us. I like the fact that it's environmentally friendly, like I said, and doesn't make any noise and doesn't blow dust around like an electric fan would. In fact, some relatives of ours got a fan just like it for their house, and they love it too.
By Charles Robinson
March 21, 2010
No Electricity
This item does a good job, but it does not actually reclaim the heat. I like that it runs without using electricity. I can even use it to rekindle the fire.
By Phillip Morgan
March 12, 2010
Great Product
This is quite an amazing product. We put it on top of our stove, and it circulates the air well without using any electricity.
By Ruth Miller
March 5, 2010
Top Notch Product
I am quite happy to report that this fan works extremely well as it strives to keep our rooms warm. The reason for our decision to purchase and use this fan focused on the defects of our previous fan that worked only intermittently.
By Bobby Hill
February 20, 2010
Toasty Warm
We weren’t sure whether we’d like this fan—we were afraid we’d regret spending the money. Wrong! It works great and keeps us toasty warm, better than just the stove alone has ever done.
By Benjamin Patterson
January 26, 2010
Neat Fan
What is remarkable about this product is that not only it is able to move the air throughout the house but also that it does not create any unpleasant drafts in the process. It is truly remarkable.
By Brandon Ramirez
January 10, 2010
Saved on Electric Bill
If you want to save a bundle on your electric bill, then get this product! I noticed savings almost immediately. I do wish the blades were bigger, but overall I am very happy with this products service.
By Gloria Brown
January 8, 2010
Love It
Everyone in the family has fallen in love with our Caframo fan. It is excellent when it comes to getting the warm air to more effectively circulate throughout the house.
By Lisa Wood
New Jersey
December 11, 2009
Friendly to the Environment
I love everything about this fan. It saves me money because it doesn’t use electricity. And that means it’s good for the environment too. Just set it on the stove and you’re done! Love it!
By Anne Smith
November 15, 2009
Helpful System
I was pleasantly surprised at how well this little system works! If you're trying to make your stove more efficient at getting heat to a larger area, you should buy one of these.
By George Thomas
New York
November 5, 2009
Works Very Well
Not only does this fan work extremely well but also it looks impressive as well. My home is on the small side, but what really has impressed me is that once I began using this item, I noticed an immediate difference in the way the heat was distributed through my home. There is no more effective item on the market than this when it comes to distributing heat where it needs to go.
By Wanda Baker
New Jersey
October 19, 2009
Love It A Lot
Even though I love this item a good deal, I hesitate to give it five stars since I doubt it will be exceptionally durable.
By Rebecca Collins
South Carolina
October 18, 2009
Works As Advertised
I am thrilled to report that his item arrived in a timely manner in the mail and has proven itself to be perfect for our family.
By Annie Flores
September 29, 2009
So Glad We Bought One
When people used to talk to me about these fans or when I saw them advertised, I thought, “Cheap gadget. Probably a trick, won’t work.” Well, I was wrong. We went ahead and bought one a few weeks ago. I’m not paying for electricity to run our stove’s blower any more (and the noisy thing never worked that well anyway). You can tell that the fan is circulating the warmth through the room. It really is amazing. I recommend this product.
By Roger Wilson
September 19, 2009
Five Stars
I own a hunting cabin and when I first set eyes on this fan, I immediately though that this would work very well with it. If I could give it a higher rating than five stars, I definitely would do so.
By Dennis James
September 4, 2009
Praise from Alaska
I live in Alaska. Guess what. It gets really cold up here. But even here this fan works great and saves me money—I don’t have to burn as much fuel. It’s quiet and keeps air moving. I was pleased, too, that it arrived quickly and in good condition.
By Jeffrey Young
New Mexico
September 1, 2009
Purchased as a Gift
If you don’t have a wood burning stove but know someone else who does, you might want to give it to them as a gift. That’s what we did, and our relatives have told us how much they like it and how warm it keeps their house.
By William Watson
New Hampshire
August 19, 2009
I'm a Big Fan of This Little Fan
What a great idea. What a great product. We live in northern New England where it’s cold, cold, cold so much of the year. On top of that we live in an older home, nearly 2000 square feet, that was built a long time ago, and the insulation is really poor. For years we struggled along trying to stay warm with our wood burning stove, buying electric fans and blowers to move the heat around. The trouble was, they just didn’t work that well. And they used extra electricity, and they were noisy. I’m so glad we saw one of these fans in operation when we visited our neighbors. They sang its praises and sold us on it! We were concerned about the price, but then we were reminded that in the long run it pays for itself by making your stove more efficient and by saving electricity. Anyway, we highly recommend you get one of these. You won’t believe how well it works. Oh, and here’s a tip—when you’re using it, also set a pan of water near the stove to add moisture to the air.
By Michael Wright
August 18, 2009
Satisfied Customer
I made the decision to purchase and use this product in the basement on top of the boilers. Because of the way that my basement is situated, it was a bit of a challenge to operate at times, but I am satisfied overall with the end product.
By Elizabeth Hernandez
June 29, 2009
A Converted Skeptic
I’m a skeptic, and when I read other people’s praises about this product, I thought they were probably exaggerating, but I decided to get one and find out for myself. Well, now I’m joining the ones singing its praises—I really love this fan! We can really tell an improvement in the ability of our stove to heat the house, and it doesn’t increase our electric bill. Very happy with this product.
By Scott Gonzales
North Carolina
June 17, 2009
Ideal For Circulating Air
This is a very effective product that operates extremely well without making use of electricity. Unfortunately, it does not move as much air as I had hoped it would.
By Tammy Davis
May 31, 2009
Gave to In-laws
This product is extremely helpful when it comes to getting warm air to circulate throughout the house. We decided to give this as a gift to my in-laws and they have absolutely fallen in love with it.
By Carlos Rodriguez
April 15, 2009
Works Well
This product is extremely efficient when it comes to moving air around. At first I had hoped that it would be bigger, but it is very effective. I know when I need to put more wood on because it slows down.
By Wayne Rogers
April 10, 2009
Outstanding Appliance
The only adjective that one can use to accurately describe this fan is outstanding. Even though it really does not move air in the manner that one would expect a fan to do so, this fan is incredible when it comes to getting the air to move around the room. It is very quiet, and my only real complaint is that it is a bit pricey. If it did not cost as much as it does, I would buy another in a heartbeat.
By Philip Clark
February 25, 2009
Well Designed
My biggest regret is that I did not make the decision to purchase and begin using this product much sooner than I did. Not only is this product noiseless as it circulates air throughout my home but also it is extremely well made. I highly recommend this fan to anyone that is in the market for it.
By Linda Gonzalez
North Dakota
January 3, 2009
Solves the Problem
I really like this environmentally friendly way to increase our wood stove’s efficiency. No power other than the burning of the wood is needed. Works better than electric fans. I’ve had mine for a few years now, so I know whereof I speak.

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