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By James Collins
July 15, 2014
Loose Feet
This screen is very nice looking in front of a burning fire. I have had some issues with the feet becoming loose. They retighten easily, but it is a recurring annoyance.
By Rose Phillips
June 12, 2014
Basic, Practical and Solid
This is a very basic and practical screen and doesn’t detract from the beauty of your fireplace. It is solidly built and easy to put together.
By Susan Hernandez
April 10, 2014
Check the Measurements
Pay attention to the measurements of this screen to make sure it will fit well on your hearth. It is suitably heavy, so it won't be accidentally tipped. I am very pleased with its appearance and protection.
By Harold Reed
Rhode Island
March 7, 2014
Confident in Its Protection
There is no sense in paying for a more expensive screen when this one is so strong and has such a clean appearance. I am confident it will protect my children from the hazards of the fireplace.
By Edward Bennett
West Virginia
February 6, 2014
Missing Screws
When I received this product, some of the screws necessary for assembly were missing. Other than that, it is a good screen, both in looks and usefulness.
By Virginia Richardson
January 9, 2014
Safety was Key
Safety was the key reason I purchased this screen as our gas fireplace insert gets very hot. I also like the attractive design and am pleased by the quality workmanship. Well worth the cost.
By Debra Harris
December 2, 2013
Attractive Design
I really like the attractive design, the quality of the screen mesh and how it keeps nasty sparks from escaping from the fireplace.
By John Garcia
November 30, 2013
A Good Size
Our lake home has a large stone fireplace, and we bought this screen to go in front of it. It fits our fireplace well, but it looks as if it would be a good size for a variety of fireplace designs. It is very stable and appropriately heavy, especially for its inexpensive cost. We are pleased with its appearance and performance.
By Caligirl
Salinas CA
November 10, 2013
A Perfect Fireplace Screen
This screen fits perfectly in our fireplace. It is simple and a perfect complement to our big stone fireplace.
ProsSimple. Well made.
By Lawrence Lopez
October 11, 2013
Worth the Work
I spent a long time shopping for the perfect fireplace screen, but finding this item made my search worth the work. It is durable but not pricey, arrived promptly, and was quickly assembled.
By Joshua Miller
July 18, 2013
Shipping was Fast
We were very pleased with how fast this shipped and how easy it was to put together. It does a great job to keep sparks from flying out as it sits very close to the fireplace wall. The product description was spot on!
By Lillian Wood
June 1, 2013
Fast Shipment, Easy Assembly
Very pleased with the fast shipment, the easy assembly, and the attractive design!
By Jessica White
New Hampshire
May 15, 2013
Suits us Perfectly
What a wonderful, well-made screen that perfectly suits our fireplace with its simple and modern design. We are very pleased with the purchase price and how easy it was to put together.
By Ryan Ramirez
North Carolina
April 22, 2013
Lots of Compliments
Although I have seen this kind of fireplace screen at high-end retailers, I did not want to pay their prices. This inexpensive version is just as nice as those I had seen. It was very easy to put together and looks great by my fireplace. I have gotten lots of positive comments about it.
By Chris Robinson
April 6, 2013
Can't Beat Quality of the Price
I made the decision to purchase this product for my daughter to use with her fireplace. I am quite satisfied with the results. After all, why spend more when you can get great quality for less?
By Helen Ross
February 8, 2013
Mismatched Holes
The assembly of this item is basically an easy process, except for one problem -- the holes to attach the left leg did not line up properly. Other than this issue, the screen is perfect for my needs. It looks good and seems quite sturdy.
By Henry Torres
November 26, 2012
Blocks Playing Kitten
My fireplace does not have a hearth or a mantle. It has gas logs with fake stones to provide the look of coals. My kitten loved playing with the stones and would scatter them around while I was at work. This flat screen looks great with my fireplace and now my kitten can't play with the stones. I am very pleased.
By Phyllis Mitchell
November 9, 2012
Must Attach Feet
I did have to attach the feet to the screen, but it was an easy process. It has a modern, clean design that is exactly what I wanted. It is also priced very competitively.
By Anne Walker
October 1, 2012
Heavy and Safe Design
I’m so glad to be able to burn wood in my fireplace again. This screen is the perfect size for my fireplace. It’s heavy, so it keeps the hearth area safe, and the attractive design looks like it costs more than it does.
By Carolyn Stewart
August 19, 2012
Better Quality
I did a good bit of looking before I decided to purchase this screen. I actually expected it to be rather poor quality based on its cost, so I planned to use it only occasionally. To my surprise it is quite sturdy and heavy. It is nice enough to use regularly and is an incredibly good product for the cost.
By Karen Green
June 25, 2012
Better Than Local
I was disappointed in the cost and options available at local retailers. This screen is just what I wanted at a price I can afford, and it was delivered very promptly.
By Christopher Sanders
May 16, 2012
A Good Match
This screen was delivered very quickly and putting it together was also a fast process. It has a nice tight mesh that protects well from flying sparks. It is also a good match for the size of my fireplace.
By Bruce Lewis
March 5, 2012
Holes in the Screen
We have a large decorative screen that looks great but does not prevent access to the fireplace. With a new puppy, I needed something to go behind it until I can train him to stay away from the fire. The size and design of the screen were fine, but the mesh has several holes in it. I am not pleased with it, but it is too much trouble to return it.
By Ralph Cook
New York
January 1, 2012
Lustrous and Beautiful
You don’t need extra ornamentation when the lustrous ebony finish turns a minimalist fireplace screen into a thing of beauty. It frames the fireplace opening perfectly and provides complete safety from sparks, while allowing the fire to be seen in all its glory.
By Bonnie Nelson
November 12, 2011
Simply Designed
The density of the screen mesh does a great job stopping sparks plus the design is simple, yet attractive, and doesn’t call attention to itself.
By Sara Kelly
New York
November 10, 2011
Pleasantly Surprised
When I saw the price of this screen, I really expected it to be poorly made. In fact, I ordered it thinking that I might very well have to return it. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised when the product arrived. It was safely wrapped and packaged and easy to assemble. Once in place, I am quite pleased with its appearance and its quality.
By Alan Evans
New Jersey
April 13, 2011
Very Pleased and Happy
We are very, very pleased and extremely happy that this product turned out so well. It’s very attractive. Couldn’t be happier!
By Craig Griffin
New Jersey
April 1, 2011
Poorly Fitting Hardware
This screen is not exceptionally sturdy, but it will probably do the job. The mesh does not reach all the way to the edges in some areas. The included screws are too small for the holes and do not match the screen well. In fact, one of the screws for the feet did not even reach all the way to the frame. I ended up purchasing bigger screws and spray-painting them to match the screen.
By Barbara King
March 28, 2011
Not Expensive
A nice design and a great buy for the money! Not expensive at all. Though there were a few flaws with the screen, you didn’t notice them once the screen was in place.
By Julia Martinez
New Hampshire
January 19, 2011
Fantastic Deal
I can’t say enough about this screen. It’s a fantastic product. The quality workmanship is superb, it keeps sparks from escaping (compared to other screens that don’t sit close enough), and the attractive design totally transforms our fireplace into a thing of beauty. We love it! You won’t regret purchasing one. It’s a great deal for your pocketbook.
By Gary Davis
November 15, 2010
Has Good Looks
This is a good looking and easy to assemble screen for the price.
By Jonathan Roberts
June 8, 2010
A Great Price
I just got my fireplace into working order and needed something to provide protection from the open flames. This screen does a great job at a great price.
By Judy Turner
April 11, 2010
Perfect for Outdoor Fireplace
We have received many complements after buying this screen for our outdoor fireplace. The simple design doesn’t overpower our beautiful fireplace and it works great to keep everyone safe from popping sparks.
By Mildred Moore
April 6, 2010
Costs More Elsewhere
This product is really well constructed for its price. I've actually seen the screen advertised elsewhere at a significantly higher cost. I highly recommend it.
By Brenda Bell
March 4, 2010
A Sturdy Screen
I really like how clean and simple this screen looks. I did not expect it to be so sturdy and durable.
By Samuel Scott
February 6, 2010
Poorly Constructed
This fireplace screen has a flat design, is simple to put together, and is priced inexpensively. Unfortunately, the quality seems to match the price. The welding of the mesh and the frame is not done well at all and actually seems to be rather randomly spaced. As a result, there are some parts of the mesh that are not actually attached to the frame. The screen is quite sturdy and looks fine at a quick glance. A closer look, however, will reveal its imperfections. It will do the job all right, but it won't earn you many compliments.
By Mary Price
November 6, 2009
Hugs the Surround
This was a great purchase. We love how it hugs the fireplace surround and the simple design complements our fireplace fašade. The legs and handles were easily attached.
By Ashley Perez
September 7, 2009
Great Visibility
This flat screen makes it easy to see the fireplace from any direction. It also allows you to sit very near the fire when its warmth is needed. It is simple to move aside to get access to the fireplace. There were no problems putting it together, and I had it set up very quickly. I wish I had purchased it sooner. This screen definitely has my recommendation.
By Jeremy Young
Washington, D.C.
August 4, 2009
Happy Buyer
This screen looks just as its website promised. I am pleased with the item.
By Sean Ward
South Carolina
July 26, 2009
Takes Up Little Space
My fireplace is in a rather small room, so I wanted a flat screen that would not occupy additional space. This screen does the job perfectly. I also have a distinct drop from the floor of the fireplace to the hearth. To offset this, I actually installed the screen's support brackets upside down. Thanks to this maneuver, the screen sits at an angle on a level surface, but sits nearly even on the raised fireplace.
By Steven Anderson
Rhode Island
July 6, 2009
Even Better Than Reviews
Based on the reviews that I read, I expected the screen to be of good quality, but the product itself is even better than I had hoped. It has a snug fit against my fireplace and is very solid and durable. It allows an excellent view of my burning fire, yet it has an attractive appearance that goes well with the room.
By Anthony Henderson
West Virginia
June 19, 2009
Displays the Fire
This screen has a very simple and plain design that does a great job of showing off the crackling fire. It was delivered quite quickly and is an exact fit for my fireplace opening.
By Melissa Gray
June 18, 2009
A Simple Design
The simple design of this screen really puts my fireplace on display. It has a quality construction and attractive appearance.
By Richard Rodriguez
May 5, 2009
Small Imperfections
I had a little trouble with assembly when I tried to put on the stabilizing feet. I eventually succeeded, and they seem to be fine now. I have also noticed a number of imperfections in the mesh of the screen. They would not be noticed in a cursory glance, but they are present nonetheless.
By Frank Sanchez
March 31, 2009
Wrong Size Screws
I am very happy with the screen, but I was disappointed with the parts supplied for its assembly. The screws are really too small for the size of the holes and would have not held it together well. I was forced to purchase other hardware that fit the product better. I also noticed that in some areas the holes were covered by the border of the screen. I had to do a little bending to make things fit together properly. You may also be interested to know that there is a small third leg in the center of the screen. I did not see it in the pictures or online description, so I was pleasantly surprised. After I got it successfully assembled, I have been very pleased.
By Nancy Brooks
March 5, 2009
Decent Solution
Personally, I believe that we found an unbeatable deal in this product. It is not only extremely cost effective but also is able to seamlessly fit into my home with the greatest of subtlety.
By Kimberly Thompson
Rhode Island
January 15, 2009
Very Durable Design
We restored our fireplace back to its original look by removing the wood burning insert, and this screen works great to keep sparks from flying out. It’s a very good design and very durable.

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