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By Isabella Whitt
June 13, 2014
Spectacular Appearance
We absolutely love the mission oak appearance and how it has really improved the look of our fireplace. Not only does it look absolutely gorgeous but also it is quite easy to install. Do, however, take your time with the installation.
By Brooke Upton
April 4, 2014
Beautiful,Sold Home
We feel that, due to the quality and attractiveness of this mantel, we were able to sell our home very quickly.
By Anthony Craft
New Jersey
March 7, 2014
Superb Craftmanship
This mantel is quite beautifully designed.
By Helen Wesley
West Virginia
October 23, 2013
Would Purchase Again
If push came to shove and we needed to purchase another mantel, we would very happily purchase this all over again. It added the perfect finishing touches to our room.
By Sofia Randolph
August 20, 2013
Excellent Height And Width
This mantel looks simply terrific. It possesses excellent height and width. I decided initially to remove the original mantel with this and overall, I found out that I came out in much better shape that I had expected to do so.
By Harry Magiera
Mt. Home, AR
August 19, 2013
Ordered one on Wed and received Fri. This mantel was more than expected. It stained and finished great. Looks like a fine piece of furniture. I could not believe how well it was packaged. Would buy another in a NY minute. You will not be disappointed.
ProsEverything, quality wood and craftsmanship.
By Maya Bennett
July 19, 2013
No Regrets Over the Purchase
Overall, we have to say that this product is an excellent deal that has not given us any regrets. We had purchased this mantel to go with a new fireplace, and I am currently in the process of staining it to match our window's trim. The quality is significantly greater than I had expected it to be.
By Sawyer Cavazos
June 26, 2013
Terrific Product
This product is of excellent quality and is very easy to install.
By Brielle Greenwood
April 25, 2013
Perfect Design
This mantel fit exactly where we needed to install it and is absolutely gorgeous.
By Camryn Aviles
February 21, 2013
No Complaints
I have no complaints whatsoever with regards to this mantel. It looks absolutely terrific. Even though I was concerned about ordering this item online, I am quite satisfied with the results.
By Steven Lockwood
December 25, 2012
Great Buy
We purchased this mantel unstained. Although, when we had it professionally finished, we were not satisfied with the outcome. We would certainly purchase this mantel again.
By Kathryn Lopes
December 5, 2012
Perfect Product for Pictures
This item is just as beautiful as it is portrayed in the picture. It is ideal for putting up photos frames or candles.
By Allison Porter
November 21, 2012
High Quality Product
All around, we had a terrific experience with this product. It is nothing but quality, and the process that we had to go through to purchase it was very user friendly. This mantel has been an excellent addition to our living room.
By Joseph Carlisle
October 3, 2012
Simple Installation
This was quite easy to install, taking right around thirty minutes.
By Logan Hardison
September 30, 2012
Very Well Made
This mantel was quite well made and very easy to install.
By Nicole Pina
September 20, 2012
Ordered Sight Unseen
Ordering something of this magnitude without seeing it in person is a bit nerve wracking, but I am very pleased with the end result. The mantel is beautiful, and the price was so much more reasonable than the nearby fireplace dealer. I purchased the 72 inch unfinished mantel to go with my European eclectic decor, although I think the design of this shelf is such that it will go well with nearly any decorating style.
By Ariel McClelland
August 16, 2012
Uses Beautiful Wood
This is a gorgeous wooden mantel that possesses many things that are highly commendable. Unfortunately, there were no additional pieces of hardware that were included in the box to help facilitate the process of installation, or were there any suggestions given pertaining installation.
By Marcus Greenfield
June 30, 2012
What We Were Looking for
This mantel is exactly what we have been wanting. The size was just what we needed, and hanging it was simply. The shelf has a beautiful coat of finish. We would prefer that the color was a bit darker and that the corners were square, but those are minor things. Overall, we are thrilled with this product.
By Lillian Himes
June 20, 2012
All Around Terrific Product
This is definitely an excellent product, but there are a few minor issues that we had with it that require addressing. The straps around the packaging were too tight, causing the wood to get marked up, but thankfully, these eventually disappeared. This aside, the design and construction is terrific in every respect.
By Daniella Purcell
Rhode Island
April 11, 2012
Perfect to Display Things
I am planning to use this mantel to display my photos and other items that I wish for my friends to admire.
By Alberto Maldonado
April 4, 2012
Great Product With Minor Damage
Aside from the small dent in the front of the mantel, this is an absolutely gorgeous product that we are quite happy to have in our possession.
By Manuel McClellan
New York
February 23, 2012
Highly Recommend to Anyone Interested
I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a mantel, because in our case, it greatly improved the overall appearance of our fireplace. The pricing was competitive but the styling and craftsmanship are excellent. There were no installation instructions required, but it requires minimal skill.
By Keira Harry
South Carolina
February 12, 2012
Very Easy to Install
This mantel was exceptionally easy to install and is quite beautiful. Many people have commented on this to me.
By Ricardo Angel
December 13, 2011
Great Look, But Had Minor Damage
This is a terrific mantel, but unfortunately, it had sustained damage on the front of the ridge, most likely caused during the process of shipping it.
By Megan Tompkins
October 5, 2011
Just What we Were Hoping for
We ordered the unstained mantel. Not only did it arrive in a timely manner, it was just what we were hoping for. However, due to poor manufacturing techniques there were spots unable to be stained.
By Brielle Dunbar
June 11, 2011
Highly Pleased With This Mantel
Upon doing a thorough review, I am very happy overall with this product and everything it provides. I am so satisfied that if I found myself needing to place an order from this company again that I would do so in a heartbeat. My lone complaint has to do with the shipping, in that they were not careful in how they delivered it.
By Hayden Corey
April 8, 2011
Good Product
We recently installed a fireplace in our family/home theater room and ordered this mantel to complete the look. The shelf was shipped well-protected and delivered in perfect condition. Installation was very easy with the included mounting hardware. The color and gloss of the mantel is perfect for our needs. The only drawback for use was the discovery that the product was manufactured in China. We had hoped that it was American made. Regardless, we would highly recommend it to anyone.
By Asher Lawrence
January 9, 2011
Perfect for Christmas Stockings
This item fits its reviews perfectly. Our inexperience with such things made us a little hesitant to install it ourselves, lest we do something wrong. Our handyman, however, had it up with around an hour of work. The mantel looks great, and we already have the Christmas stockings hanging on it. Some reviewers complained of a bare spot on one end of the shelf, but we discovered that it is the Pearl trademark.
By Hayden Mcdermott
North Carolina
July 22, 2010
Exceedingly Attractive
This is a highly attractive mantel. Sadly, when it arrived in the mail, it has a noticeable dent that is attributable to poor shipping.
By Hanna Bowers
May 29, 2010
Terrific Quality
The quality that is offered by this product is the finest. We decided to hang it on our stone fireplace, and it looks incredible! The easiest way to manage the installation is to use a hammer drill when installing in stone.
By Brady Moses
May 4, 2010
Ordered Another
Buying without being able to see a product can be scary, but it turned out great in this case. The 60 inch Linden Wood mantle is perfect for our needs. We had a little trouble installing it, but the problem was the full stone surrounding our fireplace. We succeeded in the end and have now ordered a larger, similar shelf for the other side of the fireplace.
By Lily Ennis
January 28, 2010
Possesses Excellent Depth
This mantel represents excellent value at a terrific price. It is easy to install and the depth it provides makes it easy to install objects.
By Ashton Lewis
January 17, 2010
Gorgeous Mantel, No Instructions
There were a few challenges that this product presents. Even though this product is absolutely gorgeous and is a perfect addition to our home, there were neither installation instructions nor hardware to install on a fireplace provided to make the job an easy one.
By Jared Hendrickson
January 16, 2010
Retains a Fabulous Look
In order to get this mantel to blend in with its surroundings, we stained it to match the trim. The results are absolutely stunning. What is particularly remarkable is that the granite that surrounds our fireplace is of an irregular size to begin with, making the prospect of finding the right mantel to fit our fireplace a bit of a challenge. However, this was the perfect solution!
By Sean Lindsey
December 2, 2009
One Minor Defect
I was very happy with this mantel. It is well made and is high quality. However, there is one defect that has given me some difficulty. There is a section on the right edge that was left unfinished for some reason. Due to its size and weight I decided to not go through the hassle of shipping it back. Despite this minor flaw, it still enhances the appearance of my living room.
By Joselyn Whitehead
September 27, 2009
Arrived on Time
There was only one negative that we faced in using this mantel, and that had to do with the need to use putty to patch the mantel, and this putty did not effectively absorb the stain that we applied (we chose the unfinished mantel). Otherwise, this mantel arrived on time and looks terrific.
By Abel Berry
New Hampshire
July 24, 2009
Satisfied Customer
We are very pleased with this gorgeous mantel.
By Mckenzie Carmichael
June 5, 2009
Very Clever Design
The design for hanging this mantel was clever, but we were a little disappointed with the fabrication. During the course of putting this unit together during the assembly process, there was some excess glue that oozed its way out, making staining a challenge.
By Keira Lytle
May 18, 2009
Just What We Needed
This mantel is precisely what the lobby of our hotel needed. We use it to display a flat screen TV and are quite satisfied.
By Jordan Greer
March 29, 2009
Ideal Depth
This mantel offers excellent value and good size. The depth it possesses is great for displaying objects and it is easy to install.
By Nehemiah Sloan
January 21, 2009
Excellent Service All Around
If you want to buy a product that looks terrific and is quite easy to put together, then this product is just what you need to purchase. Additionally, the product arrived on time and the shipping was excellent.

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