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By Joyce Peterson
Las Vegas
June 25, 2014
Nice Change
I am so happy I bought this screen! My living room fireplace was very drab, and this new screen has added some beauty to the room. It is just what the room needed!
By Adam Mitchell
June 8, 2014
Terrific Product
During the time that we were painting out family room, we made the decision to go ahead and replace the old, worn out screen that sat in front of our fireplace hearth. We decided upon this product as a replacement for the simple reason that we preferred the decoration at the bottom that this item possessed. So far, it has worked quite well with our fireplace and looks very nice as it sits in front of the hearth. Even though my husband needed to do some touch up on the frame, you cannot notice any of the work now!
By Harry Roberts
Des Moines
January 7, 2014
Elegant Appearance
I am excited to say that this product is just what I was looking for, as well as is a good deal lighter than I had anticipated.
By Stephanie Campbell
November 16, 2013
Love the Brass!
I had a fireplace screen that was a bit more substantial and seemed to be better made than this one. As I looked to replace it, I had my own image of what I was looking for and it wasn’t easy to find! I was very pleased to find this brass screen in the style that duplicates the old one.
By Diana White
October 15, 2013
Perfect For Decoration
This product possesses the perfect design and is excellent in providing our gas fireplace with decoration.
By Daniel Nelson
July 3, 2013
Looks Amazing!
Great product for a great price. You will not be disappointed with how this screen looks. It look expensive and simply amazing in front of a roaring fire!
By Ernest Cooper
April 2, 2013
Very Classy Look
This is a screen that possesses a very classy appearance that is able to reflect light in a dazzling manner. It stops the sparks from the fire, and when looking at the value one gets for this product at the price that is listed, it could only be labeled a terrific purchase.
By Wanda Baker
November 15, 2012
Looks Expensive
Every once in a while you make a purchase that you just feel great about. That's the case with my new screen. I still can't believe I got such a nice looking screen at such a great price!
By Donald Bennett
St Louis
October 6, 2012
Excellent Product
This product shipped on time and has proven to be an excellent buy at a terrific price.
By Ann Howard
August 31, 2012
Attractive Design
This is a very attractive looking product that stops sparks with great ease. Unfortunately, it is flimsy and made of cheap materials but does come at a good price.
By Roy Young
May 13, 2012
This screen has a nice, durable look to it - so I was surprised at how lightweight and somewhat fragile it is. But even so, I like the density of the screen itself, and it reflects the flame beautifully.
By Janice Kelly
South Dakota
April 19, 2012
Great at Stopping Sparks
This unit is able to stop flying sparks quite easily, but it comes apart much too easily for comfort. The screws on the bottom tend to get loose too easily, making it imperative that one keeps checking on it
By Anne Thomas
April 1, 2012
Great Design
If you are looking for a product that comes with a satisfactory density, possesses a very attractive appearance, as well as is able to stop the stray sparks that escape the hearth of your fireplace, then this is the product that you need to purchase and install in your living room. It does not look cheap in any way, and I am quite satisfied with the decision to purchase this product.
By Jonathan Collins
Little Rock
January 24, 2012
Wonderful Addition
This fireplace screen would make a wonderful addition to any room with a fireplace. I bought this accurately described screen for a family member and it just looks great and they are very happy.
By Jean Patterson
December 22, 2011
Making It Right
Right away we knew we were going to love our new screen. It is very beautiful and durable. On close examination one of the panels was scratched. The company did not give us any problems and are in the process of making things right. I can recommend this product.
By Linda Richardson
San Diego
November 28, 2011
Reflects Light
The screen could be larger, and the lack of weight to it makes it potentially dangerous for our oldest who likes to get into stuff. This aside, there are numerous positives: it reflects light quite easily as well as stops stray sparks and possesses a very elegant design.
By Nancy Wright
November 6, 2011
Beautiful Appearance
This really nice screen is divided up into four easy to manage parts that can be manipulated fairly easily while adjusting logs on the fire. It is quite beautiful, and I expect it to last a long time.
By Michelle Gonzales
Augusta, Maine
September 3, 2011
Good Reflective Properties
The design that this screen possesses could only be described as classic. It is very effective when it comes to reflecting light, and it is able to add an extra level of class to the appearance of my fireplace. When one takes into account the price, this item is a steal.
By Karen Hall
August 19, 2011
Extra Wide
I was so happy to find a screen that would fit my wide fireplace! I couldn't be happier - good looks and made to last!
By Douglas Bell
July 26, 2011
If you don't have a large budget, I would definitely consider this fireplace screen. Like other reviews, it is a little on the light side, but it is nicer looking than the website depicts and it does a fine job.
By Virginia Clark
June 24, 2011
I found exactly what I had been searching for! What a great screen for my custom fireplace.
By Louise Martinez
South Carolina
February 5, 2011
Improves Fireplace Functionality
We are now able to keep the glass fire doors open in our fireplace because of this screen, enabling us to more effectively and efficiently heat our home. When we used to open up the doors, embers would fly out and leave marks on the floor; now, that is not an issue.
By Sara Adams
November 16, 2010
Best Quality
I would have to say that this brass screen is of the best quality available. The design is very pleasing and the screen itself is dense and does a great job!
By Jeffrey Powell
November 5, 2010
Good Looking
Most screens are purchased just to be functional, but this screen adds good looks to my living room!
By Tina Ramirez
Salem, OR
September 9, 2010
Stops Sparks
This product has an excellent design that enables it to seamlessly cut down on the number of sparks that escape from the fireplace. If I needed to buy a screen, I would buy this one all over again.
By Sharon Harris
April 22, 2010
The design on the bottom of this fireplace screen is very attractive. It far exceeds my expectations!
By Kimberly Long
March 17, 2010
Love This Item
Originally I found the selection between fire screens to be so much better online than in the store that I decided to confine my search to the Internet. The result is this product, and I am immensely pleased.
By Julia Garcia
March 17, 2010
Excellent Design
For the person that is looking for a screen that reflects light, is able to stop all stray sparks dead in their tracks, as well as possesses a highly attractive design that is certain to capture the eye of the beholder, this product is it.
By Evelyn Hill
Oklahoma City
December 28, 2009
Reflects Light into Room
I was torn between whether I should stick with the conventional style model or one that had more fancy metal work on the front of it. I am delighted that I opted for the more time-honored look. It doesn’t stick out in the room, but balances well with the whole design scheme. Light reflects back into the room off the screen but embers can’t pass through. It appears to be constructed well.
By Arthur Torres
October 29, 2009
Great Bargain
I really love this fireplace screen! It has a very pretty decoration on the bottom, keeps the sparks back, and I got it for a great price.
By Joseph Walker
October 27, 2009
Very Satisfied Customer
This product possesses an attractive design that is also highly functional as it sits in front of our fireplace. Everyone is very satisfied with this product.
By Victor Sanders
September 27, 2009
Could Be Sturdier
When we set out to look for a cover for our fireplace, we wanted to find something that had a brass appearance as well as was able to effectively match all of our other brass colored items. Products such as this are hard to find, especially since they are now considered to be somewhat out of style. Thankfully, this is able to meet our needs, even though it is a tad bit on the light side.
By Stephen Brown
Salt Lake City
July 10, 2009
Nice Look
I was simply stunned when this fireplace screen arrived. It was gorgeous in the pictures but is even more elegant as it sits in front of my fireplace. Part of my inspiration for getting this screen is to shield the faux logs from view. It does this quite well, and in the end, its elegant look adds a great deal to the overall appearance of my living room.
By Edward Henderson
May 30, 2009
Good Density
This screen is very dense and is really good at reflecting light. It is extremely effective in stopping the sparks that emit from the fire, and when you combine the very attractive design with an excellent price, it is simply not possible to beat this product.

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