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By Brandy Patrick
May 25, 2014
I can recommend this stove for heating a large townhouse. I am using it as my primary heat source and am very happy with its effectiveness. I have had a few small problems, but the company has helped me through each one of them and I am pleased.
By Norman Hart
January 26, 2014
Not US Made
This compact pellet heater does do the job of heating up my one-room apartment. Apart from that, I don’t have much to say in a positive way about it. One of the biggest problems is filling the hopper with pellets. The door is so small that it is hard to load the pellets. The hopper capacity seems to be less than 20 pounds although it is advertised as 30 pound capacity. Another problem is that it is not thermostatically controlled, which I just assumed it would be. It doesn’t turn off when the room reaches the temperature it is set at. Don’t leave it running when you are not at home! It also doesn’t turn off when the hopper runs out of pellets, but keeps trying to restart. I was quite surprised to find that this US Stove is actually made in China! Although it is doing its job well right now, it seems cheap and I don’t know if it will last a long time.
By Forrest Greer
August 15, 2013
Does the Job
The installation of this stove is quite simple. I got creative and made my own side panels for a nice look. It is heating my family room very well on a low temperature setting.
By Loren Holland
North Dakota
July 6, 2013
Good Amount of Heat
Though I think this heater would be ideal for a large open space, it works quite well heating my upstairs rooms. The pellets do not move down the chute as easily as they should for maximum efficiency; After about five hours the pellets become stuck on the sides and must be moved by hand. On the highest two heating levels, the stove automatically switches off; however, I prefer the third (median) level anyway because it produces the amount of heat I need.
By Emanuel Carson
May 30, 2013
No Hassle, No Problems
Being unsure of whether this window heating unit would work, I ordered it anyway and am so glad I did! Installation was a breeze because the instructions were clear and precise. After the unit was installed, it was actually running in a half hour, including the time it took to perform the recommended dry run. This stove is a great buy--its price is comparable to others in its league, and there are no stove pipes to purchase. This is a great fit for my northern New York home with a hip roof--it sits beneath the eaves, so there should be no problem with the accumulation of ice and snow on the unit or on a stovepipe.
By Willis Hudson
New Hampshire
February 22, 2013
Good Heat for Mobile Home
I've used this stove in my New Hampshire mobile home for three winters and have experienced no problems thus far. During 40 degree temperatures outside, this stove keeps my home at 68 degrees on the lowest setting. It does produce a little noise: the interior fan is not adjustable; the hum of the exhaust fan cycles on and off. After 12-15 hours of burning, the ash needs emptying and the stove should be vacuumed out. I would recommend an additional sturdy mounting bracket and a three- to four-hour "dry run" outdoors before installation.
By Guy Cannon
January 19, 2013
Balmy Temperature in Frigid Weather
Purchased for my tenant, this unit kept the apartment at 75 degrees even on a nine degree day. Because the first bag of pellets burned much too quickly, he switched brands to a type that has burned more slowly. I'm very satisfied with this pellet stove.
By Randal Adkins
January 4, 2013
Better than I Expected
I have a combination workshop and garage separate from my house, and I purchased this unit as a heater for out there. I’m very, very pleased with it—it’s better than I thought it would be. It wasn’t hard to install it, and cleaning it is no big deal. The exhaust it emits isn’t very hot at all, not a burn risk for people.
By Aubrey Stanley
October 17, 2012
So Much Better than a Space Heater!
Somebody asked me how this compares to a space heater. My answer: It doesn’t! Space heaters cost you money, this unit saves me money, for one! It pumps out thousands of BTUs. A few years ago I installed a supposed combination heater/air conditioner. The AC worked great in the summer, the heater never did work well and finally died. I shouldn’t even tell that story in context with this heater, it’s an insult to it! Anyway . . . you’ll find that when you install this, the major portion of it is inside the house with only a small portion outside (unlike a typical old-fashioned air conditioner unit). The kit includes pressure plates and braces to install it snugly and sturdily. You might have to jiggle or push some of the pellets down that get stuck along the sides—I do that with an old paint brush. That’s a minor complaint. My only other complaint is the price—I wish it cost less. But, in the long run it’s going to save me money, so I probably shouldn’t complain. The unit holds up to 40 pounds of pellets, which can burn up to 40 hours. Good, efficient, tightly constructed heater!
By rob
October 16, 2012
Beware of Ignitor
I have had this for 3 yrs and there are a few problems with this stove. First off the worst part is the ignitor needs to be replaced after about 2 months of use since you need to shut this stove off to clean the ash pan out everyday. So when you have to start it after you clean it the ignitor gets used often in a months time. It is about 60.00 to replace so for a winter like here in NH I have to replace this twice a heating season at least. Also there is a lot of ash buildup on the top of the box in between the air chambers which you have to use a nail or something small to clean the holes. You will need a good ash vacuum with a lot of suction to clean around the air inclosed box. Still it works great but the ignitor problem needs to be fixed. I now just let the pellets fill up to about half full in the box and add pellet fuel ignitor to get it going. Such a pain but better then spending another 120.00 a year on new ignitors. But overall it doesn't use much pellets and does well for a small area. Still not worth the price they are asking. I figured price would go down on these since I have seen many complaints online about them and especially their ignitor. Then at about 700.00 I would buy one even if it meant I had to light it manually.
Prosfits in window without losing floor space.
ConsIGNITOR, IGNITOR and you really have to clean it out good everyday or else the burn pot will fill up with non completely burn pellets
By Delbert Taylor
August 5, 2012
Unit Works Great
I have been using this unit that I had installed in a wall for several months now, and it works great! My only suggestion would be that the hopper be at a greater angle.
By Jerald Crawford
April 21, 2012
My Favorite Stove
I own a couple of pellet stoves, and this one is my favorite. It is easier to maintain the perfect temperature with the five different settings, and cleaning is not hard. This is a great stove!
By Oscar Greene
April 10, 2012
Extremely Happy
I am extremely happy with my new stove after three days. I use this stove in the basement family room along with a pellet stove in the upstairs. Between the two they are heating my medium size home very well on a medium setting. I can't believe how easy it is to own and operate this stove. When the stove is fired up for the first time, there is a smell, but it disappears pretty quickly.
By Sonia Payne
February 15, 2012
Works Amazing for Apartment Space
I can't believe how well this small unit can heat a 700+ sq/ft space. Had we known about this unit years ago, we may have considered buying it over our large pellet stove. It really heats the space with only about a bag of pellets every other day. I really am amazed at the amount of heat this stove produces.
By Noah Boone
July 24, 2011
Fantastic Supplemental Heat
Because the downstairs heat does not rise to the second floor, I purchased this pellet stove as a supplemental heat source for my upstairs area. Using one bag of pellets per week, this stove keeps the second floor almost too warm, even on a low setting. I am so happy that I purchased this U. S. Stove and have been extremely pleased with its quality. This stove does protrude into the room more than a window-unit air conditioner would, but that is no problem for me.
By Paula Chapman
February 17, 2011
Requires Much Attention
A pellet stove can be the answer for those who want a secondary heat source, but have limitations for what you can add to your home. With this kind of stove you don’t need permits and you will not be altering the outside of the house or putting holes in the walls. So it is especially helpful to a renter or someone who lives in an area with a homeowners’ association. As with most pellet stoves, you can’t just turn it on and leave for the day. They require a lot of attention. I can only run this for about 24 hours before needing to clean out the ashes and it needs to cool before I do that. Even with rigging up some extra filters and fans, we have a problem with soot. Fans are needed to get the heat circulating around the house. You can’t just drop the pellets into the stove without sifting them so all the extra sawdust doesn’t get into the stove. We are happy that the stove does heat our home well and doesn’t use a lot of electricity. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time with it.
By Ora Berry
June 16, 2010
So Far So Good
This stove runs as expected now, but the real test will be when the colder weather arrives. I will be able to leave a more detailed review to the efficiency of this stove at the end of the cold season.
By Beth Fuller
June 1, 2010
My Review after One Season
I waited to write this review till after I’d used this heater for about a year. I use it to heat just one room; I found it easy to install. A few things I’ve learned this year (might save you some headaches) . . . Use decent pellets. You might think you’re saving money by buying a cheap brand, but they burn faster and they don’t burn as clean. Use a fan to distribute the heat around the room (or house, whatever your case may be). Use a poker or something like it to encourage the pellets to move down the hopper. Use a vacuum cleaner especially designed for ashes to clean the ash bin. I really like the unit a lot, it does just what I need it to do and saves me money. I wish some of the screws and bolts and the back vent hadn’t rusted so quickly—that was disappointing, but I’ll replace the hardware and scrape and repaint the back piece.
By Helen Reid
May 29, 2010
Not Working Properly
I have been using my EcoAire 2400 for more than a year and it always has something not working properly. It is out of commission more than it is being used. The company will send you the parts that you need but you'll have to do the repair yourself.
By Leona Townsend
South Dakota
January 6, 2010
High Heat Even on Low Setting
My new pellet stove keeps my 17' X 14' living room toasty: on a night when temperatures are in the mid 30's, I can expect the stove to heat the room to 80 degrees on the minimum setting. On the next higher setting during a 15 degree night, the stove heated the living room and adjoining kitchen area to between 72 and 75 degrees. Installation was no problem; I removed an old window, reframing it to the recommended size. The stove fit perfectly with just enough space for easy caulking or foam weather stripping (included). I chose to mount the stove at an easily accessible height for loading the hopper--about waist high. I also added my own supports and leveled the unit. There are a couple of minor drawbacks I've found: the hopper's shape is inconvenient for loading the full pellet amount. After it looks full, I have to reach in to redistribute the pellets in order to load another ten pounds, being careful of the sharp edges. Also, even with a coat of silicone lubricant, the hopper does not allow the pellets to flow smoothly to the auger, again requiring me to reach in and adjust the pellets to fuel the stove properly.
By Darryl Conner
December 13, 2009
I'm Sold on It!
I had never heard of a pellet stove or heater till my in-laws got one and were so happy with theirs. Because of the layout of my home, the fact that this is a window unit is GREAT. Because of the size of my windows, the unit doesn’t fit perfectly, but I was able to seal it off well, and I also put together a little shelf or support for it to stand on rather than having all its weight on the sill. I wish the pellets wouldn’t get hung up, which forces me to have to move them where they need to be. Can get annoying sometimes. But I’m very happy with the heater, especially for the fact that I’m using only about 10 percent as much oil in my oil heater as I used to have to! I clean it once a day, and that’s simple to do. Keeps my small apartment warm without taking up room, which is at a premium for me.
By Jonathan Simpson
November 18, 2009
Type of Pellets Does Make a Difference
I am very pleased with this stove and its ability to put out heat. Burning premium wood pellets give off an adequate heat, but super premium hardwood pellets will give off much more heat with less mess to clean up. My only complaint is that the hopper needs to be on a steeper angle so that all of the pellets will burn. As it is, about a third of the pellets will not reach in far enough to burn and have to be pushed in further.
By Erik Walsh
April 9, 2009
High Maintenance
If you can keep the stove clean, then it runs really well and efficiently. I just didn't realize how often I would have to clean this stove. I clean the stove three or four times a week with a vacuum. I'm not sure I would recommend this stove for the price that I paid, and for the high maintenance.
By Mary Morales
March 11, 2009
Works Great ... When It Works
I’ve only had this unit a month, so maybe I’ll understand it better after a while and be able to give it a good review. But it’s been pretty frustrating so far. Yes, it puts out the heat, and we really like it when it works properly! Unfortunately, our unit has been plagued by automatic shutoffs, and I can’t figure out what’s triggering this. Instructions that came with it aren’t very helpful on this point, saying you should either open up the chassis (I’m no mechanic!) or check to be sure the exhaust isn’t blocked. Well, that means I have to get a ladder out and climb up there. Not fun when it’s cold and sleety and snowy out there. Another thing that could be improved—pellets get hung up in the hopper and have to be manually pushed down. OK, just so I don’t sound like a total grouch, let me mention the positives too—it was easy to install in the window, but you do need two people to do it. And as I said, when it works, it works great and is easy to operate.
By Priscilla Adams
New Hampshire
January 3, 2009
Exceeded My Expectations
I can't thank you enough for my new wood stove! Running this stove on low can really generate the heat in sub-freezing temperatures. I am so happy with this purchase...it simply exceeds my expectations!

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