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By Samuel White
July 5, 2014
Great Christmas Gift
This has worked extremely well in meeting all of my needs. Unfortunately, the tote is designed so that you cannot fit full length logs into the tote. When it comes down to the financial aspect of things, this represents good value. I got it for my son-in-law and he loves it.
By Peter Moore
New Mexico
March 22, 2014
Can Carry a Lot of Wood
In a typical year, I take three cords of wood through the kitchen. As one would easily expect, I am deeply interested in finding a tote bag that will insure I not only am able to carry in wood without physical strain but also am able to do so without tracking in a tremendous amount of dirt. Prior to making the decision to get this tote, I owned another bag of a different make that had lasted me for fifteen years before it wore out. I chose this one after a fairly long search because it met my specifications, and I am quite happy to say that it does a decent job. The interior of this tote appears to have a coating on it that will probably get worn off fairly quickly. However, the biggest issue that I have with this item is that it seems to lack an intelligible structure, making it a bit of a nuisance to load. I continue to search for a better tote than this bag, but I have resolved myself to the likelihood that this is probably the best one out there.
By Thomas Green
February 15, 2014
Tote Is the Perfect Size
This is an extremely durable product that is well designed. The tote is the perfect size and the design is perfect when it comes to preventing chips and bark from falling onto the floor.
By Diana
New Jersey
December 10, 2013
Log Tote
Works very well. Sturdy and well made. Absolute need for your wood carrying needs.
By Jonathan Jones
November 9, 2013
No Problems With Tearing
During the five years that I have owned this product, I am pleased to report that I have never had any issues with tearing, despite the fact that I like to load it up with a ton of wood.
By Phillip Wood
September 12, 2013
Sturdy for the Cost
In my opinion, this product is fairly sturdy for its cost. I don't think you could find a better one for the same price. It has served us well, and I would definitely recommend it.
By Irene Henderson
July 31, 2013
Great Functionality
My previous fire wood tote bag lasted me twenty years, and I chose this product to replace it. Upon receiving mine, I was initially disappointed because the material used to fabricate it looked to be thin. I have resolved myself that this tote bag most likely will not last as long as its predecessor. Thankfully, I can say quite confidentially that this product does do the job quite well.
By Carl Turner
July 25, 2013
Nice Carrier
This is a very nice log carrier that is very sturdy and exceptionally well made. I went ahead and ordered two of them.
By Jimmy King
June 2, 2013
Not Well Made
So far I have used this product a total of ten times. I am a bit miffed that it already has a hole worn into it. Even though it is a nice product, I had hoped that I would be getting something that was a little bit more durable.
By Jacqueline Anderson
March 8, 2013
Love This Product
I absolutely love the results that you can get from using this product. It is able to hold a sufficient amount of logs, and has significantly cut down on the mess generated from bringing logs in from outside.
By Louis Clark
March 8, 2013
Terrific Christmas Gift
I decided to purchase this product to be a Christmas gift and gave it to my husband one year. So far, I can say with complete confidence that we could not be happier with the results.
By Edward Brooks
October 4, 2012
Tore Quickly
This tote was purchased as a gift. Unfortunately, the person I gave it to told me that the fabric began to tear after only a week of use. It doesn't seem to be sturdy enough to handle the sharp edges of cut logs, but it would probably work okay with Duraflame logs.
By Ruth Harris
August 29, 2012
Works Very Well
This product works extremely well! I am amazed at how much easier it is to start a fire with this product. All you need is one trip to the wood pile and you have plenty of fuel for a long time.
By Helen Simmons
August 12, 2012
Sturdy Carrier
This log tote is quite capable of carrying six to eight pieces of wood at a time. The closed ends easily contain small wood pieces or debris. You can also close it completely if you want to store the logs inside it until you are ready to use them. I am very glad that I bought this sturdy carrier.
By Beverly Howard
July 31, 2012
Very Durable
This is an extremely durable product that holds a lot of fuel for fires. So far, it has saved me numerous trips to the woodshed. It is a great buy.
By Polly Alexander
South Carolina
July 28, 2012
Use for Camping
We purchased this carrier to use for when we are camping. It enables us to easily gather wood and carry it back to our campsite. It holds a good amount of wood and is quite sturdy. My husband and I often carry it between us by each taking a handle.
By Carol Hughes
North Dakota
May 26, 2012
High Quality Product
I certainly wish that everything was made of the same quality as this tote. I have had in my possession one of these totes for either years, and so far, the only issues to speak of are a little wear. I purchased a backup, so I would not be too surprised to see both of these give me many years of excellent service.
By Russell Miller
April 19, 2012
Cheap Construction
I decided to do my homework and check out these tote bags, and I am disappointed to report that as a general rule they are poorly made.
By Marie Bailey
April 16, 2012
Bought Two Totes
Let me say that my biggest wish is that they made these bags to be much sturdier than they are. I went out and purchased two bags to use during the winter months, and after a few uses, one of them already has a one inch hole in the bottom. I can barely fit four logs in to boot!
By Rose Foster
January 14, 2012
Great at Carrying Wood
This log carrier is advertised to be ideal in transporting wood and keeping the mess to a minimum during the transportation process. It is an excellent buy.
By Ann Williams
October 6, 2011
Matches its Description
This product exactly matches its description. It fulfills its purpose without being overly pricey. To date, it is holding up well.
By Paula Hill
September 21, 2011
Very Enjoyable Product
The only words of advice that I want to pass along are simply to enjoy this wonderful product. Whenever the time came to take fire wood inside the house, the unwritten rule was whatever shirt you were wearing was about to get really messy. With this product, that is no longer the case!
By Benjamin Jenkins
June 18, 2011
Great For Camping
This item is designed to make hauling fire wood into the house a much easier and cleaner ordeal. It is perfect for camping trips and is extremely sturdy.
By Robert Russell
May 21, 2011
Would Purchase Again
This has been a very nice product that has done a terrific job overall. If we needed to do so, we would buy this product all over again.
By Diane Smith
New Jersey
May 9, 2011
Durable Log Bag
This log bag is efficient enough to hold wood in any condition. It’s made from durable material that seems to hold up in water. The only thing that I think would improve this bag would be if it had a bigger handle. Overall, this is a great, inexpensive accessory for your fireplace.
By Ralph Torres
March 25, 2011
Content With Purchase
During the course of the past month, I have taken a quarter cord of wood in to burn in my fire. Each time it has done the required job and managed to do so with the greatest of ease.
By Harold Scott
New York
March 22, 2011
Nice and Big
This bag is even nicer than I thought it would be. It is bigger than I expected and is good quality.
By Margaret Lopez
February 25, 2011
Keeps Trash Off Floor
This is definitely an excellent product that has proven itself to be the perfect tool to transport wood from the outside into my home. I especially like how the design makes it easy to keep the floor clean.
By Douglas Gonzalez
December 30, 2010
Thin Fabric
This tote bag has turned out to be a relatively big disappointment. So far, I have owned it for less than a month and it has picked up two holes.
By Michael Jackson
December 26, 2010
Great Replacement
I have used a similar log carrier for quite a few years. Steady use finally wore it out, and I was thrilled to find a replacement. Delivery was very fast, and I am quite pleased with the product.
By Lillian Brown
December 19, 2010
Very Practical
This product definitely lives up to its billing in more ways than one. It is large and extremely practical, and is so user friendly that even my wife does not mind using it from time to time.
By Anne Perez
August 13, 2010
Disappointing Product
The word that immediately comes to mind when describing this product is disappointment. As soon as I opened it up, the stitching was already coming apart. I had only used it twice and the bag had a sizeable rip in it, essentially making it worthless.
By Norma Watson
South Dakota
July 20, 2010
Keep Away
If you consider yourself to be a serious wood burner, then you need to steer clear of this product, because it offers you nothing but trouble. After having used this product only a handful of times, there is already a rip in it, essentially making it useless. My previous tote was almost indestructible; unfortunately, I cannot remember the company from which I purchased it.
By Joseph Diaz
New Hampshire
May 6, 2010
Quality Only Fair
Like many items, it was hard to tell from its picture exactly what this product would be like. The tote does a fine job of carrying logs, but the fabric is pretty thin and doesn't seem very durable.
By Denise Young
April 3, 2010
Great Price
This product worked extremely well the first time I used it, and was just what I expected. It is a good product at a terrific price.
By Donald Johnson
December 19, 2009
Quite Strong
The pricing for this product is quite reasonable and it is extremely easy to use. We needed a product to help us with transporting firewood around.
By John Nelson
November 24, 2009
Poor Quality Material
This product is made of low quality material; it is so cheap that after having used it only a couple of times it had holes worn into it. As a result, it is not capable of holding dirt and miscellaneous debris that pile up after taking firewood from outside and putting it onto the carrier.
By Walter Parker
October 21, 2009
Does the Trick
This carrier is perfect and is able to do whatever is required. This is a product that we would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking around for a carrier.
By Harry Hall
September 11, 2009
Works Well So Far
I would like to say at the outset of this review that we own a tote that is similar to the one that is pictured here. Initially, we did not expect for it to be as floppy as it has proven to be, but after looking closely at the pictures, we should have realized this at the outset. This makes it much harder to load. We have not had loaded it yet in the snow, so there might be additional issues that we do not yet know anything about.
By Paul Robinson
July 25, 2009
Very Rugged Tote
If you are in the market for a rugged tote bag that is able to deliver when it comes to transporting fire wood into your home, then this is the item for which you are searching. Typically, when the time arises for me to transport wood into my home, I am able to load this to the limit with sixteen inch logs. What is the most impressive thing in my mind is that the inside of the tote bag possesses an extremely durable coating to seal the bag and prevent leakage. I do expect it to eventually wear out, but so far it has done the job quite well. Probably, the thing that is the nicest feature is that the design of this tote is such that it can capture and prevent debris from falling out and tracking in while transporting wood to the fireplace.
By Tammy Martinez
July 6, 2009
Sturdy And Well Made
So far, I am extremely pleased with the service that his carrier has managed to provide. It has proven itself to be extremely sturdy and well made.
By George Powell
North Carolina
June 12, 2009
Clean Solution
This bag is very helpful for bringing any size log inside for use in the fireplace. I no longer leave a trail of wood pieces or sawdust behind me when I bring in the wood.
By Jesse Sanders
May 18, 2009
Robust Bag
My husband has fallen in love with this product, and since he is an engineer that is saying something. This has proven to be an outstanding tote bag in carrying more than enough wood around and doing so while creating a minimal amount of mess.
By Lisa Hernandez
New Mexico
May 17, 2009
Wish Fabric Was Heavier
The cost of this product was reasonable, but the fabric is not quite as heavy as I anticipated. I don't know how long it will last with hard use. The straps go around the bag though, which does provide some reinforcement. I do like that the bag has closed ends. In general, I am pleased with it.
By Jane Wilson
May 2, 2009
No Complaints
After having owned this bag for a year, I am pleased to report that I have not had any issues to mention. So far it has done the job every time. I would not hesitate to buy it again if needed.
By Teresa Stewart
January 27, 2009
Ideal at Preventing a Mess
Whenever I would transport wood into my home, it used to create a tremendous mess. Now, with the use of this carrier, I can get the wood into the house without tracking anything in.

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