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By Nehemiah Kelsey
April 25, 2014
Survived a Hurricane
I have been very pleased with the durability of this shed. It even survived Hurricane Katrina! I thought that nothing could destroy the building until a limb from a live oak tree landed on it. The shed protected the pressure washer and mower stored inside it, but the weight of the falling limb crushed the roof. Therefore, I am now ordering my second shed of the same type.
By Mason Vinson
September 25, 2013
Low Clearance and a Bit of Leaking
I first sorted the various pieces of the shed according to their identification in the instructions. With that preparation, I was able to assemble the body of the shed alone except for the occasional volunteer assistance of my four year old child. I did, however, need help to place the roof on the structure. Sturdy work gloves are helpful when handling the pieces as some edges are rather sharp. Once assembled, I was a little surprised at the low clearance of the doorway. Even my fairly short wife must duck to enter. In addition, I had some problems with leaks at the open bends on the roof. This was easily solved with the addition of some caulking.
By Ruby Jarrell
Augusta, Maine
September 5, 2013
Challenging to Assemble
We found this shed a little more difficult to assemble than we anticipated. I would recommend hiring a professional installer if possible. If not, plan for at least two people, use an electric screwdriver, and choose a cool day for the project. My husband and his friend are not real handymen, but it took them two 12-hour days to assemble the shed. They found the instructions to be a little difficult to follow. Some of the individual pieces felt a bit flimsy, which sometimes made it challenging to line up the screw holes in order to connect the various portions. Once assembled, the building seems quite sturdy and well made for its intended purpose.
By Bill
Olathe, Ks
June 2, 2011
Good looking and great price
No great problems. Result is a good looking building
ConsSomewhat difficult to assemble
By Hugo Clifton
April 22, 2011
Better Than Most
When assembling the product, I quickly became very impressed with the quality of the shed. It is better made than many that have I seen and is quite sturdy. All the parts fit into place well, and all the screw holes aligned without difficulty.
By Shane Cheney
April 20, 2011
Time Consuming, But Well Built
If you are looking for a good amount of storage then I would definitely recommend this shed. It took six people a full weekend to finish building this (so pretty difficult), but we also dug out our own spot to make it level and had to break down a rock wall. We also discovered we had put it too close to a fence to be able to screw in the siding, so we had to dig out more and move it away from the fence. I would say the floor frame kit is a good buy to go with this and we used plywood as well. The directions can be kind of non-specific sometimes, but if you use common sense and follow the directions as carefully as possible it shouldn't be a problem to get it done well. You should hire a professional if you haven't done stuff like this before.
By Damien Doe
New Hampshire
February 14, 2011
Becomes Stronger As It Is Assembled
Do not be concerned about any seeming flimsiness of the individual pieces, since the shed becomes stronger as you begin to screw the parts together. Your foundation should be completely level to prevent later problems. The pressure treated wood base that I chose worked very well. A friend and I were able to assemble the structure over the course of two days.
By Marco Wallis
West Virginia
May 30, 2010
Packed Well, Sturdy
It was a great value for the price and I would have to say I liked this storage building. It is of excellent quality and, even though you need a few hours to put it together, the packing was superb. The packing was done in the order you used the parts during assembly and everything was marked correctly.
By RoseMaryPrelovsky
December 17, 2009
I am very satisfied with the shed was very easy to put together and for the price it was better than what was at homedepot and lowes. Again thank you and I would recommend it to anyone that I know. Your service was also very prompt on delivery. Again thankyou.
By Ivan Frazier
December 2, 2009
Prior Experience Is a Definite Asset
I assembled this shed by myself over a span of two days. I first built a wooden 12' x 16' foundation, being careful to make it perfectly level. Next, I assembled the shed, measuring several times to ensure that it was square. Even with all these precautions, some of the roof holes did not align properly. Since I have assembled sheds before, I was able to simply drill some new holes and proceed. If this is your first building project, it might be a little more difficult. Overall, I am pleased with the appearance and design of the shed. It has plenty of room for the storage I need.
By Hugo Reeder
September 8, 2009
Instructions Were Not Very Helpful
I would definitely recommend spending the extra money to have a team of professionals assemble this shed. Unlike some other reviewers, I had a lot of difficulty with the construction process, and I don't consider myself lacking in strength or intelligence. If you plan to assemble the building yourself, be aware that the diagrams in the instructions are not very helpful and do not clearly show the design of a piece or its proper angle of installation. I would advise carefully reading the instructions before beginning construction, and then rereading each step a couple of times to make sure that you include all the necessary pieces. Once I successfully assembled the shed, I was very pleased with its design and function. Other than the instruction manual, I really like the product.
By Alexis Pulliam
August 2, 2009
A Perfect Solution for Our Overflow
My wife and I recently moved from a 1500 square foot home with a garage to a smaller 940 square foot house with no storage buildings. This shed was the perfect answer to store our overflow and later be transformed into a workshop. The product was delivered promptly in one container with no missing parts. I was able to assemble the building in two days with occasional help from my wife. It rained the third day, and the building provided perfectly watertight storage for our belongings.
By Nathaniel Pugh
Kansas City
July 29, 2009
Beautiful and Convenient
The design of this shed is very much to my liking. I really enjoy the style and shape of the building and am thrilled with the storage space. It is very convenient to be able to easily walk in and out of the shed.
By Larry Schaffer
May 23, 2009
Read the Specifications Carefully
Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of this shed. My one disappointment is with the size of the finished product. Although advertised as a 10' x 14' shed, the completed measurements are actually 9.5' x 13.5'. I had to make adjustments to my already completed foundation in order for the shed to fit properly. To avoid this problem, read the finished product specifications carefully to determine the exact end size.
By Eric Livingston
April 24, 2009
Concerned about New England Winters
I am still in the process of assembling the 10' x 14' Arrow storage shed and am very pleased with the product. My only concern is the building's ability to stand up under the heavy snow load of New England winters. It would probably be wise for buyers in snowy areas of the country to plan to purchase the roof support kit for extra stability. I added 2" x 3"s to the included roof supports to provide additional strength, and I hope that will be sufficient. Other than this one concern, I am very happy with the shed. I was especially pleased with the low cost of this product as compared to a wooden building of the same size. I will be recommending this structure to my friends.

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