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By Delores Dixon
March 25, 2014
No Complaints
This stove looks very nice in our rustic style home. We just installed it recently, but already we love how it is heating our large, open living area. Some people have complained about the noise of the fan, but we find the low setting to be very quiet and the next fan setting very tolerable. We have no complaints about this stove, and appreciate the great price and fast delivery. 
By Ellen Hunter
January 9, 2014
Some Helpful Tips
Before I get to praising the stove, let me give you a couple tips. 1. The unit’s not hard to clean (especially if you do what I do, have your husband do it!), but be sure you get rid of all the ash when you clean it so there’s no risk of fire breaking out where it’s not supposed to be! 2. I suggest you go ahead and order replacement parts ahead of time—like the vermiculite backer board. Then if yours goes kaput, you don’t have to wait to use the stove till another one arrives. OK, now the praising part—we’ve had this for almost five years, terrific stove. Not only would I buy it again, I recommend it to my friends!
By Lela Garza
December 9, 2013
Performs Well
This past summer, I bought this stove and installed it. Now that it is winter, I am very happy with it. I have an 1800 square foot Cape Cod, and the stove easily keeps it between 68 and 70 degrees. I add pellets each day and clean the stove weekly.
By Dolores Waters
November 12, 2013
Corn and Pellet Burning Stove Works Great
We’ve had this stove for almost four years—no problems with it yet! We use a 65/35 ratio—65% wood pellets, 35% corn, and that works well for us. I tried soy beans and rice once. They were okay—got lots of heat out of both of them, but soybeans leave an oily residue. For best results get a good quality pellet made of hardwood (not pine!) and combine it with corn. Controls are nice on this model—you can change the agitator rate, the room fan, the rate that the fuel feeds in, and the firebox fan. I like the fact that the unit doesn’t got too hot to touch except for the door, so that’s helpful if you have kids or pets around. I really love the agitator—what a great addition! Cuts down on the frequency of cleaning required and the time involved to do the cleaning.
By Raquel Norman
New Mexico
January 17, 2013
Easy Installation
The installation was very simple using the supplied DVD. In no time at all I had this stove up and running. The medium setting keeps my mid-sized home nice and warm. The reviews were very helpful to me in making my selection, and I couldn't be happier.
By Jim Norris
November 24, 2012
Good for the Environment
If you don't like to burn gas, you will really love this stove. I like the fact that I can burn corn or wood pellets. To me it is more environmentally friendly. This stove puts off a lot of heat, and I am very happy with my purchase.
By Raul Lane
September 19, 2012
Northern Climate
This stove is keeping my northern Michigan home very warm. I just love how it is saving me money on my monthly fuel bill! The fan does a wonderful job in giving off a warm, constant heat to the whole house. If you want to save some money and live in a northern climate, this is the stove to buy!
By Lila Hughes
April 7, 2012
Very Happy
This stove only took a couple of hours to install. It heats our medium size house very well even though we keep it on the lowest temperature setting while we sleep. We are very happy with this product and the customer service department. We are giving this multi-fuel stove an A+ review and hope many others would give this product a closer look.
By Darlene Erickson
August 6, 2011
Saved a Lot of $$
I ran this stove all season long and it heated my home so well I never needed to use another heat source. I saved a bundle of money in fuel costs.
By Wade Flowers
August 3, 2011
Fuel Savings
I am saving a lot of money on fuel to heat my home. I've had this stove for three years and I am sure that I have saved more money than what I paid for it. It is very easy to care for and operate. I do wish it would have a thermostat and self ignitor, but even so, it is a really great stove. I love the fuel savings!
By Lee Ramsey
June 18, 2011
Blowers Are Too Loud
This stove will do everything it says and then some. We burn wood pellets mixed with corn; 65 to 35 ratio, and that's it. Our total utility bill in the winter being total electric and using this stove is less than 225.00 per month on 1800 sq. ft. home. In the chilly Midwest winters of late, it is less than half of others around me. I have tried rice and soy beans. Rice burns fast but hot, soybeans are even hotter but are very oily. Use a good hardwood pellet that contains no pine wood with clean dry corn and you will have a lot of heat on the lower settings. You can control the room fan, the firebox fan, feed rate of fuel, and the rate that the firebox agitator turns, seperately. I can get a blue flame about 2 to 2 1/2 inches above the agitator! Yet it is cool to the touch every where but the glass & door,the flue pipe is on the warmer side but does not burn unless you hang on to it past all reason, so it is very safe around pets and most children knowing what hot is and what it will do. I can't begin to say enough about the agitator. If you don't have one trying to burn grains in any amount, you WILL have a clinker to remove at least daily, depending on the rate of fuel feed. You only need to clean a US Stove with the above fuel mix once a week, takes less than 5 minutes to do it too. The more grain you use the more often you will need to clean. If you are thinking of a pellet/grain stove, then look no further. There have been ZERO problems in the 3 years we have owned this stove. We have owned other pellet stoves and either sell them or leave them behind in the house we just sold. Every one that knows we have a US Stove Multi Fuel Stove comes to check it out and so far 3 more have been sold!
By Lois Parsons
May 25, 2011
Super DVD Installation Video
I am so thankful for this great, quality stove. The installation for this stove was very easy with the step by step installation video. What a great help! I am very impressed with this stove's great looks and ability to warm my home on chilly nights.
By Ken Garcia
April 21, 2011
Good Stove
Keep the burnpot clean and the stove will run its best. The noise level of this stove's fan is similar to that of an air conditioner. An overall good stove.
By Allan Reese
March 5, 2011
Heats in Sub Zero Temperatures
The blower is a little loud, but the unit runs really great. I am heating a 2300 sq/ft one level home in Vermont and this stove has heated the entire house. I am really happy with its performance after a year, and also happy with the technical support I received. When I had a problem with the room blower making a high pitched noise, the tech support sent me the part I needed to eradicate the problem. It's more than I could have hoped for.
By Robin Hampton
February 10, 2011
Excellent First Use
I rate this stove excellent after one day of use. With the heat on the lowest setting it is adequately heating the space at about one pound of pellets per hour.
By Santiago Greene
August 17, 2010
Our Second Pellet Stove
About a year ago we bought our first pellet stove. It worked great, but we have it in our family room fireplace, and it’s kind of shut off from the rest of the house. So we’ve bought a second one and have it in the living room. Keeps us nice and warm. Love the product, well worth the cost!
By Janet Rodgers
May 11, 2010
Great Job in Our Raised Ranch
I've had experience with several types of pellet stoves for six years or so. Not to long ago we installed this stove downstairs in our house, which is a raised ranch floor pattern. It keeps the downstairs really nice and warm, even when it gets down below 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside. It keeps the upstairs pretty warm too, around 70 degrees, which we can live with. Altogether we're using the stove to heat over 2400 sq ft of house. Just be aware that the design of the hopper/augur mechanism allows about a quarter of the pellets to stay inside the hopper and not burn. So it's "out of pellets" even when it isn't out of pellets. As long as you're aware of this and scoop the pellets to where they need to be, it works fine. Highly recommended stove!
By Domingo Bryant
December 11, 2009
Agitator Is Great
Overall, I am pretty happy with this stove. We have used it in our home in Maine for about six weeks. It was easy to install and very simple to clean. I really like the agitator and will make sure to have one in any other stoves I purchase. I did end up buying an anti-whistle kit. It really helps with the sound and should have been included with the order. Using the lowest presets makes for a very slow burn but dirty glass. The glass stays clean for nearly a week on the medium presets. I do like the glass though as it casts a nice amount of light. I think this is a good stove at a fair price, especially compared to the stoves of my friends.
By Ervin Sutton
December 1, 2009
Disappointed in Heat Output
Installing the stove was very simple, and it seems to be operating without difficulty. It does need some tending and tweaking as is true of any pellet stove. It stopped working once, but I think that was because I had wrongly adjusted the air intake to let in too much air. My main complaint is its heating capability. I have a big wood stove heating the majority of my 2500 square foot older home, and I had planned for the pellet stove to heat the remainder. Unfortunately, it can't seem to keep up with the cold and only manages to maintain temps in the low 60s. I don't think it is capable of heating the area listed in its specifications. It is still a good stove for the price that I paid, but it would be nice if provided a little more heat.
By Brittany Ramirez
September 26, 2009
Definitely Recommend
This stove is keeping my 1500 sq/ft home very comfortable and warm. It is my first pellet stove and I am burning different kinds of fuel with no problems. The grain can be burned without cleaning it, and the automatic settings make this stove easy to operate and a great choice for everyone. This stove was easy to install and I would highly recommend it.
By Edgar Larson
May 15, 2009
No More Oil
I can't say enough about this great stove. My home is very warm and no more oil bills!
By Justin Massey
March 18, 2009
Installer Very Impressed
I had this unit installed by a professional and he seemed to think highly of the unit's functionality based on its size. We've had this for several years now and it has always worked well. I achieve maximum heat through the use of the blower and mixing fuels, corn and wood pellets. It comes with a very helpful manual.

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