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By Claire Gomez
March 15, 2014
Could Have a Larger Firebox
Aside from having a firebox that seems a little on the small side, it is able to do quite well in keeping my home nice and warm.
By Gilbert Thornton
March 3, 2014
Good Stove, Even the Accessories Work Great
It's not hard to use this stove, and it's not hard to clean it. I recommend getting the accessories with it--I purchased the blower/thermostat, air filter, and spring-loaded back draft, and they all work great too. I wish it didn't burn quite so much wood, but it's still a great stove. I've had it almost four years and am using it as the main heat source for our whole house.
By Marguerite Mcdaniel
September 28, 2013
Primary Heat Source
I give this stove my highest rating. Its ability to adequately heat a 2,000 square foot home will make this stove a great choice if you are looking for a new, primary heat source. It's a quality, great looking stove that heats very efficiently.
By Marta Murray
New Mexico
September 26, 2013
Looks Good, Heats Great
We live in a farmhouse that's over 100 years old, and it has the problems typical of an old home like this--not very energy efficient, leaky windows and doors, poor insulation. It gets really cold, windy, and snowy here in the winters too. But we've been really pleased with the way this stove heats our home (which is nearly 2000 sq ft) upstairs and downstairs. And we haven't even had to use the blower yet. Only negative I can think of: the glass on the front door turned yellow, but that's really no big deal considering the way this unit pumps out the heat. Nice looking stove. We're really happy with it and are glad we bought it!
By Allison Clark
July 18, 2013
Second Source of Heat
Last year I used this stove as a second source of heat. Heating my 2,000 sq/ft home was not difficult at all. If you have existing ductwork, it's very easy to install and to get heat throughout the house. I wish the blower was not so loud and that the damper worked better. I may try and make some improvements this year.
By Boyd Boyd
July 1, 2013
Heats Large Home
I love this stove and the price was amazing for the quality I received. It is doing a great job, and I only have to load it once at night to completely heat my 2,500 sq/ft home. There was some confusion on the EPA numbers and BTU output not matching the advertised values.
By Charlene Owens
June 6, 2013
All That Was Promised
Overall, this product has been a tremendous asset to our home in that it is everything that we needed for it to be. I intended for it to be a standalone heating system to keep our home warm and it has managed to do just that and more. The installation instructions were very user friendly. One suggestion I would like to make is that you burn it outside prior to installing it; this will get rid of oils that will leave a very nasty smell.
By Meghan Mendoza
March 20, 2013
Great at Heating a Large Room
This does a terrific job in keeping a large room, and the ash tray is quite nice.
By Willie Larson
South Dakota
February 25, 2013
Very Happy With The Results
All around, this heater has proven itself to be an excellent purchase. It has cut down significantly on my heating expenses, and also has managed to keep my home much warmer as well. The first time I used it, there was a lot of smoke, but since then, the smokiness issue has abated significantly.
By Blanca Ramirez
January 27, 2013
No Grate Included
This sturdy stove was easy to assemble, looks attractive, and is easily heating my LARGE house. I'm not really complaining, but it would have been nice if the grate was included, instead of having to purchase it separately.
By Ed Hardy
October 31, 2012
Efficient And Well Constructed
Aside from the ash pan being on the shallow side, this is a very well designed and constructed stove. It has very competitive pricing, and the instructions make the installation process quite easy.
By Pablo Wells
October 13, 2012
Best Heater Yet
Let me begin my review by saying that I have been using wood stoves for over forty years, and the results I have received from this product would place this right at the top. There have been a few minor problems along the way, but overall, it has managed to exceed my expectations. When it was delivered, it arrived on a wooden pallet. The minor quibbles that I have with this product include an ash tray that is a little on the shallow side and a blower that has some bad vibrations. Just to tell you how effective this stove is, the outside temperature could be a frigid fourteen degrees while this stove is keeping the indoor temperature at a very comfortable 73 degrees.
By Jonathon West
August 31, 2012
Changed with the Times and I'm Glad I Did!
Well, I had my previous stove for over 30 years and thought I was happy with it. I didn't know what I was missing, though, till I upgraded to this newer model! I'm using much less wood now and breathing less smoke. I LOVE the door with the window so we can enjoy watching the fire too! Don't knock new technology till you try it! :) We thought the shipping charges were appropriate, and we got it fast. And we assembled it easily. It's easy to use and cleaning is no problem. The whole family is happy with the stove and sees it as a huge improvement. When we have guests over they often comment on the stove--how nice it looks and how well it heats the house. Was it worth the investment? Yes! Am I happy with it? Do you have to ask!? :)
By Russell Mccormick
May 25, 2012
Works Pretty Well Overall
Our house is a Cape Cod style, about 2500 square feet. This stove works pretty well for us, but I kind of wish now I’d have paid more and gotten a larger, more efficient model. Things I like about it: The heat just pours out of it! So, no complaints on that score. I really like the air wash feature on the glass—works great. The stove burns for about six hours at a shot, which seems reasonable to me. Things I’m not so happy about: This model requires more space in front of it (26 inches) than do most other models (18 inches). So be aware of that as you decide where you’re going to install it. You won’t pass code inspection if you don’t do it right. So that’s for in front of the stove; behind the stove, they say you can have it about 11 inches from the wall. I did that, but, boy, does that wall get hot! I can’t even lay a hand on it when the stove is cranked up. So you may want to allow more than 11 inches of clearance behind the unit. Hardware on the door (hinges and latch) doesn’t seem to be the greatest quality. Inside the stove at the top is a fire board. Be careful, it’s fragile and can be cracked easily! (Yes, this happened to ours.) Things I would change about it if I could: I wish the damper rod worked left/right rather than in a “pull” fashion. I wish I could vary the fan’s speed more easily. I wish the blower wasn’t so loud.
By Anna Gross
May 5, 2012
Delivery Was Tricky
This stove is everything I was looking for in a stove. I give it a top rating for being energy efficient, great price, shipped really fast, and the installation was easy. The only drawback was that it was delivered on a truck with no lift and we didn't have anyone here that could assist the driver.
By Andrew Black
April 26, 2012
Early Delivery
I was very happy when my stove arrived well packed and several days early! Thank you for the fast delivery. I was able to do the installation myself. It was a little frustrating that in my case, the wire was too short. I was able to make the adjustment, but it might have proved difficult for others. The stove is up and running now and has my house very warm. I would certainly recommend this stove to everyone.
By Michelle Henry
March 22, 2012
Heats 2 Story Home
I am thrilled with the purchase of this stove. We got it for a great price, and I simply LOVE it! I love how it heats, and I love how it saves me money on fuel costs. We put this stove in the basement of our 2 story home, and with the use of the blower it heats wonderfully. I just couldn't be happier.
By john watkins
chehalis wa
January 17, 2012
Best Wood Stove
Best wood stove I've ever had and I've had several. Heats 1700 sq ft with no problem. Heats 5-6 hr with small load of hemlock. Keeps glass clean too.
Consno dislikes
By Adrienne Craig
November 16, 2011
Some Good, Some Bad
I like this stove pretty much, but it's kind of a mixture of good and bad. I bought it to replace an old stove I'd had for 20 years. I liked that stove a lot. There are some things the old stove had that this one doesn't, and I miss those features. Such as, the old stove's door was larger and used to swing down (this one swings out), so I have to split the wood now--more work for me. The ashes tend to spill out when you open it, but if burning wood gets up against the door, you can't open it. Things I like better about this stove: I like being able to see inside through the glass door. The blower is much quieter on this stove than it was on my old one. And this one puts out more heat than the old one did.
By C. Moffitt
Harriet Arkansas
November 15, 2011
Very Satisfied Customer
I purchased this stove in October 2011. I installed the stove on November 9th , I followed the pipe heating instructions per manual, then lit the stove. This is the best wood stove I have ever owned. My house is 1955 sq. ft. it heats the whole house evenly. I would truly recommend this stove to anyone. whether it be for back up heating system or for everyday use. This is my only source of heat , and I am very satisfied with this purchase. The purchase all the way to the function of this stove.It is a beautiful stove for the price.
By Joy Matthews
New Jersey
November 9, 2011
Not Complete
I have no complaints for this stove. It heats my large house to a very warm temperature. It is so much more economical than electric or gas heat. There are other items that may need to be purchased for the installation. I spent an additional several hundred dollars on pipe and duct work for my particular situation.
By Malcolm Hicks
August 26, 2011
Cost Effective Heating
This is an amazing stove that has cut down on the amount of wood I need to burn to keep my 3,000 square foot home warm during the summer time. The one minor issue that I have had with it is with the blowers. They have been a little on the noisy side, and I wish that there was a different way to mount them.
By Gerald Sherman
July 16, 2011
Use It All The Time
This is an all around terrific stove that is equipped with just about every conceivable item that an individual would need to have. I love it so much I use it all of the time.
By Dora Lucas
North Carolina
April 15, 2011
Not Made in the USA
My only complaint about this stove is that it is not manufactured here in the USA, but rather imported. The stove itself is a great product and I can highly recommend it. It is a quality stove that gives off a lot of heat.
By Albert Allison
South Carolina
October 26, 2010
Heating 3000 Square Feet
After watching my power bill go from under $200 each month to over $600, I decided it was time to look into getting a wood stove. I've put it in my home's basement and have attached it to my house's ductwork on the first and second floors. I just did this yesterday, but so far it seems to be doing a great job. It's been around thirty outside and my house's square footage is about 3000. Now, when you first start it up, it does smoke some. And the fan makes the side panels vibrate, which could be annoying. But it's in my basement, so that doesn't bother me, and when I think of how much money I'm saving each month by using this stove, I'm not complaining!
By Kristen Copeland
July 26, 2010
Using It for a Second Year, Good Stove!
One big reason to get a wood burning stove is because of the money it can save you, and that's sure true in my case! I used to sped a lot of money on propane every winter. Now I can keep my over-2800-square-foot home heated all winter to about 70 degrees even when the temp's around zero. This is my second winter to use the stove. I like the big firebox and the fact that it has dual blowers. I also got good customer service when I had a problem--one of the blowers caused a really annoying vibration, like it was out of balance or something. I called the company and they sent me a new blower, free! Can't beat that. Wish the damper settings allowed more variation, but I found another way to allow more airflow in--I just open the spin draft a little bit. I think the stove is well worth the price!
By Toby Mccoy
May 19, 2010
Do Your Research First
We did our research first and thought this would be the best stove for our needs. I recommend you do the same, because we ended up very happy with our purchase. It was easy to order, it came quickly and in good condition, and we thought installing it was pretty easy. Here's another tip--find the manual online before the stove arrives and read it so you'll be ready to go when it comes. This model states you have to have two feet of clearance on the front side, almost 11 inches on the sides, so plan appropriately for that. On some models you have to pay extra for the ash drawer and blower, but those come standard on this model at no extra cost. (Nice!) Sometimes people complain about the blowers being too loud, but we've found this one isn't loud at all unless you set it on high. We clean the glass on the door with steel wool, no big deal. One thing I would change if I could--the company sends two hoses with the fresh intake kit. One hose isn't long enough by itself, so you have to hook them together. I wish they'd just send one hose that was long enough. Wouldn't that be simpler for everyone? Anyway, we're very happy with the stove and do recommend it to others!
By Eva Willis
West Virginia
November 21, 2009
Heats Efficiently
Our house is between 1500 and 2000 square feet, and this stove does a nice job of keeping us warm. It's nice to have the blower, but we rarely use it. Well made, economically priced. The company also offers a thermometer for the stovepipe, and we're thinking of getting one of those too. We've very happy with this product and recommend it!
By Aaron Guerrero
New York
April 22, 2009
Easy to Fire Up
I am enjoying the fact that since running this stove the electric furnace has never come on. It is keeping our home nice and warm on the lowest setting. Hot coals are always present, making it easy to keep fired up. What a great stove!

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