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By Mary Morales
North Carolina
May 21, 2014
Amazing Heater
When it comes down to cost effective investments, I believe that the decision to purchase this stove has to be the best one that I have ever made. Originally, I had an old pellet stove, and I chose to buy this one as a replacement. The process of installing it was quite straightforward. Once the installation process was finished, we put in the fuel and fired it up, and it started to warm the room instantly!
By Lyle Arnold
April 21, 2014
Poor Customer Service
We are very disappointed in the customer service that we have received from U.S. Stove. First, they sent us an insert instead of the stove that we ordered. Then, it took a month for them to deliver the correct product, because they would not send it out until they had picked up the wrong item we originally received. After using it for around three months, the ignitor stopped working. U.S. Stove did send a replacement, but until it arrived, we had to light the fire by hand. We are now in its second season, and after just eight days of use, the ignitor has again stopped working. It is one month past the expiration of the warranty, so the company will not send us a new one. It appears that they will only last about four months, and they are not cheap. We like the stove, but not the service from the company.
By Jimmy Sanders
December 26, 2013
Very Easy to Use
I am very happy with the performance of this pellet stove, especially compared to others that I have seen and heard about. It was easy to install and was operational in no time. I intended to use it to supplement the heat from my fuel oil furnace, but the furnace runs so little now that I think that furnace has actually become the supplemental source. I only have to clean the ash out of the stove about once a week. The process is a little dirty, but I think that's to be expected. The digital display is also very easy to use and gives clear directions for any necessary adjustments. I think the entire stove is amazingly easy to clean and use, which is a very nice thing to have for a single woman.
By Oscar Greene
November 9, 2013
Excellent Heat Source
For anyone that is interested in purchasing a stove, let me offer to you my endorsement of this product. We absolutely love this pellet stove and are quite pleased with the job it does in keeping the lower level of our home during the winter time. My wife loves to sit in front of the stove, and both she and I would contend that we would like the glass to stay cleaner a little longer and for the blower to be softer, but overall, this is a terrific buy!
By Dean Phelps
September 15, 2013
Replaced Lots of Parts
I like the stove and what it does for me, but there have been some hassles associated with it. I have used it for three years with corn as my fuel. This stove and a wood burner are the primary heat sources for my home. In the past three years, I have replaced the agitator motor twice, the agitator itself three times, and the auger motor twice. Thankfully, all of these replacements were covered under the warranty. I also had to replace the glass. The blower made a very loud whistling noise, which caused the company to send us a foam strip for the vent outlet area. That method at least reduced the noise to a bearable level. The stove is priced better than others that I have seen, but I am a little weary of replacing so many parts.
By Randal Adkins
August 25, 2013
Electric Bill Savings
I am using this stove to heat my 2200 square foot Cape Cod. This morning, it is nine degrees outside. Inside the house, the main floor is around 74 degrees, the basement is 60 degrees, and the upstairs is about 68, while the stove is maintained on heat setting three. To circulate the warm air through the house, I run the furnace fan. To fuel the stove, I use high quality pellets. Since my furnace is electric, I expect to see significant savings on next month's electric bill.
By Brandy Patrick
August 7, 2013
Great Customer Service
Prior to choosing this stove, we did thorough research to determine what product would be the best to install in our home. After several months of searching, we selected this one to go into our 2,000+ square foot home. What has amazed us is how effective it is in keeping out home completely warm during the winter. During the course of having it, we have used everything from shelled corn to wood pellets as fuel, and each time we are amazed at how effective it is in heating. There was an initial problem with the stove not burning clean, but after a quick chat with customer service, we managed to get that resolved.
By Emanuel Carson
March 15, 2013
Problematic Instruction Manual
The biggest issue that I had to overcome was the process of installing this stove into my home. The instruction manual was a bit on the vague side, and it left me needing to make a few guesses in order to properly finish the job. The customer service folks are wonderful, and they were amazing when it comes down to helping me through the installation process. I have owned this stove for three months, and so far I have not had the need to turn on my furnace and heat the house because of how effective this stove is in keeping the home warm. My home is 1,200 square feet, and when the stove is running, it is able to keep all of the building at a very comfortable temperature.
By Delbert Taylor
South Carolina
September 18, 2012
Excellent Investment
This has to be one of the easiest stoves to operate currently available on the market. When it is heating, not only does it heat as specified in the instructions but also it runs quietly! What amazes me is how little fuel it requires to keep our house heated.
By Guy Cannon
July 16, 2012
Noisy Blower
This stove is definitely over priced and really should be installed in a garage or a sound proofed room. The blower in this stove is much too noisy, and the controls do not work that well.
By Lorena Riley
December 17, 2011
Sooty Glass
This pellet stove was a recent purchase for our small, older home. It does a good job of heating and keeps our oil burner from running very much at all. I did find the instruction manual to be confusing and incomplete. My major problem has been with soot on the glass. I called customer service, but their suggestions were not overly helpful. I have continued to play with the damper fan and heat settings, and it has improved some. I clean it every day and, on heat setting two, go through about half a bag of pellets each day. The glass is the only part of the outside of the stove that gets hot during operation. After shut down, it is cool enough to clean it after around 20 minutes. Some sort of external fan is helpful to circulate the warm air through your home. The built-in blower is fairly strong but won't send the air much farther than the room where it is located. I am overall fairly pleased with the stove and the cost savings it affords.
By Darryl Conner
November 21, 2011
Good at Cutting Down Electric Bill
One of the goals that my family has established is to look for ways to cut down on our use of electricity to save money as well as to help preserve the environment. What has surprised us is that the pellet stove is quite effective in achieving both of these goals. Not only does it keep the home warm but also it leaves relatively few ashes to clean. This product is amazing in getting our home to feel nice and cozy.
By Jerald Crawford
New Jersey
October 18, 2011
Saving Me Money
This stove is doing a great job of heating my 2200 square foot home. I wish the instruction manual had included more instructions on the settings of the different fires, such as how to set the damper for various heat settings. By using this stove, I have only consumed about 140 gallons of fuel oil to power my steam heat. Instead, I expect to buy about 4 tons of pellets, and pellets are much less expensive than fuel oil. I only even turn on my steam heat when I have the pellet stove turned off to clean it.
By Salvador Summers
New Hampshire
July 17, 2011
Can't Be Beat
What a great stove! This is our second pellet stove and this one can't be beat! We've had it for over two weeks, and it is keeping our home really warm. It it is smaller than other advertised stoves, but it uses less pellets and is warming our home just as well as the big models.
By Erik Walsh
May 6, 2011
Reliable Stove
I highly recommend this reliable stove. I have been using it for three months and it appears to be built with good workmanship. I clean it often and as long as I do that it runs as to be expected.
By Aubrey Stanley
West Virginia
April 21, 2011
Doing a Great Job
Our home is over 2,000 sq/ft and this stove is doing a great job. We can heat the house independent of any other heat source on about a bag of pellets a day. The instructions were not as helpful as we would have liked and the blower was a little loud, but after three weeks we got used to it.
By Van Kim
New Hampshire
March 11, 2011
A Positive Review
Since I have noticed a number of poor reviews for this product, I thought I should add an overview of my experience with it. Over the last three years of use, it has saved me a good bit of money that I would have otherwise spent on fuel oil. Many people have complained about the heat output, but the solution to that problem is actually the quality of the pellets. Pellets are rated in BTUs, so higher quality pellets will put out more heat. I find it very easy to clean and operate. It is need of a few new parts now, but this is the first time I've had to make any repairs in three years. It is a little small for the size of my house, so it will keep my 2200 square foot home at around 67 degrees when the temperature outdoors is at or above freezing. If the outside temperature drops or we want it warmer inside, we just turn out the main furnace.
By Wilbur Buchanan
February 15, 2011
No Regrets
After three years of using this pellet stove, I have absolutely no regrets. It was originally intended for our basement, but due to some space constraints, it ended up in a corner of our living room. It looks great and does a good job of heat production. During our Iowa winters, our temperatures frequently drop below zero. We will sometimes use our furnace to get the inside temperature to a comfortable level, then use the pellet stove to maintain it. We may also use the furnace fan to move the warm air through the house. The fan on the stove is a little noisy, but we actually found it rather relaxing. I usually keep the stove set between 3 and 7 and burn high quality wood pellets. Clean up is fairly simple, especially if you use a small shop vacuum with an attachment set. It is also important to clean the burn pot regularly. I very much like the burn pot agitator, as this was the feature that sold me on the stove in the first place.
By Leona Townsend
January 22, 2011
Incredible Heater
I own a two story farmhouse that has 2,400 square feet of living space. Because of the size of the home, I had never managed to get the temperature in the entire house above the 65 degree mark during the winter months. However, after running this stove for an hour, the temperature in the downstairs was up to 69 and the upstairs was easily maintaining a temperature of 65. This stove does not require a good deal of fuel to run, and everything about it (from installation to use) is both incredibly easy and remarkably straightforward.
By Jonathan Simpson
August 18, 2010
Extremely Happy With Stove
So far, the results from having used this stove have left me quite happy overall with the decision to purchase and install it. I just finished my first winter with this stove, and I am quite happy to report that it managed to keep the entire house warm with consummate ease. If the weather is really cold, all you need is a bag of fuel and you are all set to go!
By Loren Holland
July 15, 2010
Exceeded Hopes
Overall, this stove has to get five stars because it has repeatedly bested my expectations. The only minor quibble that I have is that the fan is a little louder than previous stoves.
By Beth Fuller
New York
August 19, 2009
Frustrated with the Directions
The stove itself seems to work well. Unfortunately, the owners manual is not quite so helpful. The section about the stove's control board is written in very technical language not suitable for the average homeowner. The instructions about the two lighting modes are rather confusing. It would better if the directions were laid out in simple numerical order. It would also help if terms and abbreviations were clearly defined. Double-spaced lists would also be much easier to follow than long paragraphs. When I tried to call the company for help, I could not seem to speak with a live person, which was quite frustrating.
By Janis Roberts
May 25, 2009
Having Problems
I've had this stove for two weeks and it runs really nice for a short period of time then it goes out. It looks great but I can't keep it running.
By Helen Reid
January 31, 2009
Very Easy to Start
Let me say at the outset that this is the first wood stove of any type that I have had the privilege of owning. I was amazed at both how easy and how straightforward it was to install. The only problematic part of the entire process is that the feed bin does not deliver the fuel in a completely smooth manner. This aside, it is a terrific purchase!

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