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By Virginia Turner
North Carolina
June 1, 2014
Pleased Everyone
I am satisfied with the purchase of the set, but better yet, my wife is happy, too! There were no problems in getting it assembled and it appears to be long-lasting.
By John
Atlanta, Georgia
April 27, 2014
Great Tool Set
Exactly as advertised, solid, sturdy, perfect for the job!
By Irl
Dallas, Texas
April 9, 2014
Good Recommendation
This is a very complete set of fireplace implements. It has everything that is needed for a good value. This item was presented as one of their popular choices and it's obvious why.
ProsCompact, doesn't take up unnecessary space.
By Christopher Bell
March 2, 2014
Works with Many Styles
We were pretty specific in what we desired in a tool set for our fireplace. We wanted a style that would work with various surroundings as the fireplace serves several rooms of an open floor design. We wanted a set that was substantial and hard-wearing, but would be a striking addition to the fireplace. We are thrilled with this set!
By Phyllis Martin
January 13, 2014
Working Well
We needed a set that could stand up to frequent use. This fireplace tool set is working well for us. It has a nice weight to it and the stand is very sturdy. We also thinks it gives a nice touch to our fireplace corner.
By Judy Ward
December 18, 2013
Very Satisfied
I wasn't sure about buying such a product sight unseen. The fireplace sets that I grew up with were these ridiculously unsteady contraptions that fell over often and threw tools every which way. This set is very different! It is sturdy, attractive, and usable. I am very satisfied with the quality of this set. When it arrived, the box itself was damaged, but the set was unharmed. So, though I was hesitant at first, I am very glad that I purchased this set.
By Sean Williams
November 2, 2013
Sturdy Set
This tool set is very nice looking and stands very sturdy.
By Margaret Thompson
North Carolina
October 12, 2013
Totally Satisfied
I will be glad to recommend this fireplace set. I†am totally satisfied with the function and good looks of this product. I liked it so well that I have ordered two of them.
By Laura Peterson
October 3, 2013
Husband Is Happy
Yeah! My husband is happy with my purchase. He thinks the fireplace set is just great.
By Marie Ross
June 4, 2013
Nice Tools
I can definitely recommend this fireplace tool set. They are very sturdy and the stand was easy to assemble out of the box. It is exactly what I was looking for!
By Arthur Richardson
Rhode Island
May 13, 2013
Highly Recommend
I got it all in this nice fireplace set: looks nice, tough design, assembles easy, and very affordable. I would highly recommend.
By Keith Mitchell
May 6, 2013
Great Set
If you are looking for a new fire set, this is one that will please you. It is made very sturdy and works just great.
By Catherine Phillips
New Hampshire
March 16, 2013
Modern Look
This affordable Uniflame fireplace tool set is exactly what we needed for our modern home. We didn't want something that looked like it belonged in a colonial home or frontier cabin.
By Gary Brown
February 1, 2013
Great Replacement
If you have one of those sets that tips over every time you try to use it, you will really want to purchase this set. It looks nice, is sturdy, and very easy to assemble.
By Chris Ramirez
New Jersey
July 4, 2012
Not Cheap Looking
One may think that a set of this price would look cheap, but it does not. It is very sturdy and a great value. I certainly can give my recommendation on this set.
By Janet Garcia
June 17, 2012
Looks Great!
This set seems to be just the right size for my fireplace and I think it looks great.
By Rachel Edwards
April 30, 2012
Solid Tools and Stand
This gets a good rating from me. The only thing that bothers me is where the stand gets connected. The finish on it isn’t quite as good as the finish on the stand and tools. It doesn’t really show, but I wish it was a little nicer. The stand and tools are a good, solid weight.
By Keith Smith
March 8, 2012
As Good as Expensive Set
Don't waste your money on those expensive sets. This one looks and works just as good as one twice as expensive. It is just what we were looking for and we enjoy saving money on a quality product.
By Craig Henderson
New York
February 26, 2012
If you have a fireplace, then you have to have a fireplace tool set. This one I gave as a gift, but was very impressed with how sturdy and nice looking it was.
By Peter Griffin
February 14, 2012
Useful for Outdoors
I have been able to use this set in several ways by moving it to where I need it at the time. I have taken it outside to have the tools handy by my fire pit or to use with my smoker. It really is a good looking set with a black finish. If it was shiny brass or gold it wouldn’t look right using it outside. Even with lugging it back and forth from inside the house to outside, it hasn’t been damaged. The paint is holding up really well. For some reason, the stand is unsteady. It seems like one leg might not be the same as the others. I still am very well satisfied with the set because it works so well.
By Shawn Green
December 29, 2011
A Happy Purchase
Everything about this set is making us glad we bought it. The black finish on the wrought iron looks great. The way the tools are squared is charming, but they also have a good, heavy feel to them. You will need to put the stand together.
By Jerry Wilson
November 28, 2011
Good Balance
After my new fire set arrived I had it put together in about 4 or 5 minutes. I really was a bit surprised at how sturdy the whole thing is. It is a nice design that gives it a solid base and the tools work well. It arrived in very good condition and I can't really complain about anything at this time. I have had it for about a week and it's doing a great job.
By Jennifer Allen
November 23, 2011
Worth the Price
After looking at quite a few tool sets, this one looked to be a good value for some heavy duty tools. Now that I have used them, I have found no weak spots in them. They were not as pricey as many other sets, but definitely worth the price.
By Michelle Russell
July 3, 2011
Would Give As Gifts
Even though it isn’t cold enough to use the fireplace yet, I am looking forward to using this set. I am even thinking about whom I might give a set as a gift. It was a much better value to buy this set than to buy a tool here and there. The tools are wrapped well in bubble wrap for shipping. This was a good thing, since one end was ripped when it came. Fortunately, it was not missing any pieces. A wrench is included with the two brackets and four screws so assembly was pretty simple and I didn’t have to look around my tool chest for the right one. Since I was concerned that our floor might scratch, I attached felt to the bottom of the iron legs. This set is not like other, stamped metal sets. It is one I will give a good recommendation for.
By Eric Price
June 27, 2011
Fantastic Price
If you order your tool set off-season you will more than likely get it at a great price like I did! I haven't used the set, but I am sure I will like it very much. The tools are very sturdy and nice looking.
By Carol Walker
May 9, 2011
Oddly-Shaped Handle
This tool set is not going to be easily upset. It is heavy and stays put. I do have a little bit of a problem holding the tools due to the shape of the handle.
By Dorothy Hill
North Carolina
December 4, 2010
Visually Appealing
If you have a tool set that is not holding up to constant use, this set would be a big improvement. They are visually appealing, but are very substantial.
By Willie Anderson
October 29, 2010
No Complaints
I have nothing but good to say about this beautiful fire set. It is very sturdy, heavy duty, and takes up very little space. A very nice touch to our fireplace and hearth.
By Mary Washington
October 5, 2010
Built to Last
This terrific set comes with the tools that you need and will use regularly. The four pieces are a poker to move the logs, tongs that let you pick up and move a log, and a broom and shovel to keep it all cleaned up. Fortunately, they are made in a way that will make them last. The 7/16” wrought iron is very durable and each tool is solid. There are no weak points that would cause them to bend or twist right in the middle of using them. The handles are an extension of the tool forming a loop to hang them on the stand. The base is not rickety, either. It uses eight screws to attach the post to the top and bottom pieces. I think so well of this set that I don’t plan to every buy another one.
By Betty Lopez
July 15, 2010
Nice Set
I would have liked to give this set the highest rating but it was a bit odd that some of the tools were so long that they banged on the legs of the stand. Otherwise, it is a really nice set that I found sturdy in design.
By Diane Jones
July 12, 2010
Safe Log Handling
I like how these tools from Uniflame make me feel safe when I use them. I don’t want thin, rickety tools when I am moving flaming logs around. If you are looking for a set of fireplace tools that come at an affordable price, but are really well put together, my husband and I both would suggest you look at these.
By James Sanchez
June 12, 2010
Simple Design
If†looking for a fireplace tool set that is simple in design and very functional, this set would be a good choice. I needed to do some assembly work on it, but I didn't find that to be too challenging. Once I put it together, it was very sturdy and solid. I was able to buy it for a good price and that makes me very happy.
By Mildred Clark
April 13, 2010
Compact Design
This set does not take up much space on my hearth and the tools are very attractive and useful. I can definitely recommend this set.
By Doris Evans
New Jersey
April 12, 2010
Rugged Tool Set
This rugged tool set looks great in my country-style home right next to the fireplace. There was just a little bit of easy assembly.
By Patrick Robinson
December 30, 2009
A Great Buy
When we decided to start using the fireplace in our house, we wanted a good tool set. Boy, were we surprised at how expensive these sets could be when we started our search at local accessory stores! The least expensive was about $250. After some comparison shopping, I found this set and it is absolutely a great buy! It is made in China, but it is well made and the finish on it is durable.
By Debra Sanders
New Mexico
October 7, 2009
Solid Tool Set
We were happy with what we paid for these tools, and now after a few months we are happy with the tools. They are solid to use and easy to hang on the holder.
By Timothy Foster
June 16, 2009
Looks Hand Forged
Our home is a quality, up-scale home that exhibits a grand fireplace. I was looking for a fireplace set that would look expensive - like a hand forged set that would match the beautiful fireplace. A cheap set from a box store was just not going to look appropriate. I am very pleased with this set - it has the look of a hand forged tool set. I was very surprised at how sturdy this set came right out of the box. I was expecting to have to do some welding to the base to give it more strength, but the way this set is designed, it is very sturdy. Again, I was skeptical of the quality because it is made in China, but this set doesn't look cheap in any way. The tools themselves are also very sturdy and manufactured with nice details. If your brush head appears a little loose, it is easy enough to tighten by hand. The shovel is solid and sturdy. The poker is doing a fine job. My favorite tool is the nicely made tongs. They really are useful at picking up small logs and moving them around. This tool is worth the money that I paid for the whole set. You will really appreciate this one tool. The base seemed to be a little crooked out of the box, but the feet can be adjusted pretty easily and it straightens right up. Overall, this set looks just right in our home. If you are looking for a set that looks up-scale, this is the set to purchase. I highly recommend this fireplace set.
By Ann Bryant
January 15, 2009
Hard-working Tool Set
So many sets of fireplace tools are for looks only and don’t make a good hard-working set. When they were delivered, I had to put the stand together, but it turned out to be quite simple. In just a short time I had the tools hanging up on the firmly standing holder. These tools have some weight to them since they are made solidly of iron. The stand fits in a small area, so it stays out of the way while being close enough to use frequently. Now that we have been using the set for about half a season, I think I can accurately give a review. After daily use, the poker is holding up really well. We actually use all the tools at various times and they all still look great. I would recommend this set as I expect it to last a long time.
By Bruce Johnson
January 11, 2009
Donít Pay More Than You Need
I wouldn’t want to pay twice as much like others I have seen when this set looks great and does an excellent job.

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