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By Timothy Hughes
May 4, 2014
Dense Screen
Ordering this product online made me rather nervous, but I am very happy with my purchase. It does its job well for a reasonable cost. The screen has a nice look and reflects the light in the room. I also appreciate the dense screen since it protects well from flying embers.
By Samuel Alexander
Washington, D.C.
February 25, 2014
Keeps Cats Out
My fireplace is actually quite ugly, but this screen makes it look very nice. Besides its great appearance, the screen also does a good job of keeping embers in the fireplace and my cats out of it.
By Eric Jones
December 20, 2013
A Perfect Complement
I also purchased a tool set and am very pleased with how well it and the screen go together. The design of the screen is a perfect complement for the decorating of my room.
By Denise Coleman
August 30, 2013
Easy to Ship
This screen has a nice look to it, and it is also very simple to ship.
By Christine Ross
August 3, 2013
I was really surprised at the beauty and quality construction of this fireplace screen for the wonderful low price I paid. Very happy at how it shows off my fireplace!
By Laura Phillips
Terre Haute
June 25, 2013
As Described
Unlike some products I have encountered, this one is just as it was described online. It meets my needs perfectly as it stops flying embers while looking quite nice.
By Benjamin Foster
June 24, 2013
Great Protection
Obviously, a solid brass screen would be ideal, but this one does the job for a very affordable price. It goes well with the other brass pieces in the room and has a very nice design. It was delivered quite quickly and does a good job of protecting our granddaughters from accidental burns.
By Carol Carter
Rhode Island
April 1, 2013
Protects Children
We have a 14-month old granddaughter and a pellet stove, so we needed something to keep the two separated. This screen does the job well and looks nice too. We like it so much that we bought another one for my mother-in-law.
By Shawn Rogers
December 19, 2012
Not Their Best
This is a great company to work with and has some nice products, but this screen was not the quality we had expected. The two middle sections did not seem supported enough and caused it to sag. We will try another one of their products.
By Norma Wilson
West Virginia
July 6, 2012
Matches the Fireplace
I am extremely pleased with this fireplace screen. It goes perfectly with the border around my fireplace and makes that corner of the room look great. The screen is appropriately dense and quite attractive.
By Catherine James
May 19, 2012
Lots to Offer
This item is priced very reasonably for all it offers. It looks nice, protects from flying sparks, and beautifully reflects the light of the fire.
By Richard Taylor
April 19, 2012
Great Uniflame Product
Uniflame manufactures a great product at a great price!
By Bonnie Simmons
February 28, 2012
Can't Beat the Price
We are so happy with our new four fold fireplace screen. It is so beautiful and you can't beat the price. The screen is of high quality and will certainly do a great job. I like it so much better than glass doors and very tickled with the sale price. Best deal around!
By Angela Thompson
August 3, 2011
Easy To Move Around
If handling heavy fireplace screens has been a problem for you, this one is much easier to move around. The lighter weight was unexpected in comparison to most other screens. I have a gas fireplace and without the fireplace screen it just didn’t look like a real fireplace. With the cost of the screen being so reasonable and the weight being so manageable, it fits the bill!
By Frances Lopez
May 6, 2011
Good Replacement Screen
We had to replace a hefty solid brass fireplace screen that we had paid quite a bit of money for and that we expected to last a long time. Unfortunately, that heftiness didn’t translate into quality since it didn’t withstand its weight during a move. The cost of this screen by Uniflame makes it a great buy. Remarkably, it looks great and is a much better weight that makes it easier to manage. Step back and appreciate the timeless style. Even on closer examination, you will not be disappointed.
By Andrew Green
March 9, 2011
High Quality Product
I was very impressed with the high quality of this product and also the short time in which it arrived. It has a nice, dense screen that protects from sparks and a beautiful appearance.
By Carolyn Scott
December 15, 2010
Four Panels
I really like the four panels that make up this attractive fireplace screen. It seems a bit flimsy, in my opinion, but I think it is worth what I paid for it. It meets our needs well, and I would purchase the same item again.
By Fred Anderson
October 16, 2010
Not Too Sturdy
Although the screen does not seem overly sturdy, it accomplishes its work well. It really is just what we needed for our home, and it looks nice too.
By John King
September 20, 2010
Looks Better than Advertised
I was tempted not to make this purchase based on the photo, but I am very glad I did! It looks much better than the picture and adds real beauty to my fireplace. It is made with quality materials and reflects the flame of the fire for a nice glow. It looks good even when there isn't a fire going. I would not hesitate to buy this screen.
By Brian Johnson
August 21, 2010
Appearance and Performance
I really couldn't be more pleased with the appearance and performance of this screen. It offers great protection against sparks while adding a beautiful decorative touch to the room.
By Marie Miller
March 14, 2010
Lightweight But Solid
I had a satisfying experience all around with purchasing this screen. When it arrived, the box was intact. When I started assembling it, I noticed a decorative know was missing, but found it in the box. It was easy to fasten it back in place. I believe it was a good investment that will be useful for many years. It is solid, but not too heavy that it can’t be moved.
By Katherine Perry
April 18, 2009
Fits with Colonial
This screen blends well with the decor of our colonial home. Its dense weave provides good protection, and it has an overall attractive appearance.
By Lawrence Cook
January 26, 2009
Just Heavy Enough
After redoing our fireplace, we needed a new screen to add the finishing touch. This one is perfect for the task. It is heavy enough that our cat can't squeeze by it, but it is easy for us to move when we need to.

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