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By Tanner Wiley
May 23, 2014
Has Lasted Well
The shed I bought has lasted a year and I have nothing bad to say about it. Make sure you follow the directions and leave enough time to get it done well (the directions are very specific and easy to follow). Also, get somebody to help you put it together. I did it myself, but wind can damage the parts while you are putting it together. It is made well and is a great buy.
By Richard Faulk
August 28, 2013
Great Space Saver
If you need space this is the shed for you--it is spacious and safe for equipment.
By Frank Miranda
Charleston, SC
July 9, 2012
Sturdy, Lots of Screws
Tons of little parts to install, but, after you get it finished, an excellent buy.
By Saul Posey
July 2, 2011
A Few Points of Advice
In my opinion, the product was well worth the cost, especially since shipping was included. I found the instructions to be quite good, although reviewing the Arrow website first was helpful. Construction is definitely a two-person project. Make sure that the foundation is completely level. I would recommend a wood platform with a cement barrier around it to prevent rodents from tunneling under the structure. For your own safety, do not attempt to assemble in windy weather, and beware of sharp edges when handling parts. Using a power drill to install the screws can result in stripping the screws and harming the structure. Duct tape makes rather good weather stripping. Some of the holes were a bit challenging since a few were behind channels or beams and others did not align properly. Joints, seams, and the bottom of the door need caulk or other coverings to prevent water seepage. The clearance of the doorway is a bit low and can be a hazard. The overall structure is quite sturdy, but individual pieces may become dented. The structure gets quite hot in the summer, so I would advise against using it to store any combustibles or flammable items. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of this shed.
By Colin Harbin
June 12, 2011
Attractive Appearance
I purchased this product to replace a Sheridan Shed that was destroyed by a large tree limb. The appearance of the building is quite nice as it resembles a small barn. Several of my neighbors have commented on its attractiveness. It is very spacious, and the high interior clearance enabled us to add plastic shelving. My only complaint about the product has to do with the instructions. I found them to be very confusing, and several times had to redo steps that I had done incorrectly the first time. Be very careful when assembling this product.
By Vincent Shah
February 2, 2011
Quality: Product & Service
The quality of the shed more than compensates for the price. In putting the shed together, I did notice that it needed an abundance of screws. The manufacturer impressed me with their efficient and helpful customer service. One wall section was missing from the kit. I called the manufacturer and spoke with them for less than two minutes, and they informed me that they would send me the missing piece, just like that.
By Jake Aviles
July 21, 2010
Stands the Test of Time
The quality of this shed is most impressive. I built it, unassisted, ten years ago. It sits on a concrete floor, anchored with two cables. Each anchor has four screws. Up till now the shed has no leaks, very little rust, and the door slides with little sticking. The only dents in it were by limbs and head. Should I find I am in need of another shed, I would buy the same one again.
By Joshua Starkey
June 21, 2010
A Two Man Project
A two man assembly team is essential to the successful construction of this product. It took about 30 man hours to complete the shed. It is important to follow the instructions carefully, but if done correctly, the structure will fit together nicely. A little caulk helps to make the building watertight. We did discover that the roof will dent if too much pressure is applied in any one area. After completion, I am very happy with the look and quality of this product.
By Thomas Gorski
June 14, 2010
Arrow Sheridan 10X8 Shed
Need patience and skill to assemble. All parts included and directions are simple. Would recommend to any 'do-it-yourself'' consumer looking for a shed.
By Kameron Gage
August 23, 2009
Don't Be Deceived by the Small Package
We chose this shed after doing a good bit of research on the options available. We thought that this product was the best option for the cost but were briefly disconcerted by the small delivery box. However, we are now very pleased with our choice. We hired a contractor and another individual to assemble the building, and it took them about ten hours to complete the project. After construction, there was a little bit of leakage, but that was quickly solved with some silicone and expanding foam. We really like the high roof and abundance of storage space. In our opinion, this product is a great buy.

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